One of the top young wrestlers of the new
millennium and an Olympic wrestling star.  Between
1999 and 2012, Angle captured the WWF King of
the Ring, WWF European, WWF Intercontinental
WWF, WCW, IWGP, and TNA World Heavyweight
Titles.  He became the fastest man ever to achieve
both the WWF and WCW World Title wins and was
the ninth member of that exclusive club.  Among
the other names to have accomplished such were
Buddy Rogers, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan and Randy
Savage, some of the greatest names in professional
wrestling history.  Angle is the master of the “Olympic
Slam” and ankle-lock submission hold.

At Clarion University, Angle won both the 1990
and 1992 NCAA Heavyweight Wrestling Titles.  He
studied under the late Dave Schultz, a master wrestler
and coach.  In the years following graduation, Angle
prepared himself for the 1996 Olympics.  At the
Games in Atlanta, he represented the U.S. in the
100kg, 220 pound Wrestling Freestyle event.  Despite
having a broken neck, Angle beat Abbas Jadidi, of
Iran, with a referee’s decision to capture the Gold
Medal at the Georgia World Congress Center.  As could be expected, he had an emotional time
getting through the National Anthem after the medal was presented to him.  That moment was
one of the best Olympic memories in recent history and was recaptured several times on video
during the 2000 Olympic Games.

Angle began training for his professional debut under the guidance of Dory Funk Jr. and Dr.
Tom Prichard in the WWF’s “Dojo,” a training camp for developmentals.  Work began initially on
August 15, 1998 and only five days later, Kurt was in Newburyport, Massachusetts for a match
against another youthful athlete, Shawn Stasiak.  Angle beat his opponent and won his first pro-
wrestling match.  The next evening in Salem, Angle won a match over Prichard.  He learned
quickly and in October, Angle signed a contract with the WWF.

On Saturday, October 24th in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, he participeted in a special “Funking”
Dojo battle royal during the NWA’s 50th Anniversary show.  Steve Williams won the event.  
Angle wrestled and beat another future World Champion in Steve Corino on October 28th in

In early 1999, Angle joined Power Pro Wrestling based out of Memphis.  He captured the region’
s heavyweight championship on July 24, 1999.  Two days later, Angle wrestled a dark match
prior to Raw in Cleveland.  He defeated Erin O’Grady, a well known indy star.  Angle dropped
the PPW Heavyweight Title early in August and began touring with the WWF more regularly,
usually wrestling dark matches.  After an October 11th loss to Joey Abs in Atlanta, Angle began
an impressive win streak.  He made his initial pay-per-view appearance on December 12, 1999
in Sunrise, Florida at Armageddon.  Angle wrestled Steve Blackman and won by pinfall.

Many fans speculated about his first loss and made predications about his future.  No one could
pinpoint exactly where he would end up just two years later.  Angle beat Kane by disqualification
after he was attacked by Blackman in Miami on January 3, 2000.  At the Royal Rumble, Angle
suffered his “first” pro loss to former ECW World Champion, Taz.  After the event, he did begin
a very impressive streak of wins…but this time against some of the organization’s top wrestlers.  
Taz was a victim at several house shows.

Angle returned home to Pittsburgh on January 31st during a live edition of Raw.  The crowd was
seemingly not on his side.  Angle’s appearances became more and more interesting.  He won
his first WWF Championship on February 8, 2000 in Austin, Texas with a win over Venis.  The
belt he captured was the European Heavyweight.  Proving that 2000 was going to be his year,
Angle became a double champion on February 27th in Hartford at No Way Out ’00.  Angle beat
Chris Jericho to win the coveted Intercontinental Belt.

He went into Anaheim and his first WrestleMania, only his fourth pay-per-view, holding two
belts.  Officials scheduled him to defend both in a three-way match against Jericho and Chris
Benoit.  By the end of the night, Angle was beltless.  He lost the European Title to Jericho and
the I-C Crown to Benoit.  Things seems to continue downward through the spring.  At the next
PPV, Angle was beaten in 2:34 by the Big Show.  He was hit with a chokeslam and pinned
before an estimated 17,000 fans.  On May 21st in Louisville, Angle was the third for a six-man
tag team along with the WWF World Tag Team Champions, Edge and Christian.  On the other
side of the ring were Rikishi and the members of Too Cool, Grand Master Sexay and Scotty Too
Edge was pinned by Rikishi in the final of the bout.

