The National Wrestling Association wanted the members of the various commissions
involved with the organization to get their promoters and matchmakers signed up as
"Associate Members." Membership dues were $10.00 annually for Local wrestling promoter
and matchmaker.  For Interstate promoters, matchmakers and booking agents, it was

As of March 23, 1961, the associate members of the NWA included:  Pedro Martinez
(Buffalo and Cleveland), Vince Risko (Canton), Walter Moore (Akron), Harry Elliott
(Portland), Sam Green (Houston), Frank J. Burke (Houston), John Galiano (Beaumont),
Jimmie Thompson (Alexandria, Louisiana), Sam Muchnick (St. Louis), Ray Fabiani
(Philadelphia), Sam Gulina and Manny Leibert (Connecticut).

In April 1961, Vincent LoPresto, Harry romero and Ralph L. Fox Jr. were added as
associate members of the NWA, all representing points in Louisiana.  Jimmie Thompson, of
that state, was already a member.  NWA President Lawson M. Lynn thanked Louisiana
State Athletic Commission and its chairman Emile Bruneau for helping enroll the new

In December 1961, Joe "Toots" Mondt (Pittsburgh), Gust Karras (St. Joseph), George
Simpson (Kansas City) and Bill Jobe (Florence, Alabama) joined the NWA as Associate

In February 1962, the NWA announced that Cliff Olson of Washington and W.C. Capito of
Warren, Ohio were new members to the organization's Associate Membership.

Vincent J. McMahon (Washington, D.C.) and John and Faye Cazano (Knoxville) were
welcomed as associate members of the NWA in June 1962.

At the annual convention in Tacoma in August 1962, Don Owen and Frank Stojack were
welcomed as new associate members of the National Wrestling Association.  Owen was
said to be the promoter in Portland, Albany, Coos Bay, Medford, Eugene, Salem, and
Klamath Falls.

As of October 1962, the Associate Membership included:  Pedro Martinez, Fred Kohler,
Vince McMahon, Roy Welch, Jimmie Thompson, Joe "Toots" Mondt, Sam Muchnick, Bill
Jobe, Gust Karras, George Simpson, Ray Fabiani, Frank J. Burke, W.C. Capito, Sam
Green, Cliff Olson, Harry Romero, Aron B. Robinson, John and Faye Cazano, Walter
Moore, Harry Elliott, Frank Stojack, and Don Owen.
National Wrestling Association Associate Members