Miami, Florida:  Friday, June 24, 1921
(Park Theatre) ... Jack Ross b. Mighty Pilakoff (31:00) (handicap match) (Pilakoff was
supposed to throw Ross three times in one hour, but was thrown himself) ... Young
Londos b. Kid Sampson (lightweights) ... Ben Trautman b. Battling Schwartz when
Schwartz was UTC (14:00) ... Jack Davis and Irwin Guedalia drew (5:00) ... Battle Royal
featuring five African Americans ... (promoter:  "Doc" Cannon) ... (referee:  Frank) ...
(announcer:  William LaFleur)
Notes:  After the main event, it was apparent to all who'd witnessed the affair that Pilakoff
was no wrestler.  Davis was from Key West and Guedalia from New York City.  The battle
royal "pleased the crowd." LaFleur of Dallas, was an old-time sports announcer.  He
reportedly kept the crowd amused with his comments.  Ross weighed 168 pounds to
Pilakoff's 210.

Miami, Florida:  Tuesday, July 19, 1921
(Park Theatre) ... Charlie Cutler b. Frank Hockmann (2/3) ... Young Londos b. Pete
Mitchell when the latter FTT Londos two times in 20:00 (no falls)
Notes:  Londos was from Miami and Mitchell from New London, Connecticut.  The Cutler-
Hockmann match was called "one of the most thrilling wrestling matches ever witnessed in

Miami, Florida:  Wednesday, August 24, 1921
(Beach Athletic Arena) ... Frank Hockmann and Stanley Petroff drew (no falls in almost 60:
00) ... Young Londos b. Earl Moore and "Incognito" (Londos beat two men in lightweight
matches) ... Ben Trautmann b. Sam Parr (2-0) ... (referee:  Frank) ... (announcer:  Bill
Blatchley) ... (timekeeper:  J.A. Schwartz)
Note:  Trautmann was called the champion "piano lifter of the world."

Miami, Florida:  Monday, December 5, 1921
(Strand Theater) … Joe Stecher b. Frank Hockman (2-0) … Yusuff Osman failed to throw
Joe Nasser and Gene Westergaard both in 30-minutes (Osman beat Nasser in 19:10, but
failed to throw Westergaard)
Notes:  Charley Cutler and George Vassell challenged the “winner,” although the
newspaper didn’t specify of which match.  The Miami Herald claimed that the Stecher-
Hockman was “one of the most scientific and cleanest wrestling matches probably ever
witnessed in Miami.”

Miami, Florida:  Monday, December 12, 1921
(Strand Theater) … Charles Cutler b. George Vassell (2-0) … Young Mitchell b. Eph (?)
Burns (7:35) … Gus Ross failed to throw Young Lonsdale and Jimmy Londes in 20-
minutes (Ross beat Lonsdale in 9-minutes, but failed to beat Londes)… (promoter:  Gene
Notes:  The newspaper reported that “Gene Westegard has been selected by Ed
Douglass to represent him while the latter is inHavana.” Westegard was going to referee
during the show.  George Vassell was also known as The Masked Marvel and he was
reportedly “badly injured in his last wrestling bout with Charley Cutler, and who has been
bedfast for over three weeks.” Cutler was also ailing with a “slight attack of dengue
fever.” Ross was from West Palm Beach.

Research by Tim Hornbaker
Miami Wrestling Results - 1921