Chicago, Illinois: January 2, 1925
(Star and Garter theater) … William Demetral drew with John Freberg (60:00) ... Tony
Rocco beat Ignatz Garowski

Chicago, Illinois: January 5, 1925
(Broadway Armory) … Johnny Meyers beat Bobby Bylund (2-1) ... Tony Hajdick drew with
Tony Rocco (35:00) ... Jack Sachs beat Vic Seaholm ... Dr. Carl Furness drew with Joe
Shimkus (35:00) … (Att.-1,200)

Chicago, Illinois: January 7, 1925
(Chicago-Sokai Hall) … Stanley Pinta vs. Frank LeMark … plus two other bouts

Kansas City, Missouri: January 8, 1925
(Convention Hall) … (WTM*) Wayne Munn beat Ed (Strangler) Lewis* (Won World’s
heavyweight championship)

Chicago, Illinois: January 9, 1925
(Star and Garter theater) … Joe Parelli drew with Bobby Bylund (curfew, 1-1) ... (G-R
style) Karl Pojello drew with Court Zarnyoff (20:00)

Chicago, Illinois: January 14, 1925
(Coliseum) … Stanislaus Zbyszko beat Allen Eustace (2-1) ... Joe (Toots) Mondt beat Joe
Zickman ... John Freberg (sub for William Demetral) beat Hassen Giles ... Jack Sherry
beat Fred Vogel ... Jack Sherry beat Ted Paulson ... (Att.-4,000) … (promoters-Joe
Coffey and Ed White)

Chicago, Illinois: January 16, 1925
(Star and Garter theater) … Jack Sherry beat Steve Savage (43:42) ... Antonio Rocco
beat Vic Seahoff

Dubuque, Iowa: January 22, 1925
(non title) Heinie Engel beat Lou Talaber* (1:40) … NOTE: Engel claimed the
middleweight title, but they wrestled over the weight limit.

Chicago, Illinois: January 23, 1925
(Star and Garter theater) … Stanislaus Zbyszko drew with Pat McGill (50:00) ... Mike
Romano beat Hassen Volkoff

Chicago, Illinois: January 27, 1925
(Broadway Armory) … (WMTM) Lou Talaber* beat Joe Parelli (2-0) ... Johnny Meyers
drew with John Kilonis (38:00) ... Jack Sachs drew with Tony Hajdick (30:00) ... Bobby
Bylund beat Johnny Carlin (sub for Vic Seaholm) … (Att.-5,000)

Chicago, Illinois: January 28, 1925
(First Regiment Armory) … Mike Romano vs Alex Nelson ... Joe Shimkas vs Vic Seaholm
... Karl Sarpolis also on the card

Chicago, Illinois: January 30, 1925
(Star and Garter theater) … Tony Rocco drew with Joe Parelli (70:00) ... Johnny Meyers
beat Fred Wolfgang

Chicago, Illinois: February 3, 1925
(Coliseum) … (WTM) Ed (Strangler) Lewis* beat Toots Mondt (2-1) ... Stanislaus Zbyszko
drew with Joe Zikmund (as Zickman) (45:00) ... Mike Romano beat Hassen Giles ...
Richard Shikat (as Schikat) beat Jack Sampson ... Wayne Munn gave an exhibition of the
holds he used to win the match from Ed Lewis in Kansas City ... (Promoters-Doc Krone)
... (Att.-9,000) ... (receipts about $21,000)

Milwaukee, Wisconsin: February 5, 1925
Ed (Strangler) Lewis headlined a card

Chicago, Illinois: February 6, 1925
(Star and Garter theater) … (WTM) Ed (Strangler) Lewis* beat Joe Zickman (dq) (35:40)
... (Ed was toss from the ring) ... Richard Shikat (as Schikat) beat Paul Martinson

Kansas City, Missouri: February 11, 1925
(Convention Hall) … (WTM) Wayne Munn* beat Stanislaus Zbyszko (2-0) ... (WMTM) Lou
Talaber* beat Joe Bruno (2-0) … (Att.-12,000)

Chicago, Illinois: February 13, 1925
(Star and Garter theater) … Joe Zickman drew Hassen Giles (curfew) ... Joe Parelli beat
Vic Seaholm (sub for Matty Matsuda)

Chicago, Illinois: February 16, 1925
(St. Phillips A.C. Gym) … Wayne Munn was referee of a amateur card

Chicago, Illinois: February 18, 1925
(Coliseum) … (WTM) Wayne Munn* beat Mike Romano (2-0) ... Toots Mondt beat Joe
Zickman (32:46) ... Richard Schikat beat Hassen Giles ... Freddie Meyers drew with Jack
Sampson (30:00) ... (Att.-7,500) ... (Ed White and Joe Coffey-promoters)

Chicago, Illinois: February 20, 1925
(Star and Garter theater) … (WTM) Ed (Strangler) Lewis beat Joe Zickman (32:57) ...
Richard Shikat (as Schikat) beat Arch Nelson
Note:  Zickman's last name was also spelled "Zickmund," and he was sometimes referred
to as "Ringer Joe."