Angle continued to lose on pay-per-view, but things were going to take a drastic change in the
way fans viewed him and the way he stood in the WWF rankings.  The King of the Ring was
held in Boston on June 25, 2000 at the FleetCenter.  Angle had survived in the earlier rounds
of the tournament and reached the quarterfinals on pay-per-view.  Also in the tournament were
Benoit, Rikishi, Eddy Guerrero, Val Venis, Jericho, Crash Holly and Bull Buchanan.  He wrestled
Jericho in the quarters and won after some negative help from Stephanie McMahon turned
positive.  With the win, he advanced to the semis.  On the other side, Holly beat Buchanan and
both Rikishi and Venis won their matches.  Angle pinned Holly, making it to the finals as did
Rikishi.  In a tough encounter, Angle pinned his opponent in his final bout and became the 2000
King of the Ring Champion.  It was a huge accomplishment in the eyes of all.

That same night, The Rock captured the WWF World Heavyweight Title.  An Angle-Rock
contest seemed to be already signed.  Kurt received a major opportunity against the Rock and
Hunter Hearst Helmsley in the main event of SummerSlam on August 27, 2000.  Early in the
match, Angle suffered an injury and was carried from the ring area.  Stephanie McMahon asked
Angle to return and finally, he did.  Rock pinned Triple H to retain his belt, but afterwards
Helmsley accidentally belted Stephanie with a sledge-hammer after missing Angle.  She was
knocked out.  Worried, Angle carried McMahon from the ring and searched for medical

Being in the middle of their marriage was a tight spot to be in, but Angle was hanging tough.  
Although the WWF World Title had seemed like the most important trophy that night, his war
with Triple H was at it’s peak.  Stephanie was not injured.  Angle gave Steve Austin a gift upon
his return to the WWF, but received a stunner for his efforts.

At Unforgiven, he lost to Triple H in a special no-disqualification bout.  During the match,
Helmsley asked Stephanie to chose between the two men.  Her answer came when she helped
Triple H get the victory.  Because of his King of the Ring win, Angle was soon named the
number one contender to the Rock’s WWF World Title.  A title match was scheduled for the
October pay-per-view.  Despite earlier actions on both parts, Kurt gained Stephanie McMahon-
Helmsley as an advisor for his No Mercy match-up.

Angle was originally scheduled to guest host the Sunday Night Heat show on Sunday Night,
October 22nd in Albany, New York prior to No Mercy.  Taz and Michael Cole opened the show
instead.  He was missing in action.  When the time came, Angle went to the ring for his match as
the challenger for one of the most prestigious belts in the world.  After Rikiski’s attempt to help
the champion failed, Angle landed his Olympic Slam and captured the WWF World Title.  In an
emotional moment, WWF cameras caught the new champion tearing up in the aisleway after the
victory.  There was no doubt, the win was the biggest of his very short career.

A celebration ensued the next night on Raw.  After the party was over, Angle wrestled both
Triple H and the Rock in a three-way WWF Title Match.  The wild bout ended in a no-contest.  
The promotions for November’s Survivor Series began as did talk about the new champ’s
opponent, the Undertaker.  During Sunday Night Heat on November 12th, the WWF LT.
Commissioner Debra scheduled Angle to defend his title against an opponent to be named
later.  The man turned out to be Crash Holly.  The World Champ won by pinfall and then
continued to beat him after the match.  He hit Olympic Slams on both Crash and his cousin,
Molly Holly.  Angle also attempted to break Holly’s ankle.  Had the former Olympic Hero

In Tampa on November 19th, Angle retained his World Title over the Undertaker.  The pay-per-
view match saw Angle receive some outside help from both Edge and Christian, and a third man
who portrayed himself as the champ.  It turned out to be one of Kurt’s brothers.  In early
December, he ventured to Europe for a major defense against Steve Austin, The Rock and
Rikishi.  The event was billed as “Rebellion” and was broadcast in the U.K.  Angle pinned Rikishi
to retain his belt.  He returned to the states as champion.  Angle had yet another huge title
match against five others at Armageddon a week later.  The bout was a special “Hell in a Cell”
match, a notoriously vicious contest.  Triple H and the Undertaker joined Angle, The Rock,
Austin and Rikishi.  After 32:10 of intense brawling, Angle pinned Rock and ended the match.  
Austin decided to continue the match and leveled him with a stunner.

