*Charley MacDonald was the matchmaker for boxing at the Hollywood Legion Stadium in
1936, and likely wrestling also.

Hollywood, California:  Monday, January 6, 1936
(Hollywood Stadium) … Yukon Jake b. Rubber Higami (2/3) … Mysterious Mr. X b. Bobby
Pearce (52:05) … Ted Christy b. Dude Chick (7:18) … Stanley Rogers b. Al Stecher (11:
22) … Francisco Aguayo b. Duke Pettigrove (8:25) … (referee:  Bull Montana)

Hollywood, California:  Monday, January 13, 1936
(Hollywood Legion Stadium) … Ted Christy b. Leroy McGuirk to capture the World Light
Heavyweight Title (2/3) (Christy won the first fall in 11:00, McGuirk won the second in 23:
00, Christy won the final in 6:07) … Mysterious Mr. X (red mask) b. Yukon Jake (2-0)
(second by DQ) … Stanley Rogers b. Pete Velcastro (10:12) … Francisco Aguayo b. Al
Stecher (37:00) … Bobby Samson b. Phil Romano (9:52)

Hollywood, California:  Monday, January 20, 1936
(Hollywood Legion Stadium) …

Hollywood, California:  Monday, January 27, 1936
(Hollywood Legion Stadium) … Tetsura “Rubber” Higami b. Jack Reynolds to capture the
World Junior Middleweight Title (2/3) (Higami won the first in 13:58, Reynolds won the
second in 3:29, Higami won the third in 3:56) (Reynolds held the World Welterweight Title)
… Yukon Jake Jackson b. Stacy Hall (2/3) (Jake had to be protected away from the ring by
police because his rough tactics angered fans) … Dr. Barney Cosneck and Francisco
Aguayo drew (30:00) … Pete Belcastro b. Ken Hollis (11:53) … Stanley Rogers b. Wayne
Long (10:58)
Note:  The Los Angeles Times reported that this was a title switch, but according to other
reports, Higami was already the titleholder; this was the first anniversary of wrestling at the

Hollywood, California:  Monday, February 17, 1936
(Hollywood Legion Stadium) … World Junior Heavyweight Title Tournament (Begins) (Eight
Wrestlers) … Dr. Barney Cosneck vs. Al Karasick … Dude Chick vs. Tuffy Cleet …
Francisco Aguayo vs. Frank Taylor … Pete Belcastro vs. Tiger Tsakoff … (non
tournament match) … Mysterious Mr. X vs. Yukon Jake … (junior heavyweight class is
between 175 and 190 pounds) (Legion offering a $1,000 belt to the winner)

Hollywood, California:  Monday, April 6, 1936
(Hollywood Legion Stadium) … Ted Christy b. Red Lyons (2/3) … Dude Chick b. George
Wilson (2/3) … Cecil McGill b. Tiger Tsakoff (7:59) … Alvin Britt b. Al Stecher (15:39) …
Bobby Pearce b. Buzz Reynolds (14:21)
Notes:  Stecher was from St. Louis.  The “three favorites to win the Legion’s $1,000 gold
belt are Lyons, Wilson and Britt.  The shade goes to the big Kansas farmer, Britt.”

Hollywood, California:  Monday, April 13, 1936
(Hollywood Legion Stadium) … (World Junior Heavyweight Title Tournament – Semifinals)
… Dude Chick vs. Ted Christy … Alvin Britt vs. Cecil McGill … (other matches) … Gorilla
Pogi vs. Lord Lansdowne … World Junior Middleweight Champion Tetsura “Rubber”
Higami vs. Benny Bolt … Ken Hollis vs. Stanley Rogers
Notes:  The National Wrestling Association “controls thirty-two states.” Rogers was from
Tombstone, Arizona.

*The National Wrestling Association sponsored the tournament to determine a World
Junior Heavyweight Champion.  Similar tournaments had been staged in the Midwest,
South and in the East.  The finals would be held on April 20 with the winner receiving the
American Legion’s $1,000 gold championship belt.  The World Junior Title weight class
was 190 lbs.

