Coral Gables, Florida:  Wednesday, January 4, 1950
(Coral Gables Coliseum) … Nell Stewart b. Mae Young (26:00) … Abe Coleman b. Bobby
Roberts (DQ) … “Kilroy” Santos b. “Wild” Bill Cody (16:00) … George Romanoff b. Prince
Omar (DQ) … (promoter:  W.H. Peeples)
Notes:  Nell Stewart was said to be 5’4”. Peeples also promoted boxing at the Coral
Gables Coliseum.

Coral Gables, Florida:  Wednesday, January 11, 1950
(Coral Gables Coliseum) … King Kong b. Abe Coleman … Bobby Roberts b. Babe
Sharkey … George Romanoff b. “Kilroy” Santos … Happy Davis b. Prince Omar …
(promoter:  W.H. Peeples)

Coral Gables, Florida:  Wednesday, January 18, 1950
(Coral Gables Coliseum) … Maurice Tillet b. Abe Coleman (18:00) … Bobby Roberts b.
Ivan “Kamenokoff” (12:00) … King Kong b. Happy Daniels (22:00) … Danny Dusek b. Lil’
Abner (26:00) … (promoter:  W.H. Peeples)

Coral Gables, Florida:  Wednesday, January 25, 1950
(Coral Gables Coliseum) … Danny Dusek b. Bobby Roberts (33:00) … King Kong b.
Pierre LeClair (26:00) … Happy Davis b. “Wild” Bill Cody (22:00) … “Mysterious” Mr. X b.
“Kilroy” Santos (25:00) … (promoter:  W.H. Peeples)
Note:  Show next week moved to Friday because of the Golden Gloves tournament.

Coral Gables, Florida:  Friday, February 10, 1950
(Coral Gables Coliseum) … Tony Galento b. Bobby Roberts (14:00) … Gene Bowman b.
Satan (DQ) … Happy Davis b. Leo Newman (DQ) … Roland Kirshmeyer b. King Kong …
(promoter:  W.H. Peeples)

Coral Gables, Florida:  Wednesday, February 15, 1950
(Coral Gables Coliseum) … Roland Kirshmeyer b. Satan (DQ) (19:00) … Bobby Roberts
b. Baby Blimp (27:00) … Gene Bowman b. King Kong … Leo “The Lion” Newman b.
“Kilroy” Santos … (promoter:  W.H. Peeples)

*The Thursday, February 16, 1950 edition of the Miami Herald reported that E.W.
Carlson, “longtime member of the Miami boxing commission,” submitted his resignation
effective March 1, 1950.  He was moving to Montana to operate a ranch.

Coral Gables, Florida:  Wednesday, February 22, 1950
(Coral Gables Coliseum) … Roland Kirshmeyer and Bobby Roberts b. Gene Bowman
and Satan (16:00) … Bobby Roberts b. Satan (19:30) … Roland Kirshmeyer b. Gene
Bowman (19:00) … Pedro Ortega b. Leo Newman (DQ) (22:00) … (promoter:  W.H.

Coral Gables, Florida:  Wednesday, March 1, 1950
(Coral Gables Coliseum) … Women’s World Champion Mildred Burke b. Elvira
Snodgrass (26:00) … Bobby Roberts b. Leo “The Lion” Newman (24:00) … Pedro
Ortega b. Pedro Godoy (22:00) … Gene Bowman b. Satan (19:00) … (promoter:  W.H.
Notes:  No show information was found in the newspaper for March 8, March 15, or
March 22.

*The Sunday, March 12, 1950 edition of the Miami Herald stated that “wrestling promoter”
George Romanoff was killed on Saturday morning in a car accident south of
Jacksonville.  Injured in the accident were wrestlers Bobby Roberts and Pedro Ortego.  
“Ortego was seriously injured and was not expected to live.” Roberts was treated and

Coral Gables, Florida:  Wednesday, March 29, 1950
(Coral Gables Coliseum) … “Tiger” Joe Marsh b. Maurice Roberre (2/3) … Tony Angelo
b. Joe Kameroff (DQ) … Danny Dusek b. Bob Geigel

Coral Gables, Florida:  Wednesday, April 5, 1950
(Coral Gables Coliseum) … “Tiger” Joe Marsh b. Gene Bowman (2/3) … Eddie Parquette
b. Johnny Melas (14:00) … Danny Dusek b. Johnny Seals

Coral Gables, Florida:  Wednesday, April 12, 1950
(Coral Gables Coliseum) … Dot Dotson b. Beverly Lehmer (19:00) … Danny Dusek b.
“Tiger” Joe Marsh (26:00) … Eddie Parquette b. Gene Bowman (14:00) … Johnny Seals
b. Johnny Melas (22:00) … (2,600 fans)

Coral Gables, Florida:  Wednesday, April 19, 1950
(Coral Gables Coliseum) … Eddie Parquette b. Maurice Roberre to win a rassle royal (33:
00) … Dick Powell b. Joe Kameroff (16:00) … Johnny Seals b. Johnny Melas (22:00)

Coral Gables, Florida:  Wednesday, April 26, 1950
(Coral Gables Coliseum) … Doris Dean vs. Dot Dotson (2/3) … “Tiger” Joe Marsh vs. Pat
O’Hara … George Bruckman vs. Johnny Seals
Note:  Bruckman was from Washington D.C.

Coral Gables, Florida:  Wednesday, May 3, 1950
(Coral Gables Coliseum) … Tony Galento vs. Teddy the Russian Bear … Joe Kameroff
vs. Dick Powell … Eddie Parquette vs. Al Sitko … Joe Kowalski vs. Jose “Kilroy” Santos
Notes:  Teddy, the Russian Bear was 23 years old and trained by Gus and William
Walldorf.  According to the Miami Herald, “the Galento-Bear act was first tried recently in
Asbury Park, N.J.  This combine was then polished in Norfolk, Va. And perfected on a two
week jaunt of wrestling clubs throughout New England.” It will be the “first time local fans
have seen a bear box.” A cage would surround the ring to protect fans.  The bear would
be muzzled, on a leash, and wearing boxing gloves.

