Miami, Florida:  Thursday, January 5, 1922
(Strand Theater) … Charles Cutler vs. Frank Hockman … (promoter:  Jean Westergard)
Notes:  The Miami Herald announced on January 5 that Hockman was unable to appear for
this show because he “was nursing a boil on his left jaw the size of a overgrown football last

*The Miami Herald on Sunday, January 8, 1922 reported that Frank Hockman “has
purchased the Beach Arena over on the beach from Walter Frank.  Hockman says he will
bring down some of the best men in both the wrestling and boxing game.” Hockman was
scheduled to wrestle Cutler on Tuesday at the Strand Theater.

Miami, Florida:  Tuesday, January 10, 1922
(Strand Theater) … Charles Cutler b. Frank Hockman (2/3) ... (promoter:  Jean Westergaard)

*The Miami Herald on Tuesday, January 10, 1922 reported that Jimmy Londos, the “clever
bantamweight wrestler,” was going to Port Arthur, Texas to meet “Young Santell of that city.”
The match would be for the Featherweight championship of the South.  Londos would return
home after the match and appear at the American Legion benefit on February 2.

Miami Beach, Florida:  Wednesday, January 18, 1922
(Beach Arena) … Charles Cutler b. Harry Magee (2-0) … Sulo Hevonpaa b. Frank Hockman
(2-0) … (promoter:  Frank Hockman) … (referee:  Gene Westergaard) … (announcer:  Phillip
Notes:  This show was postponed on Monday and Tuesday because of rain.

*On Thursday, January 19, 1922, promoter Frank Hockman announced that Ed “Strangler”
Lewis was going to wrestle in Miami Beach on January 27.

Miami Beach, Florida:  Friday, January 27, 1922
(Beach Arena) … Ed “Strangler” Lewis b. Stanley Petroff (UTC) (1:29:00) (Petroff had a
strained neck and was unable to continue) … (promoter:  Frank Hockman) … (referee:  Gene
Notes:  Largest crowd of the season.  Lewis planed to return in three weeks to wrestle
Charles Cutler.

Miami, Florida:  Monday, January 30, 1922
(Company B Armory) … Gene Westergaard b. Joe Nasser (2/3) … Frank Hockman and
Stanley Petroff drew (30:00) … (promoter:  Ed Douglass) … (referee:  Eli Barker)
Notes:  Douglass was the matchmaker for the Company B National Guard.  Tickets were on
sale at the Rex Cigar Store.

Miami Beach, Florida:  Thursday, February 2, 1922
(Beach Arena) … Johnny Lisse and Ralph Snyder gave a boxing exhibition … Joe McGovern
and Murray Taylor gave a boxing exhibition … Charles Cutler and Captain Lindsey gave a jiu-
jitsu demonstration … Jimmy Londos and Young Mitchell wrestled for 15-minutes … Eli
Beckett and Gene Westergaard wrestled for 15-minutes … battle royal … (promoter:  Frank
Notes:  This was a benefit for the American Legion, leased by Hockman.  The Moreys were
going to provide the musical entertainment.  Lou Piquet and referee Phil Elwell of Chicago
were instrumental in this show.  S. Gerarding played the piano during the show.  This was a
benefit for the Harvey Seeds Post No. 29 of the American Legion, chairman E.J. Rosse.  A
future match between Charles Cutler and Stanley Petroff was announced.  Cutler and Petroff
wrestled in Havana “last summer,” and “Cutler knocked Petroff down for attacking him after
Petroff had been thrown by Zbyszko.”

Miami, Florida:  Monday, February 6, 1922
(Fair Building) … Stanley Petroff b. Charles Cutler (2-0) (Cutler was injured during the match)
… Jack Ross and Gene Westergaard drew (15:00) (comedy wrestling) … Young
McDongough b. Young Hervieu (2/3) … (promoter:  Edward Douglass)
Notes:  The winner of the Cutler-Petroff match was going to receive $500, which was put up
by J.E. Robinson, a “prominent sporting fan of Chicago and is in regular attendance at all the
sporting events in Miami.” Cutler trained with Jean Westergaard for the bout.  The Miami
Herald reported that “the opinion of those present and there were many who had seen many
of the big matches held in Madison Square Garden, N.Y., that the match last night was the
equal of any held in that place for years.”

*The Miami Herald on Tuesday, February 14, 1922 reported that William Anthony, a
middleweight grappler, appeared in the newspaper offices “last evening” and “announced
that he would like to try out with some 155-pound man.” He was known as the Norfolk Demon.

Miami, Florida:  Friday, February 17, 1922
(Fair Building) … Stanley Petroff b. Charles Cutler (decision) … (promoter:  Ed Douglass) …
(referee:  Jack Ross)
Notes:  Cutler and Petroff disagreed with the amount of padding under the canvas with Cutler
wanting “enough sawdust under the mat to fill a five-ton truck.” Petroff was “satisfied with but
an inch of the padding.” The wrestlers were going to compete under “Ed White rules in which
the wrestlers will go for 10 minute rounds which will be alternated with two minutes rest
periods.” The referee would give a decision if the match went 10 rounds.  This show may
have been held on Thursday.

*The Sunday, February 26, 1922 edition of the Miami Herald reported that Wladek Zbyszko
was coming into town to wrestle Stanley Petroff and that promoter Ed Douglass had to
guarantee Zbyszko $1,000.

*The Sunday, February 26, 1922 edition of the Miami Herald reported that:  “The second
elimination mat bouts for the American heavyweight wrestling championship will be held at
Madison Square Garden, New York, on Thursday, March 16.”

Miami, Florida:  Thursday, March 2, 1922
(Strand Theater) … (promoter:  Ed Douglass)
Notes:  Petroff was a Russian wrestler and a “Miami favorite.” The promoter stated that this
would be the best match staged in Miami this season.  He could have signed Zbyszko months
earlier but wanted to find the right opponent for him.  Zbyszko arrived in Miami on March 1.

Research by Tim Hornbaker
Miami Wrestling Results - 1922
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