Boston, Massachusetts:  July 14, 1937
(The Arena) ... Art O'Mahoney b. Lee Chang (2/3) ... Pat Schaeffer b. Phil King (2/3) ... Tony
Papalino and Tiger Rollins drew (20:00) ... Dare Devil Bullock and Len Ketchen drew (20:00)
... Red Gale and Ted Germaine drew (20:00) ... Signor Pedro Russo b. Ted Miller (8:21)

Boston, Massachusetts:  Tuesday, July 20, 1937
(Fenway Park) ... Steve Casey b. Danno O'Mahoney (1-0) (90:00) (Casey won the only fall
in 50:56) ... Ed Don George b. Billy Bartush (11:33) ... Manuel Cortez b. Sailor Nelson (7:35)
... Jack Marshall b. Tom Hanley (6:38) ... Max Goldberg and Mark Hosley drew (15:00) ... Jim
Wright b. Hans Bauer (11:04) ... Joe Kujot and Rube Wright drew (15:00) ... (promoter:  Paul
Bowser) ... (8,000 fans)
Notes:  George Clark challenged the winner of the main event.  O'Mahoney said if he won,
he deserved a match with World Champion Yvon Robert.

Boston, Massachusetts:  Wednesday, September 1, 1937
(Boston Arena) … Paul Adams b. Ted Germane (2/3) (third fall by DQ) … Tony Papalino b.
Dr. Henry Sargent (18:30) … Paddy Mack and Pat Schaeffer drew (30:00) … Frank Eident
and Al Taylor drew (20:00) … Carmon Carone b. Gus Smith (15:31) (flying tackle) … Bill
Brady and Walter Lipson drew (20:00) … (promoter:  Charles Gordon)
Notes:  Adams was called a “former world light heavyweight wrestling champion.” Germaine
was from South Boston.

Springfield, Massachusetts:  Wednesday, September 1, 1937
( ) … Steve “Crusher” Casey b. Charley Strack (2-0) … Tony Colesano b. Maxie “Windmill”
Goldberg (33:20)
Note:  Colesano was from West Springfield.

Boston, Massachusetts:  Wednesday, September 8, 1937
(Boston Arena) … Battle Royal featuring Tony Celli, Ted Germaine, Dutch Schmidt, Pat
Schaeffer (referee:  Max Bear) … The Great Mephisto vs. Tony Papalino … (promoter:  
Charley Gordon) … (referee:  Max Baer)

Springfield, Massachusetts:  Wednesday, September 8, 1937
( ) … Danno O’Mahoney b. George Clark (DQ)

Salem, Massachusetts:  Friday, September 10, 1937
(North Street Arena) … Dick Costello b. Jim Spencer (2-0) … Manuel Cortez b. Bud Reilly
(15:01) (flying tackle) … Joe Finklestein and Abe Rothberg drew (20:00) … Dick Turner b.
Walter Lipson (DQ) (9:00) … Mark Hoesly and Les Ryan drew (20:00)

Lowell, Massachusetts:  Monday, September 13, 1937
( ) … Steve “Crusher” Casey b. Harry Finkelstein (2-0) … (1,500 fans)

Boston, Massachusetts:  Wednesday, September 15, 1937
(Boston Arena) … Ted Germaine vs. The Great Mephisto … Jack Londos vs. Tony Papalino
… Carmon Carone vs. Paddy Mack … Frank “Badman” Eident vs. Paul Mack … Walter
Lipson vs. Dutch Schmidt … John Lopez vs. Al Taylor … Sam Gardner vs. Pat Schaeffer …
(promoter:  Charley Gordon)
Note:  Jack Londos was called the cousin of Jim Londos.

Topsfield, Massachusetts:  Thursday, September 16, 1937
( ) … The Masked Marvel (Mark Hoesly) b. Floyd Stewart (2/3) … Yankee Hall b. Salvatore
Balboa (22:15)

Auburndale, Massachusetts:  Saturday, September 18, 1937
(Canoeists’ Recreation Club) … Giuseppe Pedranti vs. Frank Perry … other matches …
(annual athletic benefit)
Notes:  Perry was said to be from “the Bowser stable.” The club was at 107 Charles street.