Angle won his Royal Rumble main event against Hunter Hearst Helmsley on January 21, 2001 in
New Orleans.  He received some outside help from Austin, who obviously hated Triple H more
than the WWF Champ, to gain the win.  For another month and another big show, Angle had
shocked wrestling’s so-called “smarts” everywhere by remaining the World Champion.  In Las
Vegas at No Way Out, Angle gave The Rock a shot at the belt.  In a tough match, he was
defeated.  For four months, Angle sat on top of the WWF and it was more than respectful.  
Once again, outside interference from another wrestler helped assist the referee in his
decision.  This time it was the Big Show who ran out and gave a chokeslam to each of the
wrestlers and the assigned referee.  A second pinstriped official finished the contest.  Angle
was leveled with a Rock Bottom and pinned.

During the spring, Angle entered a prolonged feud with Chris Benoit, a rival athlete with many of
the same in-ring talents.  The Angle-Benoit series was going to be one of the most memorable
of the last decade.  Before nearly 70,000 fans at the Astrodome in Houston, Angle pinned his
foe in early April at WrestleMania.  On April 29, 2001 in Chicago, Angle wrestled the “Canadian
Crippler” again in an Ironman Submission Match.  He won three matches to Benoit’s four,
including three of the first four.  The match lasted more than 30-minutes.  At Judgment Day in
Sacramento, Angle and Benoit once again met on pay-per-view.  The stipulation was a two-of-
three-falls match, which Angle won with the final two falls.  Also with the win, he regained those
prized medals which Benoit had taken in the weeks prior.  Christian and Edge also aided Angle
in his match.

Angle entered the 2001 King of the Ring Tournament in defense of his crown.  The night of the
show, he wrestled three matches and earned the respect of those who hadn’t already bowed in
his presence.  Angle beat Christian in the semifinals, but the match was marred by the
appearance of Shane McMahon, the owner of World Championship Wrestling.  Again,
McMahon appeared in his final round bout against Edge and caused the former KOTR
Champion to lose his opportunity for back-to-back titles.  In match three, Angle attempted to get
revenge from the leader of the rival organization.  And he did.  The brutality of their street fight
was thoroughly recorded.  Both men gave it their all and blood was spilled.  After putting
McMahon through a glass window on his second attempt, Angle secured a win for himself and
the WWF.  It was an early win over WCW.

During Raw in the weeks that followed, Angle and Steve Austin had some of the most
memorable moments on wrestling television in some time.  From the cowboy hat incident to
Angle sharing his singing ability and their fights over the right to hug Vince McMahon, their skits
drew immense praise.  WCW found a partner in Extreme Championship Wrestling in July.  
Shane McMahon allied himself with Paul Heyman and his sister, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley.

It was clear that the WWF was in for an all-out war.  Angle was prepared.  Austin, on the other
hand, was found at a local bar.  Vince McMahon went to Austin and asked him to be the WWF’s
leader.  Austin, seemingly refused at first, but eventually returned to lead Angle, Kane, Chris
Jericho and The Undertaker into Invasion on July 22nd.  Their opponents, Dallas Page, The
Dudley Boys, Booker T and Rhyno, represented WCW/ ECW.  Angle secured a submission
maneuver late in the bout and was about to win the match for his team when Austin turned on
him and the WWF.  A pinfall was handed and the McMahons and Heyman celebrated.

The next night in Buffalo, Angle had words for Austin after the latter made his ceremonial
declaration speech.  A special main event was scheduled.  Angle would team with Christian and
Edge against the Dudley Boys and Booker T in a elimination tables contest.  The match was
high-impact and the Alliance ended up winning after Austin attacked Angle and threw him into
the waiting hands of Buh Buh Ray Dudley.  WCW and ECW were victorious.

Looking towards the future, Angle’s career continued to progress even though it seemed that
there were no other achievements to accomplish.  But there were.  In the eyes of the fans, he
was proving that he had the longevity that many before him had failed to prove, but yet those
who had were given legendary status.  His speaking ability on the microphone hailed
comparisons to “Nature Boy” Ric Flair.  On July 24th, during a Smackdown Taping, Angle forced
Booker T to submit and captured the WCW World Heavyweight Title, becoming the ninth man in
history to have held both the WWF and WCW World Titles in a career.  The fact that the win
also came at the Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh in front of a hometown crowd, made the event even
more special.  The win also marked the peak of his popularity in the World Wrestling Federation.

