Jan. 5--Scorpion drew Arjan Singh, Chief Thunderbird def McKenzie 2-1, Demetral def Mead,
Holland drew Wescoatt ($1.10 reserved seats, 60 cents ladies reserved, 55 cents general
admission, 30 cents children)

Jan. 12--Thunderbird def Scorpion (unmasked McCarthy, age 36, 220 pounds, Spencer,
Iowa, claims wins over Caddock, Plestina and Charlie Hansen), Wescoatt def McKenzie,
Holland def Demetral DQ, Singh def Mead

Jan. 19--(1,200)--Singh drew McCarthy 1-1, Thunderbird def Demetral 2-1, Wescoatt def
Holland,&127; McKenzie def Mead DQ (Big Boy Clement, Ernie Andrade referees)

Jan. 26--Demetral def McCarthy (no referee, for Rough House Championship), Wescoatt def
Mead, Holland drew McKenzie, Clement def Walter King, Abel Rodrigues def Sammy Sugai

Feb. 2--Thunderbird def McCarthy, Wescoatt def McKenzie, Demetral drew Holland, Mead
def Clement, Curley Freedman def Benny Kim

Feb. 9--Thunderbird def Wescott 2-1, John Wood def Holland, Singh def Demetral, McKenzie
drew Mead, Rodrigues def Bob (Totem) Anderson

Feb. 16--(2,000)--Singh def Thunderbird 2-1, McKenzie def Demetral, Wood def Mead,
Wescoatt drew Holland, Don Carver def Rodrigues

Feb. 23--Wescoatt won Battle Royal, Wescoatt def Mead (ex-UCLA star), Wood drew Singh,
Demetral def Holland, Thunderbird def McKenzie, Torchy Smith def King

Mar. 2--Tony Felice def Thunderbird, Singh def Wescoatt, Demetral def Mead DQ, McKenzie
def Holland

Mar. 9--Felice def Demetral 2-0, Mead def Wood, Singh def McKenzie, Smith def Rodrigues,
Carver drew Albert (Pineapple) Carvalho

Mar. 16--(2,000)--Felice def Singh DQ, Mead def McKenzie, Demetral drew Wood, Clement
def Smith, Carver def Carvalho

Mar. 24--Felice def Singh DQ, Demetral def Mead, Wood def McKenzie, Carver drew Smith

Mar. 30--Felice def Hal Rumberg, Bob Kruse def Jack Forsgren DQ, John Spellman def
Demetral, Andrade def Wood, King def Smith

7/6/37 Ed Lewis beat Count Francis Fouche, Jack Arnold beat Sandor Vary, Ray Richards
beat Naumu Sunayama COR, Biggie Joy beat Black Panther.

7/13/37 Honolulu
Ray Richards beat Ed Lewis dq, Naumu Sunayama beat Sandor Vary, Jack Arnold beat Big
Boy Clement, Bull Toyama drew Walter King.

7/20/37 Honolulu
Herb Freeman beat ray Richards, Francis Fouche beat Scott Dawkins dq, Bob Jessen beat
Jack Arnold, popeye McKenzie beat Abel Rodrigues.

7/27/37 Honolulu
Herb Freeman beat Francis Fouche, Bob Jessen beat Scotty Dawkins dq, Naumu Sunayama
drew jack Arnold, Big Boy CLement beat Biggie Joy.

8/3/37 Honolulu
Herb Freeman beat Francis Fouche, Naumu Sunayama beat Scotty Dawkins dq, Bob Jessen
beat jack Arnold, Walter King beat Al Carvalho.

8/10/37 Honolulu
Scott Dawkins beat bob Jessen, Naumu Sunayama beat Herb Freeman dq, Jack Arnold drew
Francis Fouche, Biggie Joy beat Abel Rodrigues.

8/17/37 Honolulu
Herb Freeman beat Scott Dawkins, Bob Jessen drew Francis Fouche, Ernie Petersen beat
jack Arnold, Popeye McKenzie beat Walter King.

8/24/37 Honolulu
Francis Fouche beat Bob Jessen, Jack Arnold drew Naumu Sunayama, Ernie Petersen beat
Scotty Dawkins, Bull Toyama beat Popeye McKenzie.