Boston, Massachusetts:  Wednesday, September 22, 1937
(Boston Arena) … Pat Schaeffer b. Tony Papilino in the finals of a battle royal (17:54)
(Frank Eident was eliminated and Ted Germaine was punched out by the referee Tommy
Farr) … Paddy Mack b. “Wild” Bill Collins (2/3) (third fall by DQ) … Carmon Carone and
Dynamite Gale drew (30:00) … Walter Lipson and Dutch Schmidt drew (20:00) … Paul Mack
b. Sam Gardner (13:31) … Jack Londos b. Bull Berini (DQ) (16:51) … (promoter:  Charley
Gordon) … (referee:  heavyweight boxer Tommy Farr)

Holyoke, Massachusetts:  Wednesday, September 22, 1937
(Valley Arena) … Steve “Crusher” Casey b. Billy Bartush (2-0)

Boston, Massachusetts:  Wednesday, September 29, 1937
(Boston Arena) … George Washington Lee won a battle royal over Tony Papalino, Dutch
Schmidt and Fran Eident (Eident was punched around by the two boxer referees) (Lee was
a substitute for Ted Germaine, who suffered an injury during the match) … Bill Collins and
Pat Schaeffer drew (30:00) .. Andy Browna nd Paul Mack drew (20:00) … Armond LeDonne
b. Bull Berini (12:09) … Carmon Carone b. Al Taylor (12:33) … Dynamite Gale and Walter
Lispon drew (20:00) … (promoter:  Charley Gordon) … (referees:  Jack Sharkey, Tony

Holyoke, Massachusetts:  Wednesday, September 29, 1937
(Valley Arena) … Tommy Rae b. “Count” George Zarynoff (2/3)
Note:  Rae was from South Hadley, Massachusetts.

Boston, Massachusetts:  Wednesday, October 6, 1937
(Boston Arena) … Paul Adams b. Pat Schaeffer (2/3) … George Washington Lee b. Dutch
Schmidt (DQ) (13:48) … Andy Brown and Armond LeDorne drew (20:00) … Bull Berini b.
Red Gale (DQ) (15:02) … Bill Collins and Tony Papalino wrestled to a no decision …
(promoter:  Charley Gordon)
Notes:  Adams was called the “light heavyweight champion.” It was said that, for the first time
in Boston wrestling history, a match was going to go forward without a referee in the ring.  
Two referees would be ringside and decide a winner between “Killer” Murdock of Tennessee
and Tony Papalino.

Holyoke, Massachusette:  Wednesday, October 6, 1937
(Valley Arena) … Yvon Robert b. Roy Dunn (2-0) (match was halted due to a cut over Dunn’
s right eye in the second fall after Robert had taken the first)

Holyoke, Massachusetts:  Wednesday, October 13, 1937
(Valley Arena) … Danno O’Mahoney b. Abe Feldman (2/3)

Boston, Massachusetts:  Wednesday, October 20, 1937
(Boston Arena) … “Sailor” Adams b. Ted Germaine (2/3) … Lt. O’Dell and Tony Papalino
drew (30:00) … Bill Collins b. Al Taylor (17:44) .. Dynamite Gale and Pat Schaeffer drew (20:
00) … Dutch Schmidt and Mickey Travers drew (20:00) … Walter Lipson b. Bull Berini (DQ)
(12:13) … (promoter:  Charley Gordon)
Notes:  “Sailor” Adams was “of the U.S.S. Maryland, claimant of the Atlantic fleet light
heavyweight title.” Lt. O’Dell was “formerly attached to an English regiment in India.” During
the show, a moment of tribute was paid to the late George V. Brown.

Brighton, Massachusetts:  Wednesday, October 20, 1937
(Brighton High School) … Hans Bauer and Andy Brown put on a 15-minute wrestling
exhibition … George Heos and Al Sidd wrestled for 15 minutes … Bobby O’Brien and Harry
Pearl boxed a three round boxing exhibition … (referee:  Sam Smith)
Notes:  This was the first annual sports night of the Allston-Brookline-Brighton YMHA.  Sidd
was from the YMCA wrestling team.

Holyoke, Massachusetts:  Wednesday, October 20, 1937
(Valley Arena) … George Clark and Tommy Rae wrestled to a double disqualification (1-1)
… (referee:  Ernie Rosseau)

Worchester, Massachusetts:  Wednesday, October 20, 1937
( ) … Danno O’Mahoney b. Hans Schnabel (2-0) … Mark Hoesley b. Lloyd Stewart … August
Lorenzo b. Sailor Nelson … Tex Bailey b. Jack Marshall
Notes:  Season opener.  Hoesley was called a “former amateur champion” from Columbus.