Chicago, Illinois: February 23, 1925
(Dreamland Rink) … Hans Steinke vs Joe Rogacki ... (Card canceled earlier)

Chicago, Illinois: February 25, 1925
(Garfield Park Eagles) … Johnny Meyers vs John Kilonis ... Joe (Toots) Mondt vs Jack
Sampson ... Freddie Meyers vs Paul Martinson

Chicago, Illinois: February 26, 1925
(Broadway Armory) … (WMTM) Lou Talaber* beat Heinie Engel (1-1, utc) ... Joe Parelli
drew with Jack Sachs (28:00) ... Tony Hajdick beat Vic Seaholm ... Antonio Rocco beat
Tommy Cannon ... (Att.-5,000) … (main bout referee-Emil Thiry)

Chicago, Illinois: February 27, 1925
(Star and Garter theater) … Tommy Draak drew with Mike Romano (55:00) ... Tony
Felice beat Charley Byrd (dq)

Omaha, Nebraska: February 27, 1925
John Pesek beat Charlie Hanson (2-0)

Rochester, New York: February 27, 1925
(WTM) Wayne Munn* beat Pat McGill (2-0)

Chicago, Illinois: March 3, 1925
(Coliseum) … Joe (Toots) Mondt beat Stanislaus Zbyszko (1-0, utc) ... Richard Schikat
drew Allen Eustace (55:00) ... Mike Romano beat Jack McCarthy (dq) ... Jack Sherry beat
Fredy Freeman ... Mike Romano beat Jack McCarthy ... (Att.-1,500) … NOTE: The
promoter refused to pay Jack for the first match. They wrestled again after the semi final.

Chicago, Illinois: March 3, 1925
(West Side Auditorium) … Joe Parelli beat Young Gotch (2-0)

Chicago, Illinois: March 6, 1925
(Star and Garter Theater) … (WMTM) Lou Talaber* beat John Kilonis (44:05) ... Richard
Schikat beat Jack McCarthy

Chicago, Illinois: March 11, 1925
(Dreamland Arena) … Hans Steinke beat Arthur Boganz (2-0) ... Joe Stecher drew with
Ivan Zalkin (18:30) ... Jim Londos beat Taro Miyaki (sub for Joe Poggi) ... Jack Sherry
beat George Hills ... (Paddy Harmon-promoter) ... (Att.-3,000)

Chicago, Illinois: March 13, 1925
(Star and Garter theater) … (WMTM) Lou Talaber* beat Bobby Bylund (utc-broke right
shoulder) ... John Freberg beat Charley Byrd (dq) ... Jack Sachs beat Johnny Corlis

Chicago, Illinois: March 17, 1925
(Coliseum) … (WTM) Ed (Strangler) Lewis* beat Tommy Draak (2-0) ... Toots Mondt beat
Mike Romano ... John Pesek beat Joe Komar ... Jack Sherry beat Vic Soldalea ... (Att.

Memphis, Tennessee: March 17, 1925
Both Wladek Zbyszko and George Kotsonaros tried to interfere with Wayne Munn’s
exhibition of holds with Jack McCarthy

Chicago, Illinois: March 20, 1925
(Star and Garter) … Joe (Toots) Mondt beat Antonio Felice (20:14) ... John Pesek beat
Charley Byrd

Chicago, Illinois: March 23, 1925
(Broadway Armory) … Richard Schikat beat Allen Eustace (2-0) ... John Freberg drew
with Wallace Duguid (40:00) ... Hans Bauer beat Tuffy Giles ... (Att.-2,500)

Chicago, Illinois: March 27, 1925
(Star and Garter theater) … Richard Schikat beat John Erickson (12:06) ... Hans Bauer
drew with Antonio Felice (30:00)

Chicago, Illinois: March 27, 1925
(Pilson Park Pavilion) … John Pesek vs Allen Eustace ... (promoter-Stanley Pinta)

Chicago, Illinois: March 30, 1925
(St. Phillips A.C. Gym) … Wrestlers Wayne Munn, Toots Mondt, Lou Talaber, Johnny
Meyers, Richard Schikat, John Freberg, John Kilonis, and boxer Tommy Gibbons were to
talk or workout at a storm relief fund benefit.