Coral Gables, Florida:  Wednesday, May 10, 1950
(Coral Gables Coliseum) … Dick Powell b. Bob Geigel (2-0) (finals of a seven-man rassle
royal) … “Kilroy” Santos b. Happy Davis (2/3)
Notes:  Geigel was billed as “Geiger.”

Coral Gables, Florida:  Wednesday, May 17, 1950
(Coral Gables Coliseum) … Eddie Paquette b. Dick Powell (2/3) … Tony Mister b. Ralph
Wright (26:00) … Al Massey b. Pat O’Hara (23:00) … (700 fans)
Notes:  The Miami Herald refers to Eddie “Parquette” here as “Eddie Paquette,” the
Canadian heavyweight champ.  No show next week.

Coral Gables, Florida:  Tuesday, June 6, 1950
(Coral Gables Coliseum) … Southern Heavyweight Champion Danny Dusek vs. Al
Massey … George Harbin vs. Lord Lansdowne … Pat O’Hara vs. Johnny Valentine …
(referee:  Eddie Cameron)

Coral Gables, Florida:  Tuesday, June 13, 1950
(Coral Gables Coliseum) … Southern Heavyweight Champion Danny Dusek vs. Nick
Bacalis … George Harbin vs. Pat O’Hara … Gene Bowman vs. Jimmy Valentine

Coral Gables, Florida:  Tuesday, June 20, 1950
(Coral Gables Coliseum) … Southern Heavyweight Champion Danny Dusek vs. Pat O’
Hara … George Harbin vs. Jimmy Valentine … Jack Bloomfield vs. Al Massey
Note:  Dusek was looking for his 12th straight local victory

Miami, Florida:  Tuesday, June 27, 1950
(Ritz Arena) … Southern Heavyweight Champion Danny Dusek b. Pat O’Hara … The
Black Demon b. Jim Davis … Johnny Valentine b. Nick Bacalis

*There was a boxing show at the Coral Gables Coliseum on October 2, 1950.

Miami, Florida:  Tuesday, October 3, 1950
(Ritz Arena) … June Byers b. Dot Dotson (2-0) … Danny Dusek b. Bobby Orton (2/3) …
Bobby Lyons and Billy Starr drew (30:00)
Note:  Dusek was originally scheduled to wrestle Bob Arnat.

Miami, Florida:  Tuesday, October 10, 1950
(Ritz Arena) … The Great Togo b. Danny Dusek (DQ) … Dick Trout b. Tommy Bell (2-0)
… The Red Devil b. Joe “Kilroy” Santos

Miami, Florida:  Tuesday, October 24, 1950
(Ritz Arena) … Bobby Lyons b. Billy Starr … Elmer Davis b. Danny Dusek (DQ) …
Cyclone McKay b. Tommy Bell (24:00)
Notes:  Starr was from El Paso, Lyons from Chicago, Davis from Nashville, Dusek from
Omaha, McKay from Montreal and Bell was said to be from St. Louis.

Miami, Florida:  Tuesday, October 31, 1950
(Ritz Arena) … The Green Hornet b. Bobby Lyons (2/3) … The Red Devil b. Rube Wright
(15:00) … Elmer Davis b. Cyclone McKay (2/3)

Miami, Florida:  Tuesday, November 7, 1950
(Ritz Arena) … Rube Wright b. The Green Hornet (2/3) … Cyclone McKay b. “Cowboy”
John Beal (2-0) … Elmer Davis and Bobby Lyons drew (30:00)

Miami, Florida:  Tuesday, November 14, 1950
(Ritz Arena) … Chief Little Fox b. Hal Keene (2/3) … Maurice Roberre b. Pat Welsh (2-0)
… Elmer Davis and Rube Wright drew (30:00)

Miami, Florida:  Tuesday, November 21, 1950
(Ritz Arena) … Maurice Roberre b. Leo Newman (2/3) … Beverly Lehmer b. Cora Combs
(2/3) … Bob Orton b. Rube Wright (23:00)

Miami, Florida:  Tuesday, November 28, 1950
(Ritz Arena) … Lilly Bitter b. Beverly Lehmer (2/3) … Leo “The Lion” Newman b. Mr.
America (2/3) … Hal Keene b. Bob Orton (28:00) (flying tackle)

Miami, Florida:  Tuesday, December 5, 1950
(Ritz Arena) … Jimmy Little vs. Tom Thumb (2/3) … Hal Keene vs. Maurice Roberre …
Bobby Lyons vs. Leo “The Lion” Newman

Miami, Florida:  Tuesday, December 12, 1950
(Ritz Arena) … Chief Little Beaver b. Tom Thumb (2/3) … Jack Wentworth b. Rube
Wright (2/3) … Hal Keene and Jack Kennedy drew (30:00)

Miami, Florida:  Tuesday, December 19, 1950
(Ritz Arena) … Leo “The Lion” Newman b. Boom Boom Pantazi (2/3) … Jose “Kilroy”
Santos b. Marty Nappa … Cowboy Joe b. Duke DeKeno

Miami, Florida:  Tuesday, December 26, 1950
(Ritz Arena) … Marty Nappa and Jose Santos b. Duke Dekeno and Leo Newman (2/3) …
two other matches

Notes:  The Ritz Arena was also called the Ritz Ballroom.

Research by Tim Hornbaker
November 5, 2007
Miami Wrestling Results - 1950