Boston, Massachusetts:  Tuesday, October 26, 1937
(Boston Garden) … Steve “Crusher” Casey b. Tor Johnson (27:10) … Danno O’Mahoney
and Marvin Westenberg drew (30:00) … George Clark b. Tom Hanley (4:00) (Hanley was a
substitute for Ivan Korloff of Russia) … Bob “Bibber” McCoy b. Hans Bauer (6:16) (flying
tackle) … Roy Dunn b. Dick Stahl (13:33) (flying scissors) … Chief Sunocco b. Jack Marshall
(1:19) … (promoter:  Paul Bowser) … (referee:  Jack Dempsey) … (7,000 fans)
Notes:  Season’s indoor opener.  Bowser, over the weekend of Saturday, October 9, came
to an agreement with Garden general manager Walter Brown.  Brown was in the temporary
position as his father, George V. Brown, was ill.  Brown would pass away before this show
was held.  According to the Boston Globe, [Steve “Crusher”] “Casey’s signature was affixed
to a contract [to appear on this show] in celebration of the first anniversary of his American
invasion.  Since his arrival last October, he has triumphed in more than 100 mathces against
top notch matmen without a loss.” Tor Johnson was called Greta Garbo’s “playmate” in
Sweden.  His real last name was “Johanson,” and “grew up next door to La Garbo – real
name Gustafson.” The Globe stated “as recently as a year ago, the two were palling around
platonically in Hollywood, where Tor played some bits.” Johnson weighed 365 pounds.  Yvon
Robert’s broken leg had reportedly healed completely.  Bowser was said to be taking a page
out of Charley Gordon’s playbook breaking in Dempsey, a former boxer, to officiate.  Next
show on November 10 at the Garden.

Boston, Massachusetts:  Wednesday, October 27, 1937
(Boston Arena) … Ted Germaine won a special “Mexican Battle Royal” over Pat Schaeffer,
Dynamite Gale and Tony Celli (17:15) … “Sailor” Adams b. Jacques Bernard (2/3) …
Carmon Carone and Sulleyman Dey drew (20:00) … Armond Dionne and Tony Papalino
drew (20:00) … Mickey Travis b. Walter Lipson (15:31) … Lt. O’Dell b. Bill Collins (DQ) (22:
31) … (promoter:  Charley Gordon)
Notes:  Gordon was going to introduce a “Mexican battle royal,” which consisted of four
wrestlers battling in knee deep mud.

Holyoke, Massachusetts:  Wednesday, October 27, 1937
( ) … George Clark b. Tommy Rae (2/3)

Worcester, Massachusetts:  Wednesday, October 27, 1937
( ) … Steve “Crusher” Casey b. Tex Bailey (2-0) … Joe James b. Dick Stahl … Mark Hoesley
b. “Young” Bull Martin … Hans Schnabel and Marvin Westenberg drew (30:00)

*The Tuesday, November 2, 1937 edition of the Boston Globe reported that a third wrestling
group would be added to the Boston grappling scene.  In addition to Paul Bowser at the
Garden and Charley Gordon at the Arena, entered Frank Dellamano and Sam Price, who
would be running Tuesday evenings at the Mechanics Building.  Eddie Quinn, “last year
operated at Mechanics, dropped from the fold with the completion of his 1936-37 schedule.”
The paper said that the “new outfit has no definite line on the talent it will present as yet, but
one of its headlines probably will be Dropkick Murphy,” a former member of the Gordon
troupe.  Gordon was celebrating his “sixth anniversary as a local entrepreneur of the
pachydermic art this Wednesday.” Hornbaker note:  It is very likely that Dellamano and Price
were filling the role that Quinn did for Bowser, and utilized the same talent.

Boston, Massachusetts:  Wednesday, November 3, 1937
(Boston Arena) … Bill Collins b. “Sailor” Adams (2/3) … Red Gale b. Ted Germaine, Suley
Dey and Carmon Carone in a battle royal … Jack Hailing and James Yoeman drew (20:00)
… Walter Lipson and Wah Whoo drew (20:00) … Al Taylor and Mickey Travis drew (20:00)
… Dutch Schmidt b. Al Millet (10:47) … Jacques Bernard b. Bull Berini (11:57) … Lt. O’Dell
b. Pat Schaeffer (DQ) (8:21) … (promoter:  Charley Gordon)

Boston, Massachusetts:  Tuesday, November 9, 1937
(Mechanics Building) … Ali Baba vs. Cowboy Hughes … John “Dropkick” Murphy vs. Hans
Schiller … Fred Bruno vs. Bill Martin … Manuel Cortez vs. Mike Rogeski … Hymie Olsen vs.
Abe Rothberg … Ray Mercier vs. Mike Tellegen … (promoters:  Frank Dellamano, Sam
Note:  Murphy was called this “troupe’s official champion.”

