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Wayne Griffin did television commentary for the Rainbo Arena show in Chicago on
ABC-TV.  The program was featured on Wednesday nights.  He began broadcasting in
1936 in Minneapolis.  He joined ABC in 1942.    During the war, he was featured on "Victory
Parade of Spotlight Bands" and traveled more than 800,000 miles to military installations to
present the program.  Griffen was 35 in 1951 and studied electrical engineering while at
Stout Institute in Menomonee, Wisconsin.  He was married with one daughter, Catherine,
who was 7.  
Official Wrestling, April 1951.

By early 1950, Chicago wrestling matches were being televised in 330 cities by coaxial
cable.  Chicago and Los Angeles were the top suppliers of TV wrestling, with New York City
and Columbus, Ohio on a smaller network of stations.
Chicago Wrestling Television History