Chicago Tribune: January 14, 1899
Hali Adali, the Turkish wrestler, arrived last night, accompanied by his manager, Antoin
Pierre. He is fully as terrible in appearance as the mighty Yousouf, and wears a more startling
garb, the prominent feature of which is a reshirt of startling brilliancy. Like his illustrious
predecessor, he has an abnormal appetite, and the Chicago sports who were on the train
with him tell wonderful tales of his great capacity.

St. Paul, MN: January 20, 1899
(Athletic Club gym) … (mixed styles) Dan McLeod beat Tom Cannon (2-1) … NOTE: Cannon
won the graeco-roman fall, but McLeod took the catch-as-catch can falls.

Chicago, IL: January 23, 1899
(Tattersall’s) … Hali Adali failed to throw Farmer Burns and John Rooney (4 times in 90:00)
… NOTE: (1st fall) Adali threw Rooney in 30 minutes. (2nd fall) Adail defeated Burns in 18:
28. (3rd fall) Rooney lost in 2:40. (4th fall) Burn lasted the 34 minutes to the time limit.

St. Paul, MN: January 31, 1899
(Athletic Club) … Hali Adali failed to throw Dan McLeod (2 times in 60:00) Adali won a fall in
27:10, but McLeod stayed on the defensive until the final ten minutes, when he came close to
pinning the Turk. There was ropes around the ring. About 4,000 fans watched the contest
with Captain Whittemore as the referee.

South Bend, IN: February 8, 1899
Hali Adali vs Pietro Deima (4 times in limit)

Paris, France: February 10, 1899
Pytlasinsky (Russia) drew with Constant le Boucher (Beligan) (three 15 minute rounds)

Paris, France: February 11, 1899
Pytlasinsky beat Constant le Boucher (5:15:02)

Detroit, MI: February 11, 1899
Hali Adali beat Jack Comstock and John Leon (of Montreal) (throwing each three times in the
total time of 29:24, with five graeco-roman and one catch as catch can falls) … NOTE: This
Leon likely has to be a different wrestler than Ivan Linow, who later used the Jack Leon name.

Paris, France: February 14, 1899
Pytlasinsky beat Constant le Boucher (5:33:02) … NOTE: This was the final of a tournament
which began on January 10. Vladislaw Pytlasinsky first prize $600; Constant le Boucher
second prize $250; Annable de la Calmette (France) third prize $100; Laurent de Baucalrois
(France) fourth prize $50.

Milwaukee, WI: February 15, 1899
(South Side Athletic Club) … (Handicap match) Hali Adali beat Captain Tom Shields twice,
Bert Scheller once and Tom Cannon once inside of the 90:00 time limit

St. Paul, MN: February 24, 1899
Dan McLeod beat George Baptiste (3-2)

Champaign, IL: March 6, 1899
(Walker Opera House) … Farmer Burns beat Woods (2-0) … NOTE: Burns won the falls in
twenty minutes and fifteen minutes. Woods has been taking lessons from Burns.
Woods is the champion wrestler of the University of Illinois. He refused the $2 offer for staying
fifteen minutes with Burns, so not to lose his amateur standing.

Chicago, IL: March 26, 1899
(Alhambra Theater) … Ernest Roeber vs all comers this week

Chicago, IL: April 1, 1899
(Alhambra Theater) … (afternoon) Ernest Roeber vs Crane … NOTE: Frank Hall, Roeber’s
manager accused Alfred Grant, comedian of not giving him a telegram sent to him last week.
The pair got into a real brawl and Hall hit Grant with a cobblestone. Hall was locked up at the
twenty-second Street station and Grant was taken to the Wesleyan Hospital.

Fargo, ND: June 9, 1899
(Handicap bout) Hali Adali failed to throw Duncan McMillan (four times in 60:00) … Adali was
able to score only two falls in the time limit.

Cleveland, OH: July 4, 1899
(League Park) … Tom Jenkins beat Ernest Roeber (2-0) … (Att.-7,000)

New York City, NY: September 16, 1899
(Columbia Casino) … Ernest Roeber vs Professor Atlas

Hastings, NB: September 23, 1899
Farmer Burns beat Dan Baldwin (2-0)

Kingston, NY: September 25, 1899
(Handicap match) Ernest Roeber vs M. J. Dwyer (3 times in 60:00)

Chicago, IL: October 14, 1899
Kara Ossman, imperial wrestler to the Turkish court at Constantinople, arrived in Chicago
yesterday accompanied by his manager Anton Pierre. The new wrestler weights 206 pounds
and is open to meet any American wrestler for $1,000 at graeco-roman.

Chicago, IL: November 8, 1899
(Star Theater) … Kara Ossman vs John Rooney … The match was cancelled for some

Chicago Tribune: November 15, 1899
Al Onken, manager of a Spokane (Wash.) theater, writes to expose a wrestler posing as Hali
Adali, who recently contested a match with Frank Gehle in Pique, Ohio. The genuine Hali
Adali has been on the Pacific Coast for the last two months and has twice wrestled in
Spokane. Onken concludes with the following challenge: If Farmer Burns or Anton Pierre or
any of the other wrestlers wish to accept my offer we will forfeit $500 if Hali Adali cannot throw
the four in one hour. We will allow them traveling expenses, providing Hali Adali does not win.

Albany, NY: November 23, 1899
(mixed styles) Professor M. J. Dwyer beat Karl Johnson (2-0) … The falls were catch-as-
catch-can and Cornish.

Mankato, MN: November 30, 1899
John Rooney beat Murad Ali, the Turk (3-1) … NOTE: Farmer Burns challenged the winner
and Rooney accepted. John Hopkins, Rooney’s manager, is here.

Hastings, NB: December 1, 1899
Carl Brown beat Bert Scheller (3-0) … Brown will now challenge Farmer Burns for a mixed

Liverpool, England: December 4, 1899
Tom Cannon beat Jack Carkeek … NOTE: The match was billed for the graeco-roman
championship. A $1,000 purse was offered.

Chicago Tribune: December 10, 1899
Paul Pons of France and Beck Olsen of Germany are coming to America to challenge Ernest
Roeber, the champion graeco-roman wrestler of this country.

Chicago Tribune: December 31, 1899
Mellor of England and Dan McLeod of Chicago decide a wrestling match on Monday next at
the drill hall at Stalybridge. (England) The engagement is for $250 a side and the lightweight
championship. Mellor is well known in English wrestling circles. This will be the first occasion
that McLeod has performed in this country.

Research by Don Luce
Chicago Wrestling Results - 1899
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