In the war with WCW/ ECW, Angle was looking towards Monday Night on Raw when the Rock
was speculated to make his return.  On July 30th in Philadelphia, Angle was also going to give
Booker a rematch for the WCW Title.  Early in the show, he made a straight-forward challenge
for Steve Austin’s WWF World Title at SummerSlam.  Before his rematch with Booker T, the
WCW Champ was attacked by several WCW/ ECW wrestlers.  Angle was met with a Rhyno
gore.  The match had begun without even sides.  Gaining momentum throughout the match,
Angle was able to land his finisher.  A pinfall attempt was blocked by Steve Austin, who attacked
him.  He was later hit with a stunner and pinned by Booker.  Angle had lost his WCW Title after
only six days as champion.

It was clear who the culprit was.  Angle and Austin were firmly at odds.  The bell had sounded
and Austin retreated.  A battle between the WWF and the Alliance began backstage, but Angle
didn’t stop to mix it up.  Instead, he ran after Austin, who by that time was far enough away not
to have to confront the man he just helped lose a World Wrestling Title.

A title match between the two was scheduled for SummerSlam in San Jose on August 19th.  
Angle was going after the WWF World Title, an attempt to win the belt for a second time and win
his war with Austin.  The match began on the floor of the Compaq Center and was more brutal
than ever imagined.  During the bout, Austin landed his Stone Cold Stunner, which Angle was
able to kick out of.  A second one sent Angle from the ring.  Outside, the WWF Champion beat
Angle unmercifully, sending him into the metal cornerpost time-after-time.  Angle was busted
open and busted open bad.  Austin didn’t stop his attack.  In a fit of rage, Angle snapped and
locked in his anklelock submission hold outside of the ring.  The referee tried to break it up, but
was unable for several seconds.  Finally, they both crawled into the ring where Angle
maintained his submission hold.  Kurt attempted and landed his moonsault on the champion.  
He then covered for a pin.  Austin kicked out.

After a “Million Dollar Dream,” Austin landed his third stunner of the night, but Angle again
kicked out.  Much time had gone by and Angle’s bleeding had intensified.  The referee was later
knocked out of the ring and a second tried to officiate the action.  When he was put out, a third
rushed the scene.  Austin made sure he was eliminated and finally, Nick Patrick ran out and
stopped the match.  Fans were confused when the bell rang.  The fighting had continued
through much punishment on the outside and the bout was allowed to continue.  All of a
sudden, the match had stopped.  Who was the victor?  Had Angle won the title?  Patrick
declared that Austin was being disqualified for his abuse of the officials.  Angle was the winner,
but not the new champion.  

Afterwards, and still bleeding, Angle attacked Patrick and applied his famous submission hold.  
The next night from Sacramento, after commentators and websites praised his work, Angle
appeared on Raw.  But he hadn’t walked out early in the show to express his displeasure with
the finish.  No, Angle appeared late in the show, during the “Austin Appreciation Night”
Celebration.  Rather than just strolling down to the ring and jabbering mindlessly, he took
another approach.  A large milk truck rushed the packed ring.  Angle was driving.  He hopped
out and began throwing milk cartons into the ring.  Shawn Stasiak made an attempt to rush him
only to meet some steel.  Angle proceeded to break out a hose and drench the ring with milk.  
The members of the Alliance were soaked to the bone, as was Stasiak.  Even ringside fans
were privy to the spray.  In the end, Angle stood on top of the truck’s hood and displayed a little
Austin antics by smashing two cartons together above his head.  The crowd was delighted and
despite the angst parlayed by fans on the internet, those who were live loved every minute of
it.  Kurt Angle was the WWF’s Olympic Hero, a real athlete they could stand behind.

His feud with Austin had to continue.  The World Title was still ahead.  When the location for
Angle’s rematch against Austin was announced, many believed it gave him the edge.  
Unforgiven was going to be held in Pittsburgh, his hometown.  On August 27th in Grand Rapids,
Angle teamed with Chris Jericho against Rob Van Dam and Taz, who was accompanied by
Austin.  He pinned Taz to secure the tag team victory, but Austin attacked him after the bell.  
“Stone Cold” took Angle’s gold medals and draped them around his own neck.  Those medals
were his prized awards from the ’96 Olympics.  The next day in Detroit, Angle wrestled and beat
Booker T in the main event of a Smackdown Taping.  Before Angle left the sight of fans, he
witnessed Austin on the TitanTron, tossing his medals into a river.  If there was a straw that
broke the camel’s back, this was it.  Revenge was going to be hell.

