September 16, 1930 - Convention Location:  Omaha, Nebraska

The National Wrestling Association was formed at this convention of the National Boxing
Colonel Harry J. Landry was named the initial NWA President and New
Orleans would be his headquarters.  John V. Clinnin of Chicago was elected president of
the NBA.  Pete Swanson was the NWA Secretary.


September 22, 1932 - Convention Location:  Baltimore, Maryland

Colonel Harry J. Landry was reelected NWA President.  1st Vice President was Thomas
Mullins of Canada, 2nd Vice President was A.C. Weisberg of Indianapolis, 3rd Vice
President was Howard Shukerman of Cincinnati, 4th Vice President was J.J. Ahearn of
Minneapolis, and Secretary-Treasurer was Carl Malone of Louisville.

Jim Londos was recognized as the World Heavyweight champion, Hugh Nichols as light
heavyweight, Jack Reynolds as welterweight, and Gus Kallio as middleweight titleholder.

James M. Brown replaced John V. Clinnin as the new President of the National Boxing


September 9, 1940 - Convention Location:  Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Colonel Harry J. Landry was reelected NWA President.  J.T. Joyner Jr. of Winston-Salem,
North Carolina was named First Vice President and C.C. McCrary was reelected


September 9, 1947 - Convention Location:  Montreal, Quebec

In what was explained to be "horseplay" in the United Press's report on the National
Boxing Association's annual convention, delegates elected Colonel Harry J. Landry
President of the NBA.  Three minutes later, after thanking his friends, he resigned.  Abe
J. Greene was then reelected to the head of the boxing organization.


November 14, 1949 - Convention Location:  Miami Beach, Florida (Sherry Frontenac

Colonel Harry J. Landry was reelected NWA President.  Charles F. Wheeler of Miami
Beach was reelected First Vice President, Dr. Ward Wylie of Mullens, West Virginia was
reelected Second Vice President, Dave Rochon of Montreal was reelected Third Vice
President, and Robert P. Steffey of Charlotte was reelected Fourth Vice President.  Carl
C. McCrary of Tulsa was reelected Secretary-Treasurer.


September 14, 1953 - Convention Location:  Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The National Wrestling Association press released its recognition of Lou Thesz as
heavyweight champion, "Baron" Michele Leone as junior champion, and Frank Stojack as
light heavyweight champion.  The Association was prompted to issue this report to help
clear up the confusion over whether or not Verne Gagne was considered the "real"
heavyweight champion.  Gagne had been sponsored as the United States Heavyweight
Champion across the DuMont Network.


September 9, 1957 -Convention Location:  Denver, Colorado

This was the first time the Colorado Athletic Commission hosted the National Boxing
Association/ National Wrestling Association delegates, and local officials planned a
variety of entertainment for the 150+ delegates visiting Denver.  Included would be a
boxing match between Johnny Holman and Alex Miteoff at the Coliseum.

Charles F. Wheeler, an officer in the NWA, died on September 9, 1957 in his room at
Denver's Cosmopolitan Hotel.  Wheeler was in town for the meetings, representing Mami
Beach.  He was 80 years of age.


- Convention Location:  Las Vegas, Nevada


September 1, 1959 - Convention Location:  Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Royal York Hotel)

David Ott was reelected National Wrestling Association President.  Lawson M. Lynn was
named 1st Vice President, Henri Gagnon 2nd V.P., Charles W. Pian 3rd V.P., C.H.
Crawford 4th V.P., and Carl McCrary was reelected Secretary and Treasurer.

Representatives from all over the United States, Cuba, Panama, and Mexico were
present.  Members agreed to work with the president in the creation of a monthly
suspension list and newsletter "to help keep wrestling clean and prevent suspended
wrestlers from working until their suspension is lifted." To help pay for postage and
correspondence, the annual dues were increased from $20 to $25.

This was said to be the 40th annual convention of the National Boxing Association.  The
last time the NBA/NWA were in Toronto for a convention was in 1932.

Frank Tunney hosted a special buffet dinner for delegates at the Lord Simcoe Hotel.


- Convention Location:  Mexico City, Mexico

Lawson M. Lynn of Alabama was elected the new president, replacing David Ott.  The
other officers were Henry Gagnon (1st Vice President) (Canada), Charles Pian (2nd
V.P.) (Missouri), Clarence Crawford (3rd V.P.) (North Carolina), Jack Maginity (4th V.P.)
(Indiana), Ollie Downs (Secretary-Treasurer) (Cleveland, Ohio)

Lynn's office was at 762 South Court Street, Montgomery, Alabama.

Carl McCrary was no longer the secretary-treasurer after many years of service.  
McCrary felt that because he was no longer involved with a State Athletic Commission,
he should step down.  The NWA members then gave him a Life Membership and new
president Lynn asked him to serve as an advisor to the president.

An interesting note, in the May 24, 1961 NWA newsletter, President Lynn wrote, "The
wrestlers and promoters have been behaving pretty well but business is slowing up so
now is the time to be alert and watch out for 'gimmicks' that may ruin the business again."


September 4-7, 1961 - Convention Location:  Hershey, Pennsylvania

In the months leading up to the convention, the NWA President Lawson Lynn wrote to
members and hyped the qualities of Hershey, trying to compel everyone to attended.  In
June, he wrote that Hershey was a "place that you can bring the entire family with plenty
of facilities for the children," and that the convention was going to be "one of business for
the men and entertainment for the ladies."


August 20-23, 1962 - Convention Location:  Tacoma, Washington

R.B. Latting of Texas was elected president to replace Charles W. Pian of Missouri.  
Other officers were Wilbert F. Lewis (1st Vice President) (Washington State), William
Brennan (2nd V.P.) (Virginia), Emile Bruneau (3rd V.P.) (Louisiana), M.R. Forrester (4th
V.P.) (Tennessee), Ollie Downs (reelected Secretary-Treasurer)

Frank Stojack was awarded a special trophy, a perpetual award with a plaque, "for his
outstanding and constant inspiration to the youth of America by exemplifying the highest
standards of fair play and giving freely his time and talents to support every worthwhile
activity on behalf of the youth of America, and his continued and expanded his interest
and his services in the field of youth guidance." The new award was named the "Carl C.
McCrary Perpetual Service Award," and would be passed on annually to the new

While in the Pacific Northwest, officials welcomed Stojack and Don Owen as new
Associate Members of the NWA, and also met previously named Associate members Cliff
Olson and Harry Elliott.

Dean Silverstone was saluted by the new NWA President R.B. Latting for his "excellent
job" as Publicity Director for wrestling in Tacoma and Seattle.  In the newsletter for the
Association, it was written that Silverstone "really supplies important information on
wrestling, forthcoming programs and keeps the fans well posted on all wrestlers
appearing on wrestling shows.  Keep up the good work, Dean."

The convention coincided with the Seattle World's Fair, and Charles Pain notified
members prior to the event that hotel availability was scarce in both Tacoma and Seattle.
National Wrestling Association Conventions