Newark, New Jersey: March 30, 1925
(Boxing match) Bob Fritzsimmons (son of former champion) beat Eddie Civil (of Ashland,
Ky.) (ko-1st round) … NOTE: Eddie Civil later wrestled as Leo Daniel Boone (Whiskers)

Chicago, Illinois: March 31, 1925
(Coliseum) … (WTM) Wayne Munn* beat Joe (Toots) Mondt (2-0) ... Richard Schikat beat
Tony Hatches ... Leone Labriola beat Tuffy Giles ... Jack Sherry beat Jack McCarthy (sub
for  Jack Sampson) ... (Hatches replaced Howard Cantonwine by Monday) ... (main bout
referee-Emil Thiry) … (Att.-10,000) (paid $22,000)

Chicago, Illinois: April 3, 1925
(Star and Garter theater) … Ed “Strangler” Lewis beat Hans Bauer (25:22) ... Leone
Labriola beat Paul Martinson

Chicago, Illinois: April 3, 1925
(Pilsen Park pavilion) … Stanley Pinta vs Antonio Felice ... plus 3 other bouts

Chicago, Illinois: April 6, 1925
(Coliseum) … (WMTM) Lou Talaber* beat John Kilionis (29:45) ... Richard Schikat beat
Paul Martinson ... Johnny Meyer drew with Heinie Engel (30:00) ... Hans Steinke beat Vic
Soldat ... Leone Labriola drew with Tom Draak (20:00) (sub for Frank LeMark) ... Marty
Cutler vs Jack Dribbs in a comedy boxing and wrestling act ... (Wayne Munn was at the
benefit card for tornado victims) ... (Att. Under 2,000) (Red Cross got only $1,019.78 and
the wrestlers worked free)

Chicago, Illinois: April 10, 1925
(Star and Garter theater) … Toots Mondt drew with Leone Labriola (50:00) ... John Evko
beat Jack McCarthy

Chicago, Illinois: April 15, 1925
(Broadway Armory) … (WMTM*) Johnny Meyers beat Lou Talaber (2-1) ... Heinie Engel
beat Tony Hadjick ... Jimmy Logas beat Tony Rocco ... Charley Gribault (Gribble) beat
Sammy Sandow ... (Att.-5,000) (paid $12,000) … NOTE: Johnny Meyers defeated Lou
Talaber to win the world’s middleweight title.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: April 15, 1925
(WTM*) Stanislaus Zbyszko beat Wayne Munn (2-0 falls) (won World’s heavyweight title)

Chicago, Illinois: April 17, 1925
(Star and Garter theater) … Richard Schikat beat Yussiff Hussane (3:09) ... John
Freberg drew with John Evko (30:00)

Chicago, Illinois: April 24, 1925
(Star and Garter theater) … (WMTM) Johnny Meyers* beat Tony Rocco (30:42) ...
Charlie Gribble drew with Tony Hajdick (30:00)

Michigan City, Indiana: April 28, 1925
(WMTM) Johnny Meyers* vs George Katana ... Yussiff Hussane vs Nick Gotch

Baltimore, Maryland: April 29, 1925
(WTM) Stan Zbyszko* beat Hans Gojer (2-0)

Chicago, Illinois: May 1, 1925
(Star and Garter theater) … Jim McMillen beat Paul Martinson (10:00, dq) ... Alex
Garkawienko beat Jack McGee

Chicago, Illinois: May 4, 1925
(Coliseum) … Stanislaus Zbyszko* beat George Kotsonaros (2-0) ... Joe Stecher drew
with Frank Judson (28:00) ... Renato Gardini beat Yussiff Hussane (dq) (sub for Dan
Koloff) ... Hans Steinke drew with Alex Garkawienko (30:00) ... Promoters-Joe Coffey,
John Knone and Charles Cutler ... NOTE: Chicago Tribune make no mention of Zbyszko’s
World title claim.

