Boston, Massachusetts:  Thursday, April 3, 1952
(Boston Arena) … Yukon Eric b. Lord Athol Layton (2/3) … The Becker Brothers (Bobby and
George Becker) b. Jimmy Coffield and Tiger Tasker … Red O’Dell b. Guy LaRose … Steve
Karras and Billy Sandow drew (20:00) … (promoter:  Paul Bowser) … (3,000 fans)

Boston, Massaschusetts:  Thursday, April 24, 1952
(Boston Arena) … Buddy Rogers b. Manuel Cortez (Cortez missed a flying tackle and was
knocked out; he was carried to the dressing room on a stretcher) … Ivan Rasputin b. Arnold
Skaaland (bear hug) … Don Leo Jonathan b. Angelo Savoldi … Bibber McCoy and Dan
Prata drew … (promoter:  Paul Bowser)
Notes:  Cortez was said to be from East Boston.  Prata was from Providence and Skaaland
from White Plains.

Boston, Massachusetts:  Thursday, May 22, 1952
(Boston Arena) … Verne Gagne vs. Jungle Boy … Bull Curry vs. The Great Moto … Manuel
Cortez vs. Angelo Savoldi … Bibber McCoy vs. Arnold Skaaland … (promoter:  Paul Bowser)
Note:  It was said that “four television favorites” were appearing on this show.

Boston, Massachusetts:  Thursday, May 29, 1952
(Boston Arena) … Tarzan Kowalski vs. Yukon Eric … Dom Papaleo vs. Tiger Tasker … Dan
Prata vs. Arnold Skaaland … (promoter:  Paul Bowser)
Note:  Kowalski and Eric were wrestling for the right to meet Don Eagle at the Boston Garden
on June 11.

Boston, Massachusetts:  Wednesday, June 11, 1952
(Boston Garden) … Don Eagle and Tarzan Kowalski were both disqualified in the third fall (1-
1) … (promoter:  Paul Bowser) … (referee:  Jack Dempsey) … (benefit for the Mayor’s Field
Day Fund)
Note:  Season closer.

Boston, Massachusetts:  Tuesday, December 2, 1952
(Boston Arena) … Buddy Rogers b. Wladek Kowalski to capture the AWA/Eastern
Heavyweight Title (2-0) (Rogers won the opening fall, then the second by DQ) … (promoter:  
Paul Bowser) … (referee:  Jack Dempsey) … (5,000 fans) … (benefit for the Mayor’s
Christmas Fund)
Note:  Rogers’ “AWA” title was occasionally referred to as being the “Eastern” Title.  After
the match, Rogers was presented a championship belt by Boston Mayor Hines.

Boston, Massachusetts:  Tuesday, December 9, 1952
(Boston Arena) … Yukon Eric b. “Rebel” Bob Russell … Sonny Myers b. “Wild” Bull Curry …
Don Leo Jonathan vs. Tarzan Zorra … Manuel Cortez vs. Les Ruffin … (promoter:  Paul
Notes:  The Boston Herald made mention of Eric’s “severe ear injury” during a bout with
“Tarzan” Kowalski.  Russell was from Newport.  Myers was “well known to television fans.”
Ruffin was from Lawrence and Cortez from East Boston.

Boston, Massachusetts:  Tuesday, December 16, 1952
(Boston Arena) … Yukon Eric b. Tarzan Zorra (2/3) … Don Leo Jonathan b. Chuck Montana
… “Wild” Bull Curry b. Dan Prata … Manual Cortez b. Les Ryan … (promoter:  Paul Bowser)
Note:  Last show of the year.

Research by Tim Hornbaker
January 2, 2008
Boston Wrestling Results - 1952