A lengthy article on Everette Marshall was featured in the Denver Post on July 28, 2002,
written by Mike Burrows.

In 1925, Marshall was a member of the La Junta high school football team that won the
state championship.  He then reportedly wrestled at the University of Iowa and the
University of Denver.

A note in the January 14, 1932 edition of the Wichita Eagle stated that Marshall was
injured in a recent match, and there was talk of him undergoing surgery on his hip.

On January 28, 1933, Harry H Terte, a lawyer representing Everette Marshall and Billy
Sandow, filed a petition in Kansas City Circuit Court to prevent Jim Londos from claiming
the World Heavyweight championship.  On January 18 in St. Louis, Londos gave up his
rights to the championship when he used a move deemed illegal by the Missouri State
Athletic Commission, Marshall and his representative claimed.

This was an example of the kind of publicity having Sandow as a manager brought.  
Sandow was an expert at garnering attention for his worker, especially when it brought
interest to a particular feud (in this case versus Londos), and was a master at generating

Columbus, Ohio:  Friday, January 1, 1937
( ) ... World Heavyweight Champion Everette Marshall b. Paul Jones (full nelson)

Louisville, Kentucky:  March 7, 1937
( ) ... Everette Marshall b. Paul Shikat

Marshall passed away on February 10, 1973 in Fort Collins at 67 years of age.
Everette Marshall Wrestling History
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