*On Monday, February 6, 1911, the “Austrian Demon” Paul Mondo challenged all comers and
Eugene McClure accepted it on Tuesday.  McClure was the swimming coach at the Royal
Palm Casino.  A match was scheduled for Saturday night at Gertie Reynolds’ Lycelm and the
two would come in at 146-pounds.  Mondo guaranteed to throw his opponent twice in 60-
minutes or forfeit his money.  James H. Pent of Lemon City was going to be the referee.  
Mondo trained near Fort Lauderdale.

Miami, Florida:  Saturday, February 11, 1911
(Lyceum Theater) … Paul Mondo failed to throw Eugene McClure twice in 60-minutes (no
falls) … (referee:  Mr. Morris of Georgetown)

*The Miami Herald reported, on Wednesday, February 15, 1911, that E. J. McClure of
Kansas City challenged anyone in Dade County to a six-round boxing match weighing no
more than 145 pounds.

Research by Tim Hornbaker
Miami Wrestling Results - 1911
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