*A deal was made, and Kohler and White would act as co-promoters for the match between
Marshall and McMillen scheduled for January 5, 1937 at the Chicago Coliseum.

Chicago, Illinois:  Tuesday, January 5, 1937
(Chicago Coliseum) … World Heavyweight Championship Claimant Everette Marshall b. Jim
McMillen (1:11:39) … Ali Baba b. Dutch Hefner (13:23) … Bobby Burns (Bruns) and Dan Winters
drew (20:00) … Ray Steele b. Paul Shikat (14:05) … Oki Shikina b. Abie Rothberg  (DQ) (13:41) …
(promoters:  Fred Kohler, Ed White) … (referee:  Emil Thiry) … (judges:  Tony Hajdich, Tony Kallis)
… (5,594 fans) … (gate:  $6,713)
Note:  According to the Chicago Daily Tribune, it was this match that earned Marshall Illinois
recognition as World Champion.  The Chicago Daily Tribune reported that it was the first match
given championship recognition by the Illinois State Athletic Commission since Jim Londos vs. Ed
Lewis in 1934.

*In 1937, Ed White still had power in Chicago, Illinois, sending Bobby Bruns, Jim McMillen, and Fred
Grubmeier to New York City to work for Jack Pfefer.

Chicago, Illinois:  Thursday, February 4, 1937
(Chicago Coliseum) … World Heavyweight Champion Everette Marshall b. Oki Shikina (CO) (19:37)
… Chief Sanooke b. Dutch Hefner (5:15) … Danny Winters b. Mike Kilonis (30:00) …
Frankie Hart b. Tony Faletti (15:32) … Cliff Thiede b. Rudy Kay (16:22) … Martin Levy b. Whitey
Govro (2:40) … (promoters:  Fred Kohler, Ed White) … (referee:  Emil Thiry) … (physician:  Dr.
Frank LaGorio) … (5,169 fans) … (gate:  $6,201)

Chicago, Illinois:  Monday, February 15, 1937
( ) … Oki Shikina b. Nanjo Singh … Jack Curtis and Mike Kilonis drew … Rudy Kay b. Tiger Nelson
… Jack Kogut b. Danny Russo … Balrem Bey b. Pete Holtz

Chicago, Illinois:  Wednesday, February 17, 1937
( ) … Gorilla Grubmyer b. Nanjo Singh … George Mansor b. Art Van Saxon … Andy Moen b. Jose
Manuel … Pete Holtz b. Jim Landes … Pete Gazek and Pete Sherman drew

Chicago, Illinois:  Monday, February 22, 1937
( ) … Bert Rubi b. Hans Schnabel … Jerry Meeker b. Sairem Bey … Chief Sanooke b. Jack “Bad
Boy” Brown … Bill Curley b. Paul Miller … Jack Curtis b. Pete Sherman

Chicago, Illinois:  Wednesday, February 24, 1937
( ) … Bert Rubi b. Gorilla Grubmyer … Chief Sanooke b. George Mansor … Hans Schnabel b. Jack
Gacek … Andy Moen b. Jerry Meeker … Bill Brooks b. Balrem Bey

*In March 1937, George Kontales and Elmer Lenhardt wre amateur grapplers in Chicago.

Sparta, Illinois:  August 20, 1937
(Sparta Stadium) … Amateur Show … George Kontalis vs. Elmer Lenhardt

*In what was likely a favor for Ed White, Illinois State Athletic Commission “commissioner” Joe Triner
announced on November 9, 1937 that Jim McMillen was the Illinois State Heavyweight Champion.  
The championship would be on the line later in the month when McMillen wrestled White’s newest
star Ruffy Silverstein in what would be Silverstein’s professional debut.  Triner also named Frankie
Talaber Illinois State Light Heavyweight Champion.

Cicero, Illinois:  November 10, 1937
(Cicero Stadium) … Amateur Show … George Kontalis vs. Walter Palmer (wrestling match) …
Jim Lydell vs. Eddie Shapiro (boxing) … Luke Baylark vs. Bill Madden (boxing)

Chicago, Illinois:  Monday, November 15, 1937
(Chicago Coliseum) … World Heavyweight Champion Everette Marshall and Bobby Bruns drew (60:
00) … Dorv Roche b. Mike Kilonis when the latter was unable to continue (13:30) … Orville Brown
b. Jack Claybourne (11:40) … Friederich Von Schacht b. Pat Kelly (3:25) … Frankie Talaber and
Al Williams drew (20:00) … (promoters:  Fred Kohler, Ed White) … (3,000 fans)

Chicago, Illinois:  Tuesday, November 16, 1937
(Chicago Stadium) … Ruffy Silverstein b. Jim McMillen by decision to capture the Illinois State
Heavyweight Title (30:00) … Number of professional boxing matches … (sponsored by:  Schenley
Athletic Club) … (21,000 fans – sold out)
Note:  Silverstein's professional debut.

Chicago, Illinois:  Tuesday, November 30, 1937
(Park Casino) … Illinois State Heavyweight Champion Ruffy Silverstein vs. Pat Kelly … (promoters:  
Fred Kohler, Ed White)

*In December 1937, the Kohler-White enterprises promoted at the Rainbo Fronton, White City and
Park Casino, in addition to the Chicago Coliseum.  Joe Coffey, who opened up in January 1938,
promoted at the Marigold Gardens.  Coffey, at this time, was affiliated with Ray Fabiani, Joe “Toots”
Mondt, Bronko Nagurski, and Jim Londos.  Kohler and White were affiliated with Everette Marshall,
John Pesek, and Ruffy Silverstein.

*In December 1937, Ed White’s five year contract with Jim Londos expired.  Londos was actually
running with White’s opposition for a period of time, Joe “Toots” Mondt and Ray Fabiani.  By the
end of the month, Londos was in Chicago under the White-Kohler umbrella.

Chicago, Illinois:  Wednesday, December 1, 1937
(Rainbo Fronton) … Friedrich Von Schacht b. Joe Rogotski (8:03) … Jack Claybourne b. Gorilla
Grubmyer (28:02) … Tony Martini and Al Williams drew (30:00) … Roy Richkenbacher b. Otto
Schultz (9:10) … Al Wescott b. Pete Bartu (23:04) … (promoters:  Fred Kohler, Ed White)

Chicago, Illinois:  Friday, December 10, 1937
(Marigold Gardens) … Jim Clinstock vs. Gus Sonnenberg … Scotty Dawkins vs. Hans Kampfer …
Eddie Cook vs. Stanislaus Mayslajek … Johnny Marrs vs. George Sauer … Jack Byrns vs. George
Mack … (promoter:  Joe Coffey)

Chicago, Illinois:  Tuesday, December 14, 1937
(Park Casino) … Illinois State Heavyweight Champion Ruffy Silverstein vs. Jack Claybourne …
(promoter:  Fred Kohler, Ed White)

Chicago, Illinois:  Thursday, December 30, 1937
(Chicago Coliseum) … Jim Londos b. Bobby Bruns (43:41) … Lee Wykoff b. Fred Grubmier (20:41)
… Jim McMillen b. Pat McCleary (14:56) … Ruffy Silverstein b. Rudy Kay (7:58) …
Chief Thunderbird b. Whitey Govro (8:35) … Jack Conley and Al Williams drew (20:00) …
(promoters:  Fred Kohler, Ed White) … (referee:  Lou Gordon) … (4,333 fans)

Research by Tim Hornbaker
March 9, 2010
Chicago Wrestling Results - 1937