Hollywood, California:  Monday, April 20, 1936
(Hollywood Legion Stadium) … (World Junior Heavyweight Title Tournament – Finals) …
Alvin Britt b. Ted Christy to capture the title … (other matches) … Tetsura Higami vs. Lord
Lansdowne … Red Lyons vs. Bobby Roberts … Barney Cosneck vs. Al Stecher … Benny
Bolt vs. Buzz Reynolds
Notes:  Britt was said to be a “product of the old school of wrestling.” Britt initially entered
the tournament “as the Masked Wonder, but discarded his red helmet because it hindered
his vision.” He was reportedly “of the Martin Farmer Burns school, a name that is almost
sacred to wrestling because Burns was a master.  He taught leverage and balance, chief
factors on which real wrestling is based.  Britt’s 60-year-old father, A.A. Britt, once held the
light heavyweight championship  He started Alvin when the boy was 12 years of age,
taught him the code as he had known it from the mechanical standpoint.  [Lord] Lansdown
has worked the past week with Britt to try to instill more showmanship into his style.  The
Briton is both scientific, one of the fastest men in the circuit and by far the most colorful,”
according to the paper.

*It was reported that George Raft would present the American Legion’s $1,000 gold
championship belt to the winner.  Another report stated that National Wrestling Association
President Col. Harry J. Landry was going to present the belt.

Hollywood, California:  Monday, April 27, 1936
(Hollywood Legion Stadium) … World Junior Middleweight Champion Tetsura Higami vs.
Lord Lansdowne (Title Match)
Notes:  Higami and Lansdowne were reportedly the only two men who had pinned Jack
Reynolds on the coast.  “Lansdowne won the welterweight crown from Reynolds last year,
but lost it back three months later when he was thrown from the ring and his back was
injured.” Higami was a former jiu-jitsu “star,” and “has converted his grips into the catch-as-
catch-can style.  He won the world’s junior middleweight title in Honolulu.”

Hollywood, California:  June 29, 1936
(Hollywood Legion Stadium) … World Junior Heavyweight Champion Alvin Britt b. Jimmy
Lott (2/3) … Lords Lansdowne b. Blacksmith Pedigo … Cecil McGill b. Bob Montgomery
(DQ) … Bobby Pearce and Johnny Stole drew … George Craig b. Tiger Tsakoff

Hollywood, California:  Monday, August 3, 1936
(Hollywood Legion Stadium) … NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion Alvin Britt b.
Paul Orth (2-0) (second fall by DQ) (Orth tangled with the referee and five police officers,
one of whom punched him in the nose) … Sheik MarAllah b. Lord Lansdowne (26:19)
(Boston crab) … Ted Christy b. Gene Moore (7:16) … Jack McDonald b. Cecil McGill (14:
54) … Charles Carr and George Craig drew (20:00)
Note:  Orth was called the “No. 1 villan of Hollywood wrestling.”

Hollywood, California:  Monday, August 10, 1936
(Hollywood Legion Stadium) … Yukon Jake Jackson b. Sheik MarAllah (2/3) … Jack
McDonald b. Ted Christy (10:46) … Jimmy Lott b. Ernie Webb (18:02) (flying tackle) …
Charles Carr b. Cecil McGill (15:36) … Orville Grable b. George Craig (8:47)
Notes:  Charley Carr was the “football coach of Fort Wayne (Ind.) High School.” Reynolds
was the 147-pound champion and “has ruled for fifteen years.” Webb was an “All-
Oklahoma guard for three years.” Grable was called “Man Mountain Dean’s nephew.”

Hollywood, California:  Monday, August 24, 1936
(Hollywood Legion Stadium) … Yukon Jake Jackson b. Sammy Kohen (2/3) (Jack
McDonald accompanied Jackson to the ring, and Kohen protested him being there)
(Kohen went after his opponent, his second and the referee) … Jack McDonald b. Dude
Chick (17:29) … Stacy Hall b. Rubber Higami (10:11) … Hugh Nichols b. Charles Carr (19:
46) … Buzz Reynolds b. Bobby Pearce (13:06) … (referee:  Mickey McMasters)
Notes:  Hugh Nichols was a former world middleweight and light heavyweight champion,
and now was chasing the junior heavyweight championship.  According to the Los Angeles
Times, he came to the area “a year ago to enter the Legion’s 190-pound tournament.  He
was put on the side lines with a broken ankle when he made a parachute jump at the San
Diego Exposition.  The ‘chute’ didn’t open.”

Hollywood, California:  Monday, August 31, 1936
(Hollywood Legion Stadium) …“Tarzan” Paul Orth b. Jack “Sockeye” McDonald … Stacy
Hall vs. Lord Lansdowne … Jimmy Lott vs. Hugh Nichols … Ike Cazzell vs. Gene Moore …
“Wildcat” McCann vs. Johnny Stote … (5,000 fans)
Notes:  Gene Moore was said to be a “double of Max Baer.” There was a photo of “Tarzan”
Paul Orth chewing on a phone book.  He could reportedly tear the book into two halves.  
Jack McDonald was the “prodigy pupil of Yukon Jake.” In the bout between McDonald and
Orth, there was a $500 side bet and the winner was to face Alvin Britt for the NWA World
Junior Title.  McCann was from Salt Lake City and Stote from Cincinnati.