Worcester, Massachusetts:  Tuesday, November 9, 1937
( ) … World Heavyweight Champion Yvon Robert b. Mark Hoesley (2-0)

Boston, Massachusetts:  Wednesday, November 10, 1937
(Boston Arena) … Lt. Wendell O’Dell b. Pat Schaeffer (2/3) … “Sailor” Adams won a battle
royal over Bill Collins, Ted Germaine and Tony Papalino … Bull Berini b. Al Millette (17:12)
… Ed McNeil b. Dynamite Gale (Greco-Roman match, scored by points) (20-18) … Jacques
Bernard and Walter Lipson drew (20:00) … Phil King and Wah Wah drew (20:00) …
(promoter:  Charley Gordon) … (referee:  “Bossy” Gillis, Mayor of Newburyport)

Boston, Massachusetts:  Wednesday, November 10, 1937
(Boston Garden) … World Heavyweight Champion Yvon Robert b. George Clark (2/3) …
Jesse James b. Henry Kulkowich (12:12) … Marvin Westenberg b. Billy Bartush (17:10) …
Tex Morgan b. Sammy Cohen (2:20) … Maurice Robert b. Andy Brown (5:08) … Tom
Kaivola b. Jack Marshall (10:41) … Chief Saunooke b. Arthur LeGrand (3:33) … (promoter:  
Paul Bowser) … (referee:  Sam Smith) … (announcer:  Whitey Kaufner)
Notes:  Maurice Robert was said to be the “younger brother” of Yvon Robert.  A report in the
Boston Globe said that Everette Marshall’s manager Billy Sandow was going to be at the
show and challenge the “local champion in behalf of his man.” Before the main event,
Sandow grabbed the house microphone and made his statement through an ovation of
boos.  Robert was said to be making his first appearance in Boston since winning the
championship from O’Mahoney “a year and a half ago.” During the match, Clark worked on
Robert’s previously broken leg, and was the heel.

Holyoke, Massachusetts:  Wednesday, November 10, 1937
(Valley Arena) … Ali Baba b. Charles Strack (2-0)

Worcester, Massachusetts:  Tuesday, November 16, 1937
( ) … George Clark b. Billy Bartush (2/3) … Hans Steinke b. Mark Hoesley (14:42) … Hans
Schnabel b. Hans Bauer (15:23) … Joe Jansa b. Harry Lewis (14:37) … (referee:  Jack

Boston, Massachusetts:  Wednesday, November 17, 1937
(Boston Arena) … Ted Germaine b. Bill Collins (2/3) … Seelie (Selee) Samara b. Ed McNeil
(15:48) … Carmon Carone b. Adolph Wallski (15:11) … Chippewa Charlie b. Dutch Schmidt
(11:37) … Jacques Bernard and Sandy Weir drew (20:00) … Pat Schaeffer b. Tony
Papalino (26:11) … (promoter:  Charley Gordon) … (referee:  Jack Sharkey)
Note:  Seelie Samara was called the “so-called Black Devil.”

Boston, Massachusetts:  Wednesday, November 17, 1937
(Boston Garden) … World Heavyweight Champion Everette Marshall b. Marvin Westenberg
(2-0) … George Clark b. Tommy Rae (13:54) … Chief Saunooke b. Tex Bailey (3:32) …
Tony Colesano and Roy Dunn drew (15:00) … Billy Bartush and Slim Zimbleman drew (10:
00) … Hans Steinke b. Angelo Lorenzo (7:05) … (promoter:  Paul Bowser)
Notes:  Marshall was said to have a “mid-western title.” Westenberg was a barefooted

Holyoke, Massachusetts:  Wednesday, November 17, 1937
( ) … Felix Miquet b. Tor Johnson (2-0)

Worcester, Massachusetts:  Tuesday, November 23, 1937
( ) … Steve “Crusher” Casey b. Hans Schnabel (2-0) … Hans Steinke b. Tom Hanley … Tom
Kaivala b. “Young” Bull Martin … George Clark and Felix Miquet drew (30:00)

*In the Wednesday, November 24, 1937 edition of the Boston Globe, it was announced that
Eddie Quinn will return to the city and replace the shows of Frank Dellamano and Sam Price
at the Mechanics Building  Quinn would run on Wednesday nights beginning on December 1.

