Colorado Springs, Colorado:  Thursday, January 3, 1935
(City Auditorium) … Man Mountain Dean b. Herman Schmidt (1:32) (Schmidt was laid out
with a splash, and was unconscious, reportedly, for 45-minutes) (he was taken to
Gockner hospital, and given a battery of tests) … Bill Hanson and The Black Secret (Al
Peters) drew (45:00) (Hanson, Secret, two referees, the promoter, and Ali Yumed all
participated in this wild match) … Eddie Lewis and Jimmy Lynx drew (Lynx punched
Lewis, cutting his lip) … Ali Yumed b. Al George (countout) … (promoter:  Abe
Marylander) … (referees:  Eddie Grobe, Bill Thronton) … (2,100+ fans)
Notes:  Jimmy Lynx was from Green Bay, and a former navy boxer.  Dean was called
“Frank ‘Man Mountain’ Dean.”

Colorado Springs, Colorado:  Wednesday, January 9, 1935
(City Auditorium) … Eddie Lewis b. Jimmy Lynx … Bill Hanson b. Billy Evans … The Black
Secret and Ali Yumid (Terrible Turk) drew (Secret was originally booked to wrestle
someone else) … (promoter:  Abe Marylander) … (referee:  Pete Grobe)
Notes:  “Barefoot” Billy Evans was said to be an Indian.  “Evans went to Haskell Institute
with Tiny Roebuck, and with Roebuck entered the professional football ranks.  Now both
are high-ranking professional grapplers,” according to the Colorado Springs Gazette.  
Black Secret was originally booked to wrestle Frankie Schroll, who was dubbed the "man
of a thousand holds."

Colorado Springs, Colorado:  Thursday, January 17, 1935
(City Auditorium) … Boxing and Wrestling Show … Jimmy Lynx b. Eddie Lewis (TKO in
the seventh round) … Ted Sarris b. Frenchie Leavitte … Billy Evans and Frankie Schroll
drew … Earl Kirk b. Fat Neece (DQ) … (promoter:  Abe Marylander) … (referee:  
Marylander) … (“second largest [crowd] on record”)
Notes:  According to the newspaper, Abe Marylander was “familiar with fight refereeing.  
He worked nearly every show at the Broadmoor Riding Academy about four summers ago
when Joe Coffee was doing the promoting.

Colorado Springs, Colorado:  Wednesday, January 23, 1935
(City Auditorium) … Jack Wagner b. Al Peters (2/3) … Ernie Haynes b. Frankie Schroll
(29:05) … Leo Papianos and Cliff Thiede drew (30:00) … Elmer Crost and Andy Lucers
boxed three rounds (bantamweight boxers from the Templeton Gap CCC camp) …
(promoter:  Abe Marylander)
Notes:  Ernie Haynes was billed as a “former Navy fullback.” Wagner was from

Colorado Springs, Colorado:  Monday, February 4, 1935
(City Auditorium) … Joe Savoldi b. Jack Wagner (21:32) … Al George and Eddie Haynes
drew (30:00) … Eddie Lewis b. Bill Hanson (25:32) (considered an upset) (the referee
initially wanted to disqualify Lewis, but Hanson wouldn’t let him) … (promoter:  Abe
Marylander) … (referee:  Leo Papianos)

Colorado Springs, Colorado:  Wednesday, February 13, 1935
(City Auditorium) … Joe Savoldi b. Eddie Lewis (DQ) (after the match, Lewis smashed the
referee Sarris and then Al George) (Lewis needed protection to his dressing room) …
Ernie Haynes b. Adolph Herman (28:32) … Al George b. Louis Andros … (promoter:  Abe
Marylander) … (referee:  Ted Sarris) … (largest crowd to attend wrestling at the
auditorium, 2,200+ fans)

Colorado Springs, Colorado:  Wednesday, February 20, 1935
(City Auditorium) … Adolph Herman b. Eddie Lewis (2/3) (third fall by reverse decision
DQ) (Lewis fought with referee George) … Bill Hanson b. Chieff Thiede (Hanson was a
substitute for Ernie Haynes, who was injured the night before) .. Jack Wagner and Ali
Yumed drew (30:00) … (promoter:  Abe Marylander) … (referee:  Al George) … (1,500