St. Louis, Missouri: May 6, 1925
(WTM) Stan Zbyszko* vs Dick Daviscourt ... (Tom Packs-promoter)

Chicago, Illinois: May 8, 1925
(Broadway Armory) … (WMTM) Johnny Meyers* beat Heine Engel (2-0) ... Lou Talaber
beat Pete Katauski ... Jimmy Logas beat Jack Spurling ... Charley Gribble beat Antonio
Rocco ... (Att.-3,000) (paid $5,000)

Chicago, Illinois: May 12, 1925
Ed Lewis’ manager, Billy Sandow has the $10,000 diamond studded belt. It will be kept at
the Morrison hotel for public showing. The Chicago Tribune was ballyhooing the
upcoming Lewis-Munn match in Michigan City, Indiana.

Chicago, Illinois: May 14, 1925
Lewis was training with Frank LeMark, Arnold Minkley and Bob Managoff at one Chicago
gym. Munn was working out with Toots Mondt, Jack McCarthy and Lou Talaber at another
local gym.

Chicago, Illinois: May 20, 1925
(Coliseum) … Stanislaus Zbyszko* beat Ivan Zaiken (2-0) ... Hans Steinke drew with
Frank Judson (55:00) ... Joe Stecher beat Renato Gardini ... Alexander Garkawienko
beat Jack Roberts ... (No mention of Zbyszko being the World’s heavyweight wrestling

Bloomington, Indiana: May 20, 1925
Arwine (Reckless) Hunnicutt, 36, noted 170 pound professional wrestler, was shot to
death by Mrs. Gladys Holder in a dispute over an automobile.

Chicago, Illinois: May 21, 1925
(Wonderland Ballroom) … (WMTM) Johnny Meyers* vs Martin Rogers

Michigan City, Indiana: May 23, 1925
Allen Eustace, Jack Sampson and Freddy Meyers were added to Ed Lewis’ training

Chicago, Illinois: May 26, 1927
Stan Zbyszko tried to get an injunction to stop the upcoming Lewis-Munn contest from
being billed as a World title affair. Judge Hugo Friend ruled that it was okay to call it a title
match. He added that titles should be decided in the ring, not in court. The testimony of
Walter Bates, the referee of the Kansas City match in which Munn won the title, stated
that he did not declare a winner in that match.

Michigan City, Indiana: May 28, 1925
In a workout the day before, Wayne Munn knocked out Toots Mondt, after he was cut.
Mondt was fired and it was said that he was spy for the Lewis camp.

Michigan City, Indiana: May 30, 1925
(Special refereree : Walter Bates) (WTM) Ed (Strangler) Lewis* beat Wayne Munn (2-1)
... Toots Mondt drew with Richard Schikat (48:00) ... John Pesek beat Sandy McDougal ...
Mike Romano beat Jack McCarthy ... Pat McGill beat Bob Managoff (Sr.) ... (Att.-12,000)

St. Louis, Missouri: May 30, 1925
(WTM*) Joe Stecher beat Stanislaus Zbyszko* (won title) ... Jim Londos beat Oreste
Vadalfi ... Dick Daviscourt beat Charles Rentrop ... Frank Judson beat Dan Koloff ...
NOTE: Tribune made no mention of a title being won.

Chicago, Illinois: June 22, 1925
(East Chicago Arena) … Richard Schikat vs Scotty MacDougal

Chicago, Illinois: June 26, 1925
(Coliseum) … Joe Stecher* beat Frank Judson (48:23, utc) (Stecher refused win) ... Hans
Steinke beat Stanislaus Zbyszko (39:15) ... Jim Londos beat Joe Maroni ... Paul
Martinson beat Vic Soldat ... (Att.-6,000) ($8,500) ... Joe Coffey-promoter) ... (Stecher
not billed as titleholder by Tribune)

Chicago, Illinois: June 28, 1925
(Riverside Park) … (for Swedish championship of the World) Jesse Westergaard vs John
Freberg … NOTE: This was the annual outdoor Swedish picnic. Unless it was rained out,
the Tribune must have believed that all Swedish fans were there, as they didn’t give the
result. Shame on them!

Elmhurst, Illinois: June 30, 1925
(WMTM) Johnny Meyers* beat Ernest Klepner

Little Rock, Arkansas: June 30, 1925
(WTM) Joe Stecher* vs Rudy Dusek

Wichita, Kansas: July 1, 1925
(WTM) Joe Stecher* beat Stanislaus Zbyszko

Nashville, Tennessee: July 3, 1925
(WTM) Joe Stecher* vs Jim Browning

Covington, Kentucky: July 7, 1925
(WTM) Joe Stecher* beat Uresta Valdelfi

Minneapolis, Minnesota: July 10, 1925
(WTM) Joe Stecher* vs Dick Daviscourt  

Chicago, Illinois: July 1925
No Wrestling

Chicago, Illinois: August 28, 1925
(Star and Garter theater) … Frank Judson beat Yussiff Hussane ... Paul Martinson beat
Greek Sandow ... Mike Zongolowicz beat Ted Paulson ... (First card of the season)