Boston, Massachusetts:  Wednesday, November 24, 1937
(Boston Arena) … Light Heavyweight Champion Paul Adams b. Jacques Bernard (1:05:12)
… Sandy Weir b. Ted Germaine (Greco-Roman match, scored by points) (20-18) …
Chippewa Charlie b. Tony Papalino (13:20) … Selee Samara b. Pat Schaeffer (18:00) …
Bull Berini and Lt. Wendell O’Dell drew (20:00) … Bill Collins and “Dynamite” Joe Dempsey
drew (20:00) … (promoter:  Charley Gordon)

Boston, Massachusetts:  Wednesday, December 1, 1937
(Boston Arena) … Paul Adams b. Tony Papalino (2/3) (Papalino was a substitute for
Wendell O’Dell) … Selee Samara b. “Wild” Bill Collins … Carmon Carone b. Dutch Schmidt
(12:30) (flying tackle) … Leo Newhall and Pat Schaeffer drew (15:00) … Jacques Bernard
and Jesse Jones drew (15:00) … Eric Weir b. Bull Berini (11:46) … (promoter:  Charley

Boston, Massachusetts:  Wednesday, December 1, 1937
(Mechanics Building) … Jesse James b. Paddy Mack (2-0) … Tommy Rae and Les Ryan
drew (30:00) … Tony Colesano b. George Gustovitch (10:44) … Frank Doyle b. Bill Rudy
(12:19) (flying tackle) … Bill Doyle and Harry Finkelstein drew (20:00) … “Dynamite” Joe
Dempsey b. Steve Brady (countout) (5:39) … (promoter:  Eddie Quinn)
Notes:  This marked Quinn’s debut for 1937-’38.  Paddy Mack was called a “former boxer
from the Middle West.” Quinn also promoted matches at the Waltham Arena.  In an
advertisement for this show, the writer indicated that several of the wrestlers booked on
Quinn’s program had also appeared for Charley Gordon, Quinn’s Wednesday night rival.

Holyoke, Massachusetts:  Wednesday, December 1, 1937
(Valley Arena) … Roy Dunn and Ed Don George were both disqualified … Al Mercier b.
Charley Strack (24:26) … (referee:  Ernie Rosseau)

Boston, Massachusetts:  Wednesday, December 8, 1937
(Boston Arena) … Seelie Samara b. Henry Wycoff (2/3) … Chippewa Charlie won a battle
royal over Dutch Schmidt, Pat Schaeffer and Ted Germaine … Lee Chang b. Tony Papalino
… Bull Berini and Ted McNeil drew (20:00) … Carmon Carone and Walter Lipson drew (20:
00) … Leo Newhall b. Bill Collins (DQ) (16:20) … (promoter:  Charley Gordon) … (referee:  
Jack Sharkey) … (3,000 fans)
Notes:  Wycoff was called the Utah State champion.  A report stated that Seelie Samara was
the “Negro strong man for whom the good James McDonald is claiming titular honors.”

Boston, Massachusetts:  Wednesday, December 8, 1937
(Boston Garden) … World Heavyweight Champion Everette Marshall b. George Clark (22:
25) … Chief Saunooke b. Tor Johnson … Ed Don George and Hans Steinke drew (30:00) …
Roy Dunn b. Jack Marshall (15:32) .. Slim Zimbleman b. Tom Hanley (8:35) … Vic Christy b.
George Gustovich (6:06) … Charley Strack and Jack Zarnas drew (15:00) … (promoter:  
Paul Bowser) … (referee:  Ernie Rousseau)
Note:  Throughout the main event, Marshall’s manager Billy Sandow argued with the referee.

