Hollywood, California:  Monday, May 31, 1948
(Hollywood Legion Stadium) … Maurice Tillet b. Ted Christy (2-0) … Maurice LaChappelle
b. Jackie Nichols (2-0) … Prince Mihalakis and John Swenski drew … Tony Ross b. Jack
Carter … John Cretoria and Salvator Flores drew … (promoter:  Hugh Nichols)

Hollywood, California:  Monday, June 7, 1948
(Hollywood Legion Stadium) … Gorilla Ramos b. Maurice LaChappelle (2/3) … Vic Christy
b. Jack “Sockeye” McDonald (2/3) (McDonald was a substitute for Mike Mazurki) … Tony
Ross and John Swenski drew … Dick Trout b. Salvador Torres (20:00) … Ricardo “The
Great” Palomo and Paavo Katonen drew … (promoter:  Hugh Nichols)
Note:  Ramos was said to be the “World’s Junior Heavyweight” champion.

Hollywood, California:  Monday, June 14, 1948
(Hollywood Legion Stadium) … Maurice LaChappelle b. Gorilla Ramos to capture the
World Junior Heavyweight Title (2/3) … Farmer Jones b. Jack McDonald (2-0) … Bomber
Kulkovich and Tony Ross b. John Swenski and Dick Trout … Jackie Nichols b. Ricardo
Palomo … Don Keene b. Morris Shapiro … (promoter:  Hugh Nichols)
Notes:  The Los Angeles Examiner reported “LaChapelle Wins Crown from Ramos,” and
“the world’s junior heavyweight wrestling title changed hands last night at the Hollywood
Legion Stadium when challenger Maurice LaChapelle defeated the champion, Gorilla
Ramos, two out of three falls.”

Hollywood, California:  Monday, June 21, 1948
(Hollywood Legion Stadium) … Farmer Jones and Dick Trout b. Bomber Kulkovich and
Tony Ross (2/3) … Frank Gonzales b. John Swenski (2-0) … Leo Wallick b. John Cretoria
… Ivan Kameroff b. Morris Shapiro … Don Keene and Jimmy Lott drew … (promoter:  Hugh

Hollywood, California:  Monday, June 28, 1948
(Hollywood Legion Stadium) … Buddy Rogers b. Frank Gonzales (1-0) (Gonzales was
unable to continue after losing the first fall when hit with a piledriver in 3:00) … Farmer
Jones b. Tony Ross (2-0) … Bomber Kulkovich and Karol Krauser drew … Gene Stanlee
(Standlee) b. Paavo Katonen … Leo Wallick b. Ivan Kameroff … (promoter:  Hugh Nichols)
Notes:  The Los Angeles Examiner stated that “Not only does [Buddy] Rogers own the
International heavyweight championship belt, but he will wear the priceless jewel-spangled
opera cloak once worn by Catherine the Great of Russia.”

Hollywood, California:  Monday, August 2, 1948
(Hollywood Legion Stadium) ... Buddy Rogers and Super Swedish Angel drew (1-1)
(double knockout) ... Farmer Jones b. Abe Kashey ... Ivan the Terrible b. Dick Trout ... Billy
Darnell b. Bomber Kulkovich ... Frank Gonzales b. Prince Mihalkis ... Red Berry b. Gene
Stanlee ... (promoter:  Hugh Nichols)

Hollywood, California:  Monday, August 16, 1948
(Hollywood Legion Stadium) ... Ivan the Terrible and Buddy Rogers drew ... Billy Darnell b.
Danny McShain ...Farmer Jones and Frank Gonzales b. Red Berry and Abe Kashey ... Izzy
Becker and Paavo Katonen drew ... Frank Hickey b. Mike Nazarian ... (promoter:  Hugh
Nichols) ... (4,500 fans)

Hollywood, California:  Monday, October 18, 1948
(Hollywood Legion Stadium) … World Heavyweight Champion Buddy Rogers vs. Red Koko
… Billy Darnell vs. Pierre LaSartes … (promoter:  Hugh Nichols)

Hollywood, California:  Monday, November 8, 1948
(Hollywood Legion Stadium) … NWA World Heavyweight Champion Orville Brown and
Buddy Rogers drew (90:00) … Sheik Lawrence of Arabia b. Super Swedish Angel … Billy
Darnell b. Ivan the Terrible … The Zebra Kid b. Frank Gonzales … Pierre LaSartes b. Izzy
Becker … (promoter:  Hugh Nichols) … (4,000 fans)

Hollywood, California:  Monday, December 6, 1948
( ) … The Demon b. Billy Darnell to capture the World Heavyweight Title

Research by Tim Hornbaker
December 2, 2010
Hollywood Wrestling Results - 1948