Chicago, Illinois: September 4, 1925
(Star and Garter theater) … (WMTM) Johnny Meyers* drew with Tony Hadjeck (42:00) ...
Ben Reuben beat John “Jack” Sterling

Chicago, Illinois: September 11, 1925
(Star and Garter theater) … (WMTM) Johnny Meyers* beat Ben Reuben (23:00, dq) ...
Jack Sperling beat Jim Reynolds

Chicago, Illinois: September 18, 1925
(Star and Garter theater) … William Demetral beat Jack McCarthy (26:30) ... Paul
Martinson drew with Nick Gotch (1-1)

Chicago, Illinois: September 25, 1925
(Star and Garter theater) … Rudy Dusek vs Silvia Romilla

Chicago, Illinois: October 2, 1925
(Star and Garter theater) … Rudy Dusek vs Jack McCarthy ... Benny Reuben vs Jack

Chicago, Illinois: October 9, 1925
(Star and Garter theater) … Jack McGee vs Arthur Boganz

Chicago, Illinois: October 14, 1925
(Broadway Armory) … (WMMT) Johnny Meyers* vs Bobby Bylund ... Benny Reuben vs
George Peters ... Charles (Midget) Fisher vs Jack Sperling ... Tony Hadjick vs Jim Logas

Winnipeg, Manitoba: October 15, 1925
(WTM) Joe Stecher* beat Leo L’Heuroux (2-1)

Chicago, Illinois: October 16, 1925
(Star and Garter theater) … Stanislaus Zbyszko vs Joe Komar ... Jack Foster vs Andreas

Chicago, Illinois: October 23, 1925
(Star and Garter Theater) … Frank Judson drew with Dan Koloff ... Jim Logas vs Jimmy

Chicago, Illinois: October 30, 1925
(Star and Garter theater) … Frank Judson vs Jack Sampson ... Dan Koloff vs Jack

Chicago, Illinois: October 30, 1925
(Dreamland Arena) … (WMTM) Johnny Meyers* vs Benny Reuben ... Charles Fischer vs
Heinie Engel ... Plus 2 other matches ... (Paddy Harmon-promoter)

Chicago, Illinois: November 2, 1925
(Coliseum) … (WTM) Joe Stecher* beat Dan Koloff (2-0) ... Frank Judson drew with
Angelo Taramaschi (45:00) ... Joe Komar beat Alex Nelson (sub for Andreas Costanos)
... Stanley Pinta beat Emil Brugglio (sub for Jack Foster) ... (Joe Coffey-promoter) ... (Att.

Chicago, Illinois: November 4, 1925
(Broadway Armory) … Stanley Stasiak beat Scotty McDougal (2-0) ... Mike Romero drew
with Leon Labriola (30:00) ... John Freberg beat George Hill ... Capt. Walter Evans beat
George Peters (dq) (both subs for William Demetral vs Jack McCarthy)

Chicago, Illinois: November 6, 1925
(Star and Garter theater) … Rudy Dusek vs Angelo Taramaschi ... Jimmy Logas vs Jimmy
Demetral ... Raffaelo Grenna vs all comers

Chicago, Illinois: November 13, 1925
(Star and Garter theater) … Marin Plestina vs John Freberg ... Rudy Dusek vs Paul
Martinson ... Raffaelo Grenna vs all comers ... (Joe Coffey-promoter)

Chicago, Illinois: November 16, 1925
(Dreamland Arena) … Stanley Stasiak beat Joe Zickmund (2-0) ... Leon Labriola beat
Scotty McDougall ... William Demetral beat Carl Zoll ... Freddie Meyers beat Andre
Anderson ... (Paddy Harmon-promoter) ... (Att.-2,000)

Chicago, Illinois: November 17, 1925
(St. Stanislaus Auditorium) … Stanley Stasiak vs Andrew Anderson ... Tony Hajdick vs
George Peters ... Charley “Midget” Fisher vs Billy Smith ... (Johnny Meyers-referee)

Chicago, Illinois: November 18, 1925
(Broadway armory) … Charley “Midget” Fisher beat Heine Engel (2-0) ... Tony Hajdick
drew with Eddie Pope ... Capt. Walter Evans beat Cyclone Bill Flodine ... George Peters
beat Bull Smith

