Colorado Springs, Colorado:  Wednesday, January 13, 1937
(City Auditorium) ... Ray Steele b. Max Martin (2/3) (Martin won the initial fall, Steele won
the second and third) ... Lee Wykoff b. Walter Sirois (26:20) ... Fred Peterson b. Frank
French (18:25) (jackknife body press) ... Fat Neece and Art Simhauser drew (20:00) ...
(promoter:  Abe Marylander) ... (small "handful" of fans present)
Notes:  First show of the year.  Wykoff was said to be from Topeka and Sirois from
Vancouver.  The Steele-Martin bout was said to be an elimination match between two
contenders for Everette Marshall's title.  Martin was from Buffalo, New York.  Frank French
of Iowa "is called a worthy successor to Earl Caddock as the Hawkeye state's leading mat
representative," according to the report.  The newspaper indicated that it was "regrettable"
that such a "small" crowd witnessed the thrilling main event.

*On Monday, February 8, 1937, promoer Abe Marylander held a sports benefit for the Red
Cross that drew about 1,500 fans to the City Auditorium.  Marylander worked
in-conjunction with Spence Marsh, who ran a local gym, Billy Morton and Tony LaRue.  
There were three-round boxing matches and several wrestling exhibitions featuring
amateurs.  The events were refereed by Pete Grobe.  Former Iowa amateur light
heavyweight wrestling champion Ivor Remington wrestled Fat Neece on the program, and
the bout was stopped by the official when Neece proceeded to throw the referee from the

A side note:  It is interesting to see Remington on a wrestling show of any kind.  Years
later, he wrote letters to the Department of Justice about the stranglehold the National
Wrestling Alliance had on professional wrestling.  He also complained about how the sport
had changed in comparison to the good old days of Frank Gotch.  Remington lived in a
town between Colorado Springs and Denver.  I don't know if Remington ever wrestled as a

Colorado Springs, Colorado:  Wednesday, February 24, 1937
(City Auditorium) ... Steve Nenoff b. Mikoloff (2/3) ... Al Jensen and Max Martin drew
(45:00) ... Al Lafoon b. Larry Bennett ... Dobie Osburn and Johnny Plummer drew (30:00)
... (promoter:  Abe Marylander)
Notes:  Mikoloff was a veteran of more than 1,000 matches and had wrestled throughout
Europe.  he stood nearly 6' and weighed 215.  Nenoff was the Bulgarian heavyweight
champion, weighing about 205.

Colorado Springs, Colorado:  Thursday, March 25, 1937
(Marsh's Gym ) ... Fat Neece b. Louis Miller ... Johnny Stark and John Vidnor drew (10:00)
... Dan Cunningham b. Young Pesek ... (promoter:  Spence Marsh)
Note:  Reportedly Ernie Marsh's gymnasium.

Denver, Colorado:  Thursday, April 22, 1937
( ) ... World Heavyweight Champion Everette Marshall b. Babe Zaharias

Colorado Springs, Colorado:  Friday, April 23, 1937
(City Auditorium) ... World Heavyweight Champion Everette Marshall b. Hans Schacht (2-0)
... Leo Jensen and Dobie Osburn drew (45:00) ... Steve Nenoff b. Young Gotch ... Johnny
Plummer and Babe Zaharias drew ... (promoter:  Abe Marylander) ... (2,200 fans)
Notes:  A record crowd attended this show with fans from throughout the Pikes Peak
region.  Everyone cheered Marshall in his victory.  The next show was planned for May 13
featuring the women's champion, but it was cancelled.  Schacht stood 6'3" and weighed
220.  He was said to be from Germany.

Colorado Springs, Colorado:  Friday, May 21, 1937
(City Auditorium) ... Lee Wykoff b. Dobie Osburn ... Leo Jensen vs. Johnny Plummer ...
Fred Peltzer vs. Ed "Strangler" White ... Joe Corbett vs. Hans Schacht ... (promoter:  Abe
Note:  Peltzer was from La Junta and was a protege of Everette Marshall.

Colorado Springs, Colorado:  Friday, May 28, 1937
(City Auditorium) ... Lee Wykoff b. Ed "Strangler" White (2-0) (first fall by DQ) ... Joe
Corbett b. Leo Jensen ... Dobie Osburn b. Johnny Plummer ... Joe Fena b. Bill Evans
(2:00) ... (promoter:  Abe Marylander) ... (referee:  Fat Neece) ... (small crowd)
Notes:  Fena was a former Denver University football player.  Wykoff went to Washburn
College and played football.  The Fena-Evans match was "wild" for the two-minutes it
lasted.  Fena made his professional debut in Denver on May 27.

Research by Tim Hornbaker
October 22, 2010
Colorado Springs Wrestling Results - 1937