Montreal, Quebec: Tuesday, January 20, 1942
(Forum, att.-3,000) … Ed (Strangler) Lewis beat Jim Henry (7:27) … Lou Thesz beat
Roland Kirchmeyer (dq) … Steve Casey drew Earl McCready (30:00) … Ed Don George
beat George Pavich … Bob Lortie vs Al Korman (ddq) … NOTE: This was the first card of
the year for promoter Eddie Quinn.

Montreal, Quebec: Tuesday, January 27, 1942
(Forum, att.-3,000) … Lou Thesz drew Ed (Strangler) Lewis (60:00, no falls) … George
Koverly drew Roland Kirchmeyer (30:00) … Earl McCready beat Bobby Roberts … Art
LeGrand beat Bob Rogers … referee: Sammy Mack

Montreal, Quebec: Tuesday, February 3, 1942
(Forum) … (WTM) Yvon Robert* beat Lee Henning (10:00) … Ed (Strangler) Lewis beat
George Koverly … Lou Thesz drew Roland Kirchmeyer (30:00) … Abe Coleman beat
Henry Kulkovich (cor) … referee: Sammy Mack

Montreal, Quebec: Tuesday, February 10, 1942
(Forum, att.-3,500) … (non title) Ed (Strangler) Lewis beat Yvon Robert* (dq, 29:28) …
Earl McCready beat Jerry Monahan … Lou Thesz beat Rudy Dusek … Art LeGrand beat
George Pavich

Montreal, Quebec: Monday, February 23, 1942
Jean Pusie beat King Kong Marshall (2-0, dq) … NOTE: This bout was reported in the
Buffalo Evening News. If the date is right it likely was the French promotion.

Montreal, Quebec: Thursday, February 26, 1942
(Forum) … (WTM) Yvon Robert beat Ed (Strangler) Lewis (2-0, dq) … Lou Thesz drew
Earl McCready … Whipper Billy Watson beat George Linnehan … Larry Moquin (pro
debut) beat Jack Miller

Montreal, Quebec: Tuesday, March 10, 1942
(Forum) … (WTM) Yvon Robert* vs Ed (Strangler) Lewis … Larry Moquin vs Bob
Rogers… NOTE: This seems to be the first March card. The Gazette is missing most of
the month.

Montreal, Quebec: Wednesday, April 8, 1942
(Forum) … (British Empire Title) Earl McCready* beat Yvon Robert … Vic Christy vs Lee
Henning … Pat Fraley vs Roland Kirchmeyer … Larry Moquin vs Joe DeValteau …
NOTE: Robert did not want to defend his Montreal world title. McCready wanted all the
titles up for grabs. The Gazette was missing most of the sports pages for April 9.

Montreal, Quebec: Wednesday, April 15, 1942
(Forum, att.-2,500) … Vic Christy drew Dynamite Joe Cox (60:00, 1-1) … Earl McCready
beat Pat Fraley (dq) … Roland Kirchmeyer beat Whipper Billy Watson (17:03, body
slams) … Larry Moquin beat Al Korman (sub for Bob Bruno)

The Montreal Athletic Commission held its first meeting in almost a month yesterday with
Frank Hogan, who has been ill but has completely recovered, in the chair.

Eddie Quinn has been granted Wednesday nights for his shows at the Forum. Tuesdays
and Fridays have been allocated to Promoter Julien for his shows at the Ontario Stadium,
and Mondays and Thursdays to Promoter S. Loyer for his cards at the Exchange Stadium.

Montreal, Quebec: Wednesday, April 22, 1942
(Forum, att.-3,000) … Maurice Tillet (as The Angel) beat Roland Kirchmeyer (2-0) (first
fall by dq) … Vic Christy beat Bobby Roberts … Leo Numa drew John Katan (30:00) …
Larry Moquin beat Al Tucker … referee: Danny Murray

Montreal, Quebec: Wednesday, April 29, 1942
(Forum) … No Wrestling

Montreal, Quebec: Thursday, May 7, 1942
(Forum, att.-4,285) … (WTM) Earl McCready beat Yvon Robert* (2-1, dq) … Leo
Lefebvre beat John Katan (dq) … Sliding Billy Hansen beat George Linnehan … Larry
Moquin beat George Pavich … referee: Sammy Mack … NOTE: Tommy Dorsey and his
band had Wednesday booked at the Forum.

The Montreal Athletic Commission ruled that the world championship, held by Yvon
Robert prior to losing to Earl McCready, did not change hands when the pair met in the
Forum ring on May 7.  The match was unsatisfactory to the Commission. The
Commission has called it no-decision and has nullified the bout.