Hollywood, California:  Monday, September 7, 1936
(Hollywood Legion Stadium) … Paul Orth vs. Yukon Jake ($1,000 side bet) … Hugh
Nichols vs. Les Wolfe … Charley Carr vs. Ike Cazzell … Prince Omar vs. Wildcat McCann

Hollywood, California:  Monday, September 14, 1936
(Hollywood Legion Stadium) … Jack “Sockeye” McDonald vs. Paul Orth … Sammy Kohen
vs. Lord Lansdowne … Ike Cazzell vs. Bob Montgomery … Dave Reynolds vs. Wildcat
McCann … Jimmy Goodrich vs. Stanley Rogers
Notes:  According to the September 14, 1936 edition of the Los Angeles Times,
“Behemoths of the groan and grunt pastime, commonly known as wrestling, will get
entangled at the Hollywood Legion Stadium tonight, and for the first time in the history of
California radio the matches will be described over the airlanes.  The broadcast will begin
at 10 p.m. with Gary Breckner giving a twist-by-twist description of the bouts and Rush
Hughes appearing as guest commentator.” Goodrich was called a “former left halfback on
the 1928 Notre Dame ‘wonder team’ that beat the Trojans.”

Hollywood, California:  Monday, September 21, 1936
(Hollywood Legion Stadium) … Lord Lansdowne vs. Yukon Jake … Red Lyons vs. Bob
Montgomery … Sammy Kohen vs. Wildcat McCann … Charles Carr vs. Jimmy Goodrich …
Ike Cazzell vs. George Craig
Note:  Craig “shoed horses for Ringling Brothers Circus for three seasons.”

Hollywood, California:  Monday, September 28, 1936
(Hollywood Legion Stadium) … Bob Montgomery b. Paul “Tarzan” Orth (2/3) … Lord
Lansdowne b. Dave Reynolds (28:22) … Pat O’Brien b. Jimmy Goodrich … Ike Cazzell b.
Charles Carr (19:58) … Harry Cohen b. Jack Conway (9:43)
Notes:  Cohen was from Boston and Conway from Butte.  Carr was from Louisiana.

Hollywood, California:  Monday, October 5, 1936
(Hollywood Legion Stadium) … Jack “Sockeye” McDonald vs. Bob “Hillbilly” Montgomery …
George Craig vs. The Great Frankenstein … Ike Cazzell vs. Pat O’Brien … Harry Cohen
vs. Bobby Roberts

Hollywood, California:  Monday, October 12, 1936
(Hollywood Legion Stadium) … Bob Montgomery b. Dude Chick (2/3) … Pat O’Brien b.
Jack McDonald (2/3) (O’Brien won the second fall by disqualification and then the third) …
Scotty Williams b. Prince Omar (9:51) … Bobby Roberts b. Ike Cazzell (16:11) …
Frankenstein Wolfe b. Jimmy Lott (18:37)

Hollywood, California:  Monday, October 19, 1936
(Hollywood Legion Stadium) … Lord Lansdowne vs. Yukon Jake (2/3) … Hugh Nichols vs.
Pat O’Brien (2/3) … Frankenstein Wolff vs. Bobby Roberts … George Craig vs. Red Lyons
… Wildcat McCann vs. Scotty Williams
Notes:  Lyons was called the “galloping ghost of Texas.” Roberts used an upside-down
airplane spin.

Hollywood, California:  Monday, October 26, 1936
(Hollywood Legion Stadium) … Jack McDonald vs. Jack O’Brien … Billy Burns vs. Bob

Hollywood, California:  December 21, 1936
(Hollywood Legion Stadium) … Dude Chick b. Albion Britt to capture the NWA World Junior
Heavyweight Title
Notes:  A United Press report in the Modesto Bee and News Herald (Modesto, CA) on
December 23, 1936 stated that Britt “defended his world junior heavyweight wrestling
championship eighty-seven times in the past eight weeks.”  The Los Angeles Times called
Chick, prior to the victory, the “uncrowned champion.” This show was going to feature 16
of the top men the “Legion circuit has developed.” Jimmy Logas was called an “eastern
claimant of the junior heavyweight belt.”

Research by Tim Hornbaker
September 11, 2010
Hollywood Wrestling Results - 1936