10/1/34 Honolulu    Att 6,000
Shunichi Shikuma beat Jacques Manuel, Rocky brooks drew Rubberman Higami, Danny
Winters dcor Ted Shores, Louie Mendonca beat Mike Chrisner.  (Lord Lansdowns in
audience challenges Higami to a title match) ... (Promoter Ed Ratsch)

10/8/34 Honolulu
Shunichi Shikuma beat Rocky Brooks, Rubberman Higami beat lord Lansdowne COR,
Jacqus Manuel beat Danny Winters, Louie Mendonca beat Wilfred.

10/15/34 Honolulu
Shunichi Shikuma beat Jacques Manuel, Prof Higami beat Mike Golden, Lord Lansdowne
beat King Tut, Danny Winters drew Rocky Brooks.

10/22/34 Honolulu
Shunichi SHikuma beat Doc Bursan, Rocky Brooks drew Harry Johnson, Rubberman
Higami beat Charlie Hamp, Danny WInters drew Larry Idzikowski, Louie Mendonca beat
Antone Aguilar.

10/29/34 Honolulu
Oki Shikina beat Jacques Manuel, Rubberman Higami beat Doc Bursan, Tony Felice beat
Rocky Brooks, Harry Johnson beat steve Brady.

11/5/34 Honolulu
Tony Felice beat Oki Shikina dq, Shunichi Shikuma beat Harry Johnson, Jacques Manuel
beat Rusy Westcoatt, Rocky Brooks beat Doc Burson.

11/12/34 Honolulu
Tony Felice beat Shunichi Shikuma, Rubberman Higami drew Jacques Manuel, Rocky
Brooks drew Young Aguinaldo, Oki Shikina beat Harry Johnson.

11/19/34 Honolulu
Shunichi Shikuma beat TOny Felice, Herry Markus beat Rubberman Higami, Elmer
Lindberg beat Rocky Brooks, Young Aguinaldo beat Harry Johnson.

11/26/34 Honolulu
Tony Felice beat Shunichi SHikuma, Rubberman Higami beat Jerry Markus, Dean Detton
beat Rusty Westcoatt, Einar Lindberg beat Harry Johnson, Jim Meeker beat Doc Burson.

12/3/34 Honolulu
Tony Felice beat Jacques Manuel, Shunichi SHikuma beat Einard Lindberg, Rubberman
Higami beat Jim Mekker, Jerry Markus beat Harry Johnson, Tony Aguinaldo beat Steve

12/10/34 Honolulu
Rubberman Higami beat Jerry Markus World Junior Middleweight title, Shunichi Shikuma
beat Jim Meeker, Rusty Westcoatt beat Harry Johnson, Jack Manuel beat Einar Lindberg.

12/17/34 Honolulu
Tet Higami beat Jerry Markus, Shunichi Shikuma beat Jacques Manuel, Young Aguinaldo
drew Einar Lindberg, Jim Meeker beat Harry Johnson, Tony Felice beat Rusty Westcoatt.

Promoter Manuel Calhau
10/9/34 Honolulu
Louie Miller beat Walter Achiu, Don Hill beat Reed Detton, Curly Freitas drew Marine
Brown, Jack Freitas beat L. Jevis.

10/16/34 Honolulu
Walter Achiu beat Louie Miller dq, Augie Ornellas drew Mario Freitas, Reed Detton beat
Marine Jones, Don Hill beat Ernie Andrade.

10/23/34 Honolulu
Joe Kirk drew Don Hill, Ernie Andrade beat Gust Steele, Reed Detton beat Augie
Ornellas, Lou Mueller beat Walter Achiu.

10/30/34 Honolulu
Don Hill beat Lou Mueller, Jack Freitas beat Benny Kim, Reed Detton beat Gene
Bothelho,Walter Achiu beat Joe Kirk dq.

11/8/34 Honolulu
Danny McShain beat Don Hill, Walter Achiu drew Louis De La Torre, Lou Mueller beat
Lou Heinz dq, Joe Kirk drew Jack Curtis.

11/13/34 Honolulu
Cowboy Lou Heinz beat Jack Curtis, Mike Caddock drew Don Hill, Louis De La Torre beat
Danny McShain dq, Joe Kirk beat Lou Mueller.

11/20/34 Honolulu
Joe Kirk beat Louis De La Torre, Danny mcShain beat Walter Achiu, Lou Mueller drew
Jack Curtis, Cowboy Lou Heinz beat Don Hill.

11/27/34 Honolulu
Danny McShain beat Cowboy Lou Heinz, Walter Achiu beat Don Hill, Joe Kirk beat Lou
Mueller, Jack Curtis beat Louis De La Torre.

12/4/34 Honolulu
Cowboy Heinz beat Danny McShain, Don Hill beat Joe Kirk, Lou Mueller beat Louis De La
Torre, Jack Curtis beat Walter Achiu.

12/11/34 Honolulu
Jack Curtis beat Danny McShain final of battle royal, Lou Mueller drew Mike Caddock,
Walter Achiu beat Louis De La Torre.

12/18/34 Honolulu
Jack Curtis beat Joe Kirk, Augie Ornellas beat Al Jevins, Mike Caddock beat Walter Achiu,
Don Hill beat Lou Mueller.

Research by Don Luce
Honolulu Wrestling Results - 1934