Austin was presented with a brand new truck by his wife Debra and Stephanie McMahon-
Helmsley on September 3rd in Toronto.  While Austin enjoyed the new vehicle, Angle attacked
him and left him laying in the bed.  He then drove off.  Later in the program, Angle threatened to
toss Austin, who had since been tied up and blindfolded, off a bridge.  The WWF World
Champion ended up in a kiddy pool as Angle honked the horn of his new truck.  Three days
before Unforgiven on Smackdown, Angle was piledriven on the concrete floor by Austin after he
attempted to save Torrie Wilson from an attack.  Taz grabbed Angle from behind, allowing
Austin to gain footing.  In the attack, Angle suffered a serious neck injury and many wondered
how he would fair at the pay-per-view.

On Sunday, September 23rd, during Heat, WWF Commissioner William Regal announced that
Angle had not been medically cleared to wrestle Austin.  He also stated that he was going to let
Angle wrestle anyway.  The Mellon Arena was rocking and the fans were prepared to celebrate
the crowning of a new WWF Champion.  Angle’s family was in attendance, and none of them
were disappointed.  Kurt locked in his superior anklelock and forced Austin to submit.  He had
won his second WWF World Heavyweight Title.  Despite the injury to his neck, Angle had
overcome the odds and took the match.

He remained champion until October 8th in Indianapolis.  Austin beat Angle with some help from
William Regal to regain the title during a live edition of Raw.  The reign only lasted 15 days.

During the Fall of 2001, an autobiography entitled It’s True! It’s True! by Kurt Angle and
contributor John Harper was released by Regan Books.  The 317 page book was full of truth,
passion and a love of wrestling.

Despite the loss of the World Title, Angle continued the hunt for as many rematches needed to
regain the belt.  On October 21st, he participated in a three-way match against Austin and Rob
Van Dam in St. Louis.  Both Shane and Vince McMahon participated in the wild contest and
Austin ended up pinning Van Dam to retain.  The next day in Kansas City, Angle beat Rhyno for
the WCW United States Title during a live edition of Raw.

On October 29, 2001 in Louisville, Angle joined the Alliance in a wild brawl which included the
Undertaker, William Regal, Kane, Chris Jericho, The Rock, Shane McMahon and Steve Austin.  
At the end of the show, he celebrated with Austin and Shane in victory as the group prepared
for the Survivor Series.  Kurt had put his war with Austin behind him and seemingly focused all
of his might on putting Vince McMahon out of business.  On November 3rd in Manchester,
England, Angle dropped a WCW World Title match to Chris Jericho.  In the days following,
Angle appeared on ESPN’s “Unscripted” with Chris Connelly.  The show saw Angle perform
several moves on the host.  No one, luckily, was injured in the interview.

Former WWF Tag Champion, Edge stripped Angle of the U.S. Title in Boston on November
12th.  Six days later, everything was going to be decided at the Greensboro Coliseum in
Greensboro, North Carolina.  The Survivor Series, ten-man tag team elimination match would
decide the fate of the WWF, WCW and ECW.  Angle teamed with Shane McMahon, Rob Van
Dam, Booker T and Austin against the Big Show, Rock, Chris Jericho, Kane and the
Undertaker.  Helping his team’s cause, Kurt pinned the ‘Taker, but was later forced to submit to
the Rock’s version of the sharpshooter.  In the finale, Angle returned to the ring and hit his
partner, Austin, with the WWF Title Belt.  The Rock followed with a Rock Bottom and secured
the WWF’s future.  The Alliance was dead and Angle had jumped sides for the second time in
weeks.  It seemed that Kurt Angle was Vince McMahon’s “ace in the hole.” The WWF’s secret

Where many would think Angle’s actions would be celebrated, the fans were turned off.  He
quickly became the most hated man in the organization and at the same time, Steve Austin
became one of the most popular.  It was one of the quickest reversals of wrestling personalities

On Monday, December 3, 2001 in Milwaukee, Angle was scheduled to team with Vince
McMahon against the Rock and Trish Strattus.  If his team lost, McMahon would have to kiss the
Rock’s butt on Smackdown.  Further, if McMahon and Angle lost and Vince refused to kiss
Rocky behind, Angle would lose his title shot at Vengeance.  Rock pinned Angle in the tag
affair, and Kurt’s pay-per-view chances to win the undisputed World Title were wavering.  On
Thursday’s Smackdown, the Rock and McMahon settled their differences when the latter was
forced into the butt of Rikishi.  Angle was not happy, but did have his chance at the pay-per-