Chicago, Illinois: November 18, 1925
(Ashland Boulevard Auditorium) … Jim Londos vs Oresti Vadalfi ... Frank Judson vs Abie
Kaplan ... Karol Nowina vs Alex Nelson ... Stanley Pinta vs Jack Roberts

Chicago, Illinois: November 20, 1925
(Star and Garter theater) … Wladek Zbyszko vs Alex Lunden ... Raffaelo Grenna vs all
comers ... Tony Audrlick vs Marine Mack

Chicago, Illinois: November 23, 1925
(Dreamland arena) … (WMTM) Johnny Meyers* beat Joe Parelli (2-1) ... Bobby Bylund
beat Capt. Walter Evans ... Jim Logas beat Ted Danks ... Eddie Pope beat Carl Seeholm

Chicago, Illinois: November 24, 1925
(Coliseum) … Hans Steinke beat Joe Komar (1-0, utc) ... Wladek Zbyszko drew with
Frank Judson (55:00) ... Raffaelo Grenna beat Tony Hatches ... John Freberg beat Big
Bill Beth ... (Att.-2000)

Chicago, Illinois: November 27, 1925
(Star and Garter theater) … Martin Ludecke (billed as World light heavyweight claimant)
vs Karol Nowina ... Hans Steinke vs Tom Draak ... Raffaelo Grenna vs Tom Draak and an
unknown foe

Chicago, Illinois: November 30, 1925
(Coliseum) … (WTM) Joe Stecher* beat Joe Komar (2-0) ... Hans Steinke drew with John
Freberg (25:30) ... Frank Judson beat Paul Martinson ... Arthur Bogantz beat Jack
McCarthy ... Abe Kaplan beat Bob Marshall ... (Raffaelo Grenna failed to appear against
all comer) ... (Att.-2,000)

Chicago, Illinois: December 1, 1925
(Ashland Boulevard Auditorium) … George Calza beat Dan Koloff (2-0) ... Jim Londos
beat Farmer George McLeod ... Johnny Ballas beat Charley Peterson ... Stanley Pinta
beat Jimmy Reynolds ... (Att.-4,000)

Chicago, Illinois: December 2, 1925
(Broadway Armory) … (WTM) Ed (Strangler) Lewis* beat Mike Romano (2-1) ... (Jiu-jitsu
match) Taro Miyaki beat Scotty MacDougall ... Raffaelo Grenna beat Andre Sanderson ...
Leone Labriola beat Jack Roberts ... (Att.-4,000)

Chicago, Illinois: December 4, 1925
(Star and Garter theater) … John Pesek beat Nick Velcoff (32:00) ... Carlo Bullo drew
with Tony Hatches (25:00) ... Alex Nelson beat George Globoss

Chicago, Illinois: December 7, 1925
(Coliseum) … (WTM) Joe Stecher* beat Frank Judson (2-1) ... George Calza beat Jack
Sampson (sub for Jack Linow) ... John Pesek beat Jack Marshall ... Wladek Zbyszko beat
Alex Nelson ... Tom Draak beat George Hill ... (Joe Coffey-promoter) ... (Att.-5,000)

Chicago, Illinois: December 11, 1925
(Star and Garter theater) … John Freberg drew with Jack Linow (curfew, 1-1) ... Frank
Judson beat Jack McCarthy

Chicago, Illinois: December 14, 1925
(Dreamland arena) … (WTM) Ed (Strangler) Lewis* beat Leon Labriola (2-0) ... Raffaelo
Grenna beat Wallace Duguid ... (jiu-jitsu match) Taro Miyaki beat Scotty MacDougall (sub
for Toots Mondt) ... Hans Bauer beat Frank LeMark ... (Paddy Harmon-promoter) ... (Att.

Chicago, Illinois: December 17, 1925
(Broadway Armory) … (WMTM) Johnny Meyers* beat Bobby Bylund (2-0) ... Charley
Fisher beat Eddie Pope ... Tony Hadjick beat Cliff Hoffund ... Jimmy Logas beat Tony

Chicago, Illinois: December 18, 1925
(Star and Garter theater) … Jack Linow vs Tom Draak ... Billy Meeke vs Sam Clapham ...
(Last card of the year)

NOTES: The newspaper was always using different spellings for the wrestlers names.
Often it was hard to know the correct one. Stanley Pinta was usually spelled Pinto in later
years. Charley Fisher was usually Fischer by the 1930's. And the famous Dick Shikat was
known as Richard Schikat during this period.

Research=Don Luce
Chicago Wrestling Results - 1925