Colorado Springs, Colorado:  Wednesday, February 27, 1935
(City Auditorium) … Cliff Thiede b. Adolph “Don’t Call Me Hitler” Herman (2/3) … Bill
Hanson and Ernie Haynes drew (45:00) … Frankie Schroll b. Louis Andros (21:22) …  
(promoter:  Abe Marylander) … (referees:  Pete Grobe, Ted Sarris)
Notes:  Thiede was said to be a former football player from the University of Southern
California.  The Hanson-Haynes match was called the “classic of the evening,” with a
scientific match without the customary foul play.

Colorado Springs, Colorado:  Wednesday, March 6, 1935
(City Auditorium) … Eddie Lewis b. Al George (2/3) … Tex Wright b. Cliff Thiede …
Frenchie Leavitte and Frankie Schroll drew … (promoter:  Abe Marylander) … (referee:  
Ali Yumed) … (1,000+ fans)
Notes:  Tex Wright was said to be from Culver City, California.

*The Wednesday, March 13, 1935 edition of the Colorado Springs Gazette reported that
wrestler Tex Wright of Dallas died Monday in Greeley after a draw with Ali Yumed.  “The
Weld County coroner, who performed an autopsy, said Wright was suffering chronic
myocarditis, and should have not engaged in wrestling because of his heart condition.”

Colorado Springs, Colorado:  Wednesday, March 13, 1935
(City Auditorium) … Walter Sirois vs. (?) … Frankie Schroll vs. Tex Wright … (promoter:  
Abe Marylander)
Note:  Show was cancelled because Sirois “was called to his home in Vancouver by the
ciritical illness of his mother.” Next show on March 19.

Colorado Springs, Colorado:  Tuesday, March 19, 1935
(City Auditorium) … Bill Hanson b. Eddie Haynes (2-0) … Cliff Thiede b. Jim Reynolds
(match was scheduled after physicians prevented Louis Andros from wrestling) (winner
would face Thiede’s original opponent Al Steinhauer) … Al Steinhauer and Cliff Thiede
drew (45:00) … (promoter:  Abe Marylander) … (referee:  Pete Grobe)

Colorado Springs, Colorado:  Wednesday, March 27, 1935
(City Auditorium) … Bill Hanson and Eddie Lewis drew (90:00) (1-1) … Cliff Thiede b.
Frankie Schroll (10:37) … Al Steinhauer b. Al George … (promoter:  Abe Marylander)
Notes:  Hanson was sporting a “bulging cauliflower ear, acquired only last week.”

Colorado Springs, Colorado:  Tuesday, April 9, 1935
(City Auditorium) … Walter Sirois b. Bill Hanson (2/3) (Sirois won the first fall, Hanson won
the second and Sirois won the third) … Al Steinhauer and Cliff Thiede drew … Louis
Andros b. Tom O’Neil … (promoter:  Abe Marylander) … (referee:  Frankie Schroll)

Colorado Springs, Colorado:  Wednesday, April 24, 1935
(City Auditorium) … Everette Marshall b. Eddie Wirth (2-0) (before the match, Saunooke
challenged the winner) … Man Mountain Osley Saunooke b. Walter Logan (7:16) …
Johnny Atkins and Young Gotch drew (30:00) … Kid Gotch and Young Londos wrestled
to a draw (youth match between two of Billy Morton’s “youngsters.”) … (promoter:  Abe
Marylander) … (referee:  Eddie Grobe) … (1,600 fans)

Colorado Springs, Colorado:  Wednesday, May 1, 1935
(City Auditorium) … Justino Giraldi and Walter Sirois drew (60:00) … Eddie Lewis b.
Frankie Schroll (2/3) … Harvey “Baby” Jacobs b. Louis Andros … (promoter:  Abe
Notes:  Giraldi reportedly only recently arrived in America after taking the South American
Heavyweight Title from Karl Zbyszko.  His tour of South America was financed by the
Italian Wrestling Club of Rome.  He was considered to be one of the fastest wrestlers in
the business.