The four-man tournament included Angle, Austin, Rock and Chris Jericho.  In the first match,
Kurt was pinned by Austin and eliminated.  Against all odds, Chris Jericho won the World Title.  
Angle fought Rikishi on December 10th in Anaheim, in an attempt to regain face for McMahon.  
The bout was not a good one for the record books as Kurt  left the ring and was counted out.  
The fight did not end there, but after a “stinkface” by Rikishi, Angle landed a well placed chair
shot.  He took the upper hand and left the man laying behind.

After the holidays, Angle prepared himself for a new battle.  Hunter Hearst Helmsley was making
his return to the WWF on January 7, 2002 in New York City.  Angle wanted to know why Triple H
was being hailed.  On Raw, Angle interrupted several segments and questioned why it took
Helmsley eight months to return.  He said he pulled his quad out earlier that day…and he was
still there.  Angle even mentioned U2’s “Beautiful Day” song, which had been played over a
memorable Triple H segment.  Finally, Helmsley returned to the ring to a massive ovation.  Kurt
appeared after minutes of applause.  The two had words, but ended with a Pedigree on Angle
to the mat.  Both wrestlers had entered themselves in the 2002 Royal Rumble later in the month.

[Biography Needs to be Updated]

Championships and accomplishments from Wikipedia

* Cauliflower Alley Club
    o Future Legend Award (2000)
* Inoki Genome Federation
    o IWGP Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
* International Wrestling Institute and Museum
    o George Tragos/Lou Thesz Hall of Fame
* Power Pro Wrestling
    o PPW Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
* Pro Wrestling Illustrated
    o PWI Comeback of the Year (2003)
    o PWI Feud of the Year (2000)[228]vs. Triple H
    o PWI Feud of the Year (2003)[228] vs. Brock Lesnar
    o PWI Feud of the Year (2007) vs. Samoa Joe
    o PWI Match of the Year (2003) vs. Brock Lesnar in a 60-minute Iron Man match on
          SmackDown!, September 16
    o PWI Match of the Year (2005)[229] vs. Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 21
    o PWI Most Hated Wrestler of the Year (2000)
    o PWI Most Inspirational Wrestler of the Year (2001)
    o PWI Most Popular Wrestler of the Year (2003)
    o PWI Rookie of the Year (2000)
    o PWI Wrestler of the Year (2003)
    o PWI ranked him #1 of the top 500 singles wrestlers in the PWI 500 in 2001
* SoCal Uncensored
    o Match of the Year (2000) vs. Christopher Daniels, September 13, 2000, Ultimate Pro
* Total Nonstop Action Wrestling
    o TNA World Heavyweight Championship (5 times)
    o TNA World Tag Team Championship (1 time) – with Sting
    o TNA X Division Championship (1 time)
    o King of the Mountain (2007, 2009)
    o Second Triple Crown Champion
    o Feud of the Year (2006–2007) with Samoa Joe
    o Match of the Year (2007) vs. Sting at Bound for Glory, October 14, 2007
* World Wrestling Federation / World Wrestling Entertainment
    o WCW United States Championship (1 time)
    o WCW Championship (1 time)
    o World Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
    o WWF/E Championship (4 times)
    o WWF European Championship (1 time)
    o WWF Hardcore Championship (1 time)
    o WWF Intercontinental Championship (1 time)
    o WWE Tag Team Championship (1 time) – with Chris Benoit
    o King of the Ring (2000)
    o Tenth Triple Crown Champion
    o Fifth Grand Slam Championship
* Wrestling Observer Newsletter awards
    o Best Gimmick (2000)
    o Best on Interviews (2002)
    o Best Technical Wrestler (2002)
    o Feud of the Year (2003) vs. Brock Lesnar
    o Match of the Year with Chris Benoit vs. Edge and Rey Mysterio, No Mercy 2002
    o Most Improved (2000)
    o Most Outstanding Wrestler (2001–2003)
    o Readers' Favorite Wrestler (2002–2003)
    o Wrestler of the Decade (2000s)
    o Wrestler of the Year (2002)
    o Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame (Class of 2004)

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