8/31/37 Honolulu
Scotty Dawkins beat Francis Fouche, Bob Jessen drew Ernie Peterson, herb Freeman beat
Naumu Sunayama, Dan McKenzie beat Jack Arnold.

9/7/37 Honolulu
Ernie Petersen beat Scotty Dawkins dq, Bob Jessen beat Francis Fouche, Walter King beat
Bull Toyama, Herb Freeman no contest Tommy Mead.

9/14/37 Honolulu
Tommy Mead beat Herb Freeman, Naumu Sunayama beat Scotty Dawkins, Bob Jessen drew
Dan McKenzie, Bill Sinclair beat Al Carvalho

9/21/37 Honolulu
Oki SHikina beat Dan McKenzie, herb Freeman beat Tommy Mead, Ernie Andrade beat
Biggie Joy, Ernie PEtersen beat Jack Arnold.

9/28/37 Honolulu
Oki Shikina beat Ernie Petersen, Danno McKenzie beat Herb Freeman dq, Tommy Mead
drew Naumu Sunayama, Big Boy Clement beat Gust Steele.

10/5/37 Honolulu
Oki Shikina beat Herbie Butch Freeman, Ernie PEterson beat Tommy Mead dq, Naumu
Sunayama beat Dr. Dan McKenzie, Abelu Rodrigues beat Henry Pa, Mr. X beat Big Boy

10/12/37 Honolulu
Tommy Mead beat Ernie Petersen, Maumu Sunayama beat Herb Freeman, Sailor Jack
Arnold drew Danno McKenzie, Ernie Andrade beat Manuel Rodrigues, Abel Rodrigues beat
Bill Sinclair.

10/19/37 Honolulu
Vic Christy beat Tommy Mead, Ernie Peterson beat Danno McKenzie, Naumu Sunayama beat
Ernie Adrade, Mr. X beat Abel Rodrigues.

10/26/37 Honolulu
Oki Shikina beat Tommy Mead, Vic Christy beat Jack Gacek, Naumu Sunayama beat Mr. X,
Bill Sinclair beat Bull Toyama.

11/2/37 Honolulu
Oki Shikina beat Vic Christy, Rusty Wescoatt beat Danno mcKenzie, Floyd Marshall drew
Jack Gecek, Ernie Petersen beat Tommy Mead.

11/9/37 Honolulu
Rusty Wescoatt beat Naumu Sunayama, Jack Gacek beat Ernie Petersen, Floyd Marshall
beat Tommy Mead, Jack Arnold beat Danno McKenzie.

11/16/37 Honolulu  att 4500
Oki Shikina beat Rusty Westcoatt First Hawaiian Heavyweight Champ, Glenn Wade beat
Tommy Mead, Jack Gacek beat Jack Arnold, Floyd Marshall drew Naumu Sunayama.

11/23/37 Honolulu
Floyd Marshall beat Glenn Wade, Jack Gacek beat Ernie Petersen, Tommy Mead drew Jack
Arnold, Big Boy Clement beat Bill Sinclair.

11/30/37 Honolulu
Oki Shikina beat Floyd Marshall, Glenn Wade beat Naumu Sunayama, Jack Gacek beat
Tommy Mead, Ernie Petersen drew Jack Arnold.

12/7/37 Jack Gacek beat Oki Shikina, Glen Wade beat Floyd Marshall, Naumu Sunayama
beat Ernie Petersen, Bull Toyama drew Al Carvalho.

12/14/37 Honlolulu
Oki SHikina beat Jack Gacek, Matros Kirilenko beat Glen Wade, Floyd Marshall drew Naumu
Sunayama, Bull Toyama beat Eddie Fushiyama, Jack Freitas beat Al Carvalho.

12/21/37 Honlulu
Oki SHikina drew Glen Wade, Matros Kirilenko beat Jack Gacek, Jack Arnold beat Ernie
Petersen, Jack Freitas drew Bull Toyama.

12/28/37 Honolulu
Ernie Petersen beat Naumu Sunayama, Oki Shikina beat Glen Wade dq, Jack Gacek drew
Matros Kirilenko, Ernie Petersen beat Ernie Andrade, Bill Sinclair drew Young Daruma.

Research by Unknown; if you did this research, e-mail me and I'll give you the proper credit.
Honolulu Wrestling Results - 1937
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