*The Wednesday, July 2, 1941 edition of the Montreal Gazette reported that Eddie Quinn
was expected back in Montreal “today” from New York, where he was seemingly
negotiating with the booking office of the Dusek Brothers.  Ernie Dusek was going to
return to the city to wrestle Yvon Robert.  They had a longstanding feud.  “It started back
in Brooklyn, over two years ago, when their first meeting resulted in a brawl which it
required the services of the police to quell.  There were several other lusty bouts
between this powerful pair, some of them in Montreal.”

Montreal, Quebec:  Wednesday, July 9, 1941
(Montreal Forum) … World Heavyweight Champion Yvon Robert b. Ernie Dusek (2/3)
(referee Dempsey punched Dusek during the third fall, leading to the finish) … Lou
Thesz b. Len Macaluso (16:39) … K.O. Koverly b. Henry Kulkavich (9:56) … Joe
DeValteau b. “Big” Ben Morgan (DQ) (13:40) … (promoter:  Eddie Quinn) … (referee:  
Jack Dempsey) … (5,264 fans)
Notes:  “Big” Ben Morgan was, at one point in the local newspaper, billed as “375-pound
Big Irwin Morgan, the Whiskers King, from Texas.”

Montreal, Quebec:  Wednesday, July 16, 1941
(Montreal Forum) … Lou Thesz b. Yvon Robert to capture the World Heavyweight Title
(2/3) … George “K.O.” Koverly b. Len Macaluso (14:02) … Leo Numa and Marvin
Westenberg drew (30:00) … Joe DeValteau and Arthur LeGrand drew (30:00) …
(promoter:  Eddie Quinn) … (referee:  Sammy Mack) … (2,450 fans)

Montreal, Quebec:  Wednesday, July 23, 1941
(Montreal Forum) … World Heavyweight Champion Lou Thesz and George “K.O.”
Koverly wrestled to a double disqualification (1-1) … George Becker and Henry Kulkavich
drew (30:00) … Joe DeValteau and Bibber McCoy drew (30:00) … Lucien LeBlanc b.
“Tiger” Joe Marsh (19:02) … (promoter:  Eddie Quinn) … (referee:  Danny Murray) …
(2,000 fans)

Montreal, Quebec:  Wednesday, July 30, 1941
(Montreal Forum) … World Heavyweight Champion Lou Thesz b. George “K.O.” Koverly
(2/3) (Thesz won the second fall by DQ) … Joe Cox b. Henry Kulkavich (13:57) … Marvin
Westenberg b. Johnny “Dropkick” Murphy (17:31) … Leo Numa b. Jack Reilly (14:38) …
(promoter:  Eddie Quinn)
Notes:  The Montreal Athletic Commission warned wrestlers about fighting in the ring after
matches and officials said fines would be levied.  Also, “a system of health cards will be
inaugurated at once, for wrestlers, and that soft drinks in bottled form must not be sold at
any wrestling match, but that paper cups must be used,” according to the Montreal

Montreal, Quebec:  Wednesday, September 17, 1941
(Montreal Forum) … Yvon Robert b. Lou Thesz to capture the World Heavyweight Title …
(promoter:  Eddie Quinn)

Research by Tim Hornbaker
September 16, 2010
Montreal Wrestling Results - 1941