Colorado Springs, Colorado:  Wednesday, May 22, 1935
(City Auditorium) … Everette Marshall b. Jack Zarnas (2-0) (Marshall won the first fall in
43:14 and Marshall won by forfeit when his opponent could not continue) (During the
match, Zarnas attempted to hit Marshall with a chair) … Earl Lacey b. Dustin “Dusty”
McDonald (DQ) (Lacey was billed as the Kansas Heavyweight Champion) … Young
Gotch b. Eddie Wirth (7:00) … Johnny Atkins b. Fred Peltzer (14:00) … (promoter:  Abe
Marylander) … (referee:  Jack Bloom) … (physician:  Dr. J.T. Coghlan) … (1,000+ fans)

Colorado Springs, Colorado:  Wednesday, May 29, 1935
(City Auditorium) … Everette Marshall b. Jack Zarnas (2-0) (Marshall won the first fall by
disqualification and then captured the second) (Marshall won $375, while Zarnas won
$25) … Young Gotch b. Johnny Atkins (17:00) … Chief Osley Saunooke b. Dutch Wyman
(5:21) (Wyman was a substitute for Eddie Wirth) … Walter Logan and Dusty McDonald
drew (30:00) … (promoter:  Abe Marylander) … (referee:  Jack Bloom) … (1,300 fans)

Colorado Springs, Colorado:  Wednesday, June 12, 1935
(City Auditorium) … Everette Marshall and Chief Osley Saunooke drew (90:00) (1-1)
(Saunooke won the first fall in 49-minutes and Marshall won the second) … Young Gotch
and Jack Zarnas drew (45:00) … Bill Dusin b. Eddie Wirth (DQ) (17:22) … (promoter:  
Abe Marylander) … (referee:  Jack Bloom) … (2,000 fans)

Colorado Springs, Colorado:  Wednesday, June 19, 1935
(Broadmoor Riding Academy) … World Light Heavyweight Champion Charley “Midget”
Fischer b. Lee Myers (2-0) … Young Gotch b. Earl Lacey (31:37) (countout) (Lacey was
originally scheduled to wrestle Jack Zarnas, who failed to arrive in time) … Johnny Atkins
and Dusty McDonald drew (30:00) … Pete Sherman b. Professor Herman (7:45) …
(promoter:  Abe Marylander) … (referees:  Billy Morton, Jess Willard) … (1,000 fans)
Notes:  Fischer was billed as the “holder of the world’s middle and light heavyweight
wrestling championships.” Fischer, according to the Colorado Springs Gazette, “has had
196 matches in the last 14 months and won thema ll, a good percentage of them from full-
fledged heavyweights.” He “won his light heavyweight title in 1929, defeating Billy
Edwards.” Lee Myers was billed as the “light heavyweight champion of Texas.” Fischer
was managed by Max Baumann of Kansas City.  Earl Lacey was billed as the
“heavyweight champion of Kansas.” McDonald was a “former Indiana University football
star.” Gotch was billed as being from Chicago and Sherman was from Shreveport,

Colorado Springs, Colorado:  Wednesday, June 26, 1935
(City Auditorium) … Osley Saunooke b. Felipe Alvarez (2-0) … John Evko b. Ivan
Vakturoff (DQ) (16:00) … Johnny Atkins b. Fred Peltzer … Dusty McDonald b. Earl Lacey
… (promoter:  Abe Marylander) … (referee:  Jack Bloom)
Notes:  Felipe Alvarez was billed as a former bullfighter from Panama.  Vakturoff was
billed as the “Moscow Murderer,” and John Evko was said to be the “erstwhile hooded
Red Devil.” Peltzer was from La Junta, Colorado.  The Colorado Springs Gazette stated
that this show was “considerably below the standards set by previous offerings under
Abe Marylander’s promotion.”

Research by Tim Hornbaker
August 11, 2007
Colorado Springs Wrestling Results - 1935