Honolulu, HI:  Aug. 4, 1936
Al Karasick def Kiman Kudo, Harry Kent def Ernie Andrade, Don Carver def Bob (Totem)
Anderson, Young Duruma def Curly Freedman

Honolulu, HI:  Aug 12, 1936
Joe Savoldi def Karasick, Vic Christy def Kent, Kudo def Carver, Daruma drew Reed
Detton (4,000)

Honolulu, HI:  Aug. 18 1936 (6,000)
Ed Don George def Savoldi 2-1, Christy def Kent DQ, Kudo def Pat Hennessey, Big Boy
Clement def Carver

Honolulu, HI:  Aug. 25, 1936 (2,500)
Ed Don George def Kent, Christy def Kudo, Babe Small drew Karasick, Clement def

Honolulu, HI:  Sept. 1, 1936
Ed Don George drew Vic Christy 0-0 60:00, Reb Russell drew Sam Leathers 1-1, Small
def Claude (Dutch) Davis, Carver def Clement (Jack Smith referee)

Honolulu, HI:  Sept. 8, 1936
Ed Don George drew Christy 1-1, Russell def Small cnc, Leathers def Bull Campbell,
Walter King def Joe Lynch

Honolulu, HI:  Sept. 15, 1936 (4,000)
Ed (Strangler) Lewis def Ed Don George 1-0, Christy def Russell, Leathers drew Small,
Carver def King (Ed Lewis notes that his recent New York to California airplane trip was
his 257th such continental flight; he claims 251 flights to-and-fro between the Pacific
Northwest and California; estimates he has flown in excess of 1,500,000 miles)

Honolulu, HI:  Sept. 22, 1936 (2,000)
Ed Lewis def Vic Christy, Russell def Leathers, Norman (Rusty) Wescoatt def Small,
Clement def Isao (Bull) Toyama

Honolulu, HI:  Sept. 29, 1936
Chief Chewacki def Christy, Russell drew Wescoatt, Small def Andrade, King drew

Honolulu, HI:  Oct. 6, 1936--(3,500)
Chewacki def Russell, Wescoatt def Small, Hennessey drew Carver

Honolulu, HI:  Oct. 13, 1936
Wescoatt def Russell (final of Battle Royal), Chewacki def Small, Andrade def Campbell,
Carver def Jack Holland DQ

Honolulu, HI:  Oct. 20, 1936
Chewacki def Holland DQ, George (Wildcat) Pete def Small, Andrade def Gust Steele,
Carver drew Clement

Honolulu, HI:  Nov. 11, 1936
Chief Thunderbird def Holland, Harry Demetral def Tommy Mead, Doc Dan McKenzie def
Andrade, Young Ing def Walter Camara

Honolulu, HI:  Nov. 17, 1936
Thunderbird def Demetral, Arjan Singh def Mead, Holland drew McKenzie, King def
Benny Kim

Honolulu, HI:  Nov. 24, 1936 (2,000)
Thunderbird def Holland, Demetral def Wescoatt DQ, McKenzie NC Mead, Clement def

Honolulu, HI:  Dec. 1, 1936
Singh def Demetral, Thunderbird def McKenzie, Mead def Campbell, Wescoatt def

Honolulu, HI:  Dec. 8, 1936
Singh def Andrade 5:00, Singh def McKenzie 12:00 (handicap), Holland def Mead,
Wescoatt def Demetral, Bob (Totem) Anderson def Young Duruma

Honolulu, HI:  Dec. 15, 1936
Red Scorpion (Jack McCarthy) def Mead, Demetral def Holland, Singh def McKenzie,
Wescoatt drew Thunderbird, Anderson def King

Honolulu, HI:  Dec. 22, 1936
Scorpion def Holland, Demetral def McKenzie, Singh drew Wescoatt, Thunderbird drew
Mead, Camara def Kid Algiers

Honolulu, HI:  Dec. 29, 1936
Mead def McKenzie, Singh def Holland, Thunderbird drew Demetral, Scorpion def

Al Karasick Promoter

Research by Don Luce
Honolulu Results - 1936