Montreal, Quebec: Wednesday, May 20, 1942
(Forum, att.-6,500) … Yvon Robert drew Maurice Tillet (as The Angel) (60:00, 1-1) …
Earl McCready beat Roland Kirchmeyer (1-0, utc) … Leo Numa drew Gus Sonnenberg
(30:00) … Manuel Cortez drew Joe DeValteau (30:00) … (only 2 May cards)

Montreal, Quebec: Wednesday, June 3, 1942
(Forum, att.-6,500) … (WTM) Yvon Robert* beat Earl McCready (1:09:44) … Billy
Hansen beat Les Ryan … John Katan beat Manuel Cortez … Larry Moquin beat George
Linnehan (dq) … referee: Major Sammy Smith (of Boston)

Montreal, Quebec: Wednesday, June 10, 1942
(Forum, att.-4,000) … Maurice Tillet (as The Angel) beat Earl McCready (2-1) … Yvon
Robert* beat Gus Sonnenberg (utc) … Billy Hanson beat Manuel Cortez (sub for George
Tofalos) … Leo Numa beat Marvin Westerberg (dq)

Montreal, Quebec: Thursday, June 11, 1942
(Slade Exchange) … Manuel Cortez beat George Linnehan (dq) … referee: John Masson
… (result found 6-24) … NOTE: The wrestlers were suspended for 30 days after they
refused to quit and ring and kept on wrestling for over 10 minutes.

Montreal, Quebec: Wednesday, June 17, 1942
(Forum, att.-8,035) … (WTM) Yvon Robert* beat Maurice Tillet (as The Angel) (2-1) …
Billy Hansen beat Les Ryan … Gus Sonnenberg beat Jerry Monahan … Larry Moquin
drew Arthur LeGrand (20:00) … referee: Frank Saxon … NOTE: The Forum was closed
down from the middle of this month until July 6 for repairs.

Montreal, Quebec: Wednesday, July 15, 1942
(Forum, att.-4,000) … Yvon Robert* beat Sliding Billy Hansen (1-1, utc) … Earl McCready
beat John Katan (dq) … Les Ryan beat Johnny (Dropkick) Murphy … Larry Moquin drew
Frank Valois (sub for Tom Casey) … referee: Sammy Mack … (first card of July)

Montreal, Quebec: Wednesday, July 22, 1942
(Forum, att.-4,500) … (WTM) Yvon Robert* beat Ray Steele (2-1, dq) … Earl McCready
drew Gus Sonnenberg (30:00) … Billy Hansen beat Manuel Cortez (sub for Roland
Kirchmeyer) … Jean Baptiste Pusie drew Les Ryan … referee: Danny Murray … NOTE:
Steele won the third fall with a leglock but was disqualified for failing to break it.

Montreal, Quebec: Wednesday, July 29, 1942
(Forum) … (special referee: Jack Sharkey) (WTM) Yvon Robert* beat Ray Steele (2-1) …
Billy Hansen drew John Katan (30:00) … Earl McCready beat Art LeGrand … Jean Pusie
beat George Tofalos

Montreal, Quebec: Wednesday, August 5, 1942
(Forum, att.-4,000) … (WTM) Yvon Robert* beat Sliding Billy Hansen (2-1, utc) … Gus
Sonnenberg beat Larry Moquin … John Katan (sub for Whipper Billy Watson) beat Lou
Plummer … George Linnehan drew Les Ryan (30:00) … referee: Sammy Mack

Montreal, Quebec: Wednesday, August 19, 1942
(Forum, att.-14,000) … (WTM*) Wild Bill Longson* beat Yvon Robert (2-1, cor) … Ray
Steele drew Gus Sonnenberg (30:00) … Ignacio Martinez beat Jerry Monahan … George
Linnehan drew Les Ryan (30:00) … referee: Danny Murray … NOTE: In this double title
match Longson, the National Wrestling Association won Robert’s Montreal title and belt.
Robert won the first fall in 16:09, with Longson taking the second fall in 9:58. During the
third fall, Robert jumped outside the ring attacking Ray Steele, Longson’s second. As the
referee counted, Yvon stumbled as he climbed the ring steps, failing to beat the ten
count in at 5:18.

Quebec, Quebec: Monday, August 24, 1942
Ray Steele beat Yvon Robert (dq)

Montreal, Quebec: Wednesday, September 2, 1942
(Forum) … Yvon Robert vs Ray Steele … Billy Hansen vs Gus Sonnenberg … NOTE:
The entire month of September is missing for the Montreal Gazette at the Google
newspaper site.

Montreal, Quebec: Thursday, October 7, 1942
(Forum) … (WTM*) Yvon Robert beat Wild Bill Longson (won NWA title) … Ray Steele
drew Nanjo Singh … Larry Moquin beat Joe Spencer … Jean Pusie drew Frank Valois …
NOTE: On Robert’s 28th birthday he won both the National Wrestling Association and the
Montreal belt.

Montreal, Quebec: Friday, October 22, 1942
(Forum) … (WTM) Yvon Robert* beat Wild Bill Longson (utc) … Danno O’Mahoney beat
Billy Hansen … Nanjo Singh beat Frank Valois … Art LeGrand drew Joe DeValture

Montreal, Quebec: Tuesday, November 17, 1942
(Forum) … (WTM) Yvon Robert* beat Walter Sirois (sub for Danno O’Mahoney) (2-1,
cor) … Arthur LeGrand beat Jan Gotch … Nanjo Singh beat Les Ryan … Larry Moquin
beat Cowboy Len Hughes … (only November card) … NOTE: The Montreal Commission
doctor refused to let O’Mahoney wrestle due to a bad leg. When Danno limped into the
ring, the fans were offered their money back. Only about 400 asked for their money back.

Montreal, Quebec: December 1942
(Forum) … No Wrestling

January, February, August, October and December were researched in the Montreal
Star, at the Library of Congress, many years ago.

Research by Don Luce
January 12, 2010
Montreal Wrestling Results - 1942