Miami, Florida:  Tuesday, October 31, 1939
(Tuttle Arena) … Tiger Long b. Al Marcus … Rex Bell and Count Von Zuppe drew (30:00)
… The Skull b. Bill McPherson … Prince Omar b. Joe Hector … (promoter:  Al Ritchie)
Notes:  Long was returning after a six month absence.  Skull was said to be from
Tombstone, Arizona.  Long was billed as being from St. Cloud.  Hector was from Miami.

Miami, Florida:  Friday, November 3, 1939
(Tuttle Arena) … Rex Bell b. The Skull (DQ) … Count Otto Von Zuppe b. Prince Omar …
Tiger Long b. Joe Hector … Salvatore Balboa b. Al Marcus

Miami, Florida:  Tuesday, November 7, 1939
(Tuttle Arena) … The Masked Skull b. Count Otto Von Zuppe … Rex Bell and Tiger Long
drew … Julio Mephisto b. Bull Marino (Mephisto was a substitute for AL Marcus) … Prince
Omar b. Lou Ketz … (promoter:  Al Ritchie)
Notes:  Bull Marino was from Pittsburgh.  Lou Ketz was from Cleveland.  Prince Omar was
billed as being from Persia.

Miami, Florida:  Friday, November 10, 1939
(Tuttle Arena) … Julio Mephisto b. The Masked Skull (Skull was unmasked to reveal
Frank Remille) … Tiger Long b. Prince Omar … Count Otto Von Zuppe b. Joe Hector …
Rex Bell b. Lou Ketz
Notes:  Mephisto was from Columbus, and according to the Miami Herald, his name “has
been borrowed by several grapplers, one of whom appeared in Miami.”  Rex Bell was
from Seattle.  The unmasked Skull, Frank Remille, was said to have wrestled in Miami
“last season.”

Research by Tim Hornbaker
August 7, 2007
Miami Wrestling Results - 1939