Miami, Florida:  Wednesday, January 6, 1932
(Biscayne Arena) … Jack Ross b. Jack Malloy (31:00) … Teddy Betz and Nat Grebstein
drew (30:00) … Avery Lenoir b. Bill Fisher (9:45) … Leonard Fry b. Curly Crouse (10:00)
… (matchmaker:  Arthur Norton) … (referee:  Barney Craft)

*The Friday, January 8, 1932 edition of the Miami Herald stated that Jimmy Maloney, a
former boxer, was going to become a professional wrestler.  He was currently a student
at the University of Miami.

Miami, Florida:  Wednesday, January 13, 1932
(Biscayne Arena) … Jack Murro b. George Romanoff (27:00) … Ernie Nolan b. Jackie
Nichols (20:30) … Swede Hanson b. Jim Kelly (13:30) … Shorty Lonsdale and Val Ross
drew (30:00) … (matchmaker:  Arthur Norton)
Notes:  Ernie Nolan weighed 145 pounds, while Jackie Nichols was at 147.

Miami, Florida:  Wednesday, January 20, 1932
(Biscayne Arena) … Al Berkowitz and Jack Ross drew (60:00) … Archie Parker b. Teddy
Betz (17:04) … Avery Lenoir b. Sailor Brown (15:12) … Willie Bates b. Eugene Gillepse
(9:00) … (matchmaker:  Arthur Norton)
Notes:  Al Berkowitz, from Miami, claimed to have won the Navy middleweight wrestling
championship in 1927.  Archie Parker was said to have wrestled Joe Stecher and Jim
McMillen, and have recent wins over Bull Martin and Doc Wilson in Boston.  Bates was
from Tarpon Springs.

Coral Gables, Florida:  Friday, January 22, 1932
(Coral Gables Coliseum) … World Heavyweight Champion Jim Londos b. Renato Gardini
(24:30) (airplane spin) … Jim McMillen b. Mike Romano (25:00) … Jimmy Maloney and
“Tiger” Bill Nelson drew (30:00) … Tudor Alex b. Jack Arnold (11:00) … (promoter:  Lou
Magnolia) … (“big” crowd in attendance)
Notes:  Londos was said to be coming from Atlanta.  Jim Maloney’s match marked his pro
debut.  Gardini was billed as “Rentardo Gardini.”

Miami, Florida:  Wednesday, January 27, 1932
(Biscayne Arena) … Frannie Hauser b. Archie Parker (DQ) (15:28) … Tudor Alex b.
Sailor Jack Finney (2/3) … Avery Lenoir b. Begen Fisher (11:30) … Kid Perets b. Kid
Springtime … (matchmaker:  Arthur Norton) … (referee:  Barney Kraft)
Notes:  Frannie Hauser was a former wrestler and football star at the University of Miami.  
This was his professional wrestling debut.  He was on Ernie Brett’s Hurricane wrestling
squad, as a middleweight.  Sailor Jack Finney was said to have been the “featherweight
champion of the Atlantic fleet.”

Miami, Florida:  Wednesday, February 3, 1932
(Biscayne Arena) … Frannie Hauser b. Pete Manos (2/3) (third fall was stopped when
Manos suffered a foot injury) … Bogie Saab b. Harry Cohen (14:07) … Doc Cox b. Avery
Lenoir (14:55) … Jack Arnold b. Duke Myers (4:10) … Harry Pelz b. Shorty Lonsdale (46
seconds) … (matchmaker:  Arthur Norton)
Notes:  Bogie Saab, according to the Miami Herald, was a former fighter, who was
“barred from Miami rings following an exhibition during which he suffered a cracked
vertebrae.” This was going to be his professional debut as a grappler.

Lake Worth, Florida:  Monday, February 8, 1932
(American Legion Arena) … Jack Murro and Jackie Nichols drew (60:00) … Cyclone
Burns b. Swede Hanson (23:00) … Ernie Nolan b. Jackie Reynolds (8:00) … Hiram
Albertson b. Patsy Kelly (6:30)

Miami, Florida:  Wednesday, February 10, 1932
(Biscayne Arena) … Welterweight Wrestling Tournament … Swede Hanson vs. Tudor
Alex (2/3) … Patsy Kelly vs. Jack Romer … Doc Cox vs. Sonny Boy Deigan (non-
tournament match) … Harry Cohen vs. Avery Lenoir (non-tournament match) …
(matchmaker:  Arthur Norton)
Notes:  The tournament would determine the “welterweight championship of the South.”
“Four of the leading matmen of this division now campaigning in this area have been
selected for the event with the winner receiving a championship belt,” according to the
Miami Herald.  Hanson was billed as the Western states champion.  Kelly was from
Detroit, which Romer was from Galvseton.