Holyoke, Massachusetts:  Wednesday, December 8, 1937
(Valley Arena) … Al Mercier and Danno O’Mahoney drew (90:00) … Al Getz b. Les Ryan …
Tony Colesano b. Lloyd Stewart … Joe Dempsey b. Art Grenon

Worcester, Massachusetts:  Tuesday, December 14, 1937
( ) … Steve “Crusher” Casey b. George Clark (2-0) … Hans Steinke b. Pat Reilly … Chief
Sunacoo b. Angelo Lorenzo … Joe Jansa and Al Mercier drew (30:00)

Boston, Massachusetts:  Wednesday, December 15, 1937
(Boston Arena) … Lee Chang b. Ted Germaine (2/3) (third fall by DQ) … Seelie Samara b.
Terry Steele (21:26) (alligator clutch) … Armand LeDionne and Ed McNeil drew (20:00) …
Tony Papalino and Henry Rosnicki drew (20:00) … Pat Schaeffer and Henry Wycoff drew
(20:00) … Chippewa Charlie b. Bull Armstrong (16:29) ... (promoter:  Charley Gordon)
Note:  Samara was called the “Negro champion of the troupe.”

Boston, Massachusetts:  Wednesday, December 15, 1937
(Mechanics Building) … Maurice Robert b. Lloyd Stewart (26:10) … Jesse James b. Joe
Dempsey (DQ) (29:00) … Tony Colesano and Tom Reilly drew (30:00) … Lt. Wendell O’Dell
b. Marshall Muise (12:24) .. Frank Doyle and Sandy Weir drew (20:00) … Harry Finkelstein
b. Angelo Lorenzo (7:11) … (promoter:  Eddie Quinn)

Roxbury, Massachusetts:  Wednesday, December 15, 1937
(Roxbury Boys’ Club) … “Cowboy” Roy Dunn vs. Charley Strack … boxing matches
Notes:  Jake Zerrambi, former New England lightweight champion, was supervising the
boxing matches.  He was the Park Department boxing instuctor in Lynn.

Worcester, Massachusetts:  Tuesday, December 21, 1937
( ) … Steve “Crusher” Casey b. Hans Steine (1:20:00) … Roy Dunn and Tommy Rae drew
(30:00) … Joe Jansa b. Hans Bauer (17:53) … Tom Kaival b. Tom Hanley (20:33)

Boston, Massachusetts:  Wednesday, December 22, 1937
(Boston Arena) … Pat Schaeffer b. Chippewa Charlie (2/3) (third fall by DQ) … Bill Dolan
won a battle royal over Tony Sulli, George Nugent and Tony Papalino … Carmen Carone
and Ed McNeil drew (20:00) … Bull Berini and Armond LeDionne drew (20:00) … Le Chang
b. Dutch Schmidt (11:24) … Seelie Samara b. Jesse Jones (8:33) … (promoter:  Charley
Note:  The newspaper said that Seelie Samara “represents the Arena guild as heavyweight

Boston, Massachusetts:  Wednesday, December 22, 1937
(Boston Garden) … World Heavyweight Champion Yvon Robert b. Danno O’Mahoney (2/3)
(Morelli, because he was knocked to the mat, missed O’Mahoney’s pinfall of the champion
during the third stanza, only to recover to see Robert’s pin attempt, giving the latter the
match) … Vic Christy and George Clark drew (30:00) … Steve “Crusher” Casey b. Slim
Zimbleman (13:25) … Ed Don George b. Tom Hanley (2:11) … Chief Saunooke b. Art
LeGrand (1:18) … Maurice Robert and Jack Zarnas drew (15:00) … Tom Kaivala b. Dick
Stahl (11:45) … (promoter:  Paul Bowser) … (referee:  Al Morelli)

Boston, Massachusetts:  Wednesday, December 29, 1937
(Boston Arena) … Paul Adams b. Chippewa Charlie (2/3) … Ted Germaine b. Tony Paplino
(Greco-Roman style match) … Ed McNeil b. Jesse Jones (15:01) (flying tackle) … Carmon
Carone and Armand LeDionne drew (20:00) … Bull Berini and Dutch Schmidt drew (20:00)
… Selee Samara and Pat Schaeffer drew (20:00) … (promoter:  Charley Gordon)

Boston, Massachusetts:  Wednesday, December 29, 1937
(Mechanics Building) … Tommy Rae b. Richard Stahl (17:25) (flying tackle) … Jesse James
b. Sandy Weir (21:51) … Joe Dempsey b. Manuel Bonica (10:50) … Walter Lipson and
Sandy MacDonald drew (20:00) … Harry Finkelstein and Les Ryan drew (20:00) … Lt.
Wendell O’Dell b. Bill Rudy (DQ) (13:46) … (promoter:  Eddie Quinn)

Research by Tim Hornbaker
February 13, 2011
Boston Wrestling Results - 1937