Coral Gables, Florida:  Friday, February 12, 1932
(Coral Gables Coliseum) … Boxing and wrestling show … three eight round boxing
matches and three wrestling matches … (promoter:  Lou Magnolia) … (benefit for the
Dade County Community Chest)

Miami, Florida:  Wednesday, February 17, 1932
(Biscayne Arena) … Baby Elephant b. Nat Grebstein (2/3) … Dr. Cox b. Sailor Brown (14:
07) … Leonard Fry b. Gene Gillespie (10:18) … Duke Myers b. Phil Roberts (5:13) …
(matchmaker:  Arthur Norton)
Notes:  Baby Elephant was billed as being from Atlanta.  Grebstein was from Miami.

Miami, Florida:  Wednesday, March 2, 1932
(Biscayne Arena) … John Pesek vs. Glen Wade … several other matches …
(matchmaker:  Arthur Norton)
Notes:  The Miami Herald reported that John Pesek was a claimant to the World
Heavyweight Title.  “Pesek, who holds the 1931 Midwest Wrestling Association
championship belt for heavyweights, claims to be the only undefeated matman in the
world during the last four years.  It seems that Pesek posted a $5,000 offer up in
Cleveland that he can beat Henry (sic) DeGlane, Jim Londos, Strangler Lewis or any of
the othe rleading exponents of the profession in one fall each on the same night,”
according to the Saturday, February 27, 1932 edition.  “A veteran of 15 years on the
mat, he holds wins over Stecher, Jim Browning, Jack Sherry and Martin (sic) Plestina, all
outstanding wrestlers.” Pesek was initially matched up with John Boris of Germany.  A
few days later, he was booked against Glen Wade.  In the March 2 newspaper, it was
reported that the show was cancelled because Pesek wasn’t in town.  It was said that
“Pesek is in quarantine in the Middle West and cannot possibly fill his dates.” The paper
said that William C. Rose, who is “working with a promoter named Cole, who promoted
some wrestling in Jacksonville last year and has been attempting to promote in Miami this
winter.  Rose said Pesek was billed to wrestle Bassert in Tampa last night.  He said
further that he has known since Sunday night that Pesek could not appear at Tampa or
in Miami, but did not inform Miami papers of the fact.”  Norton, booked Pesek through
Cole, didn’t know anything about it until Tuesday.  “It is not probably that Cole and his
associates, with (sic) include the Sonnenberg-Bowser-Savoldi group, will stage a bout
here this year.”

Miami, Florida:  Wednesday, March 9, 1932
(Biscayne Arena) … Father Lumpkin vs. Joe Savoldi … Barney Ostophovich vs. Wladek
Zbyszko … Andrea Castannos vs. Gus Lessie … (matchmakers:  Bobby Burke, Arthur
Notes:  It was reported that the “wrestling trouple of Paul Bowser, Boston chain store mat
king, is booked to perform at the Biscayne arena.  The boys were booked here last
week, with John Pesek heading the show – but never showed up.  This time, according to
Bobbie Burke, the Legion matchmaker, who is working with Arthur Norton on this bout, all
the wrestlers are in town.” This show was cancelled due to cold weather, and
rescheduled for Saturday.  The line-up was changed.

*On Wednesday, March 9, 1932, Bearcat Wright was going to box Bearcat Obie of
Atlanta at the baseball park in N.W. Seventeenth street and First avenue.  The “negro
fight card” was staged by Tex Daniels.  Wright was a 215 pounder from Omaha and
father of the future pro wrestler Bearcat Wright.  Wright “recently fought a four-rounder
with Jack Dempsey, and although the former champion was given the decision,
newspapermen credited Wright with a victory.  Among others, he claims victories over
Johnny Risko, Chuck Wiggins, Louie Zac, Al Walker, in addition to knockout wins from
Jack Beasly, Little Boy Blue, Long Tom Hopkins, Neal Clisby,” according to the Miami

Miami, Florida:  Saturday, March 12, 1932
(Biscayne Arena) … George Thorpe vs. Wladek Zbyszko … Andrea Castanos vs. Joe
Savoldi … several preliminaries … (matchmaker:  Arthur Norton)
Notes:  Some of these wrestlers appeared at a show in West Palm Beach on Friday
evening.  Thrope was an “Indian giant.” These four wrestlers were from “Paul Browser’s
(sic) traveling matmen.”

Lake Worth, Florida:  November 28, 1932
(Lake Worth Arena) … Jack Daly vs.
… (sponsored by:  American Legion)
Notes:  This was the beginning of the wrestling season.  Daly was a “middleweight
championship contender” from Cohoes, New York.  Wrestling was going to be held
exclusively in the Lake Worth Arena, while boxing would be held at the West Palm Beach
Arena, promoted by Hugh Martin.

Research by Tim Hornbaker
August 10, 2007
Miami Wrestling Results - 1932