1.  The referee shall have full authority.  Promoters, seconds and other officials may not
enter the ring or attempt to influence the referee in any way.

2.  The referee shall begin to count when both shoulders of either contestant touch the
mat at the same time.  A count of three constitutes a fall.  Rolling falls do not count.

3.  In the event a fall does not occur during a match, the referee may declare a winner on
points.  If there has been no marked superiority on the part of either contestant, the
referee may declare the bout a draw.

4.  If a contestant deliberately strikes the referee, the contestant is automatically

5.  Biting, hitting with closed fist, kicking or kneeing, eye gouging, hair pulling, choking,
strangling with arms, legs or ropes, and using ropes for leverage are illegal.  The referee,
at his discretion, may disqualify a contestant who continues deliberately to use any of
these tactics.

6.  Finger nails are to be trimmed close.  Use of oily or greasy substance on any part of
the body, shoes or trunks is forbidden.  Tape on fingers or wrists is permitted only when
the opponent consents.

7.  Should a contestant fall, pitch or be thrown outside the roped enclosure, he shall be
allowed twenty (20) seconds to return to the ring and resume the contest.  Upon his
failure to do so, he shall forfeit the match.  Inside the ring a contestant is allowed ten (10)
seconds to resume the contest.  When the referee begins the count, the opponent must
retire to a neutral corner until the referee motions him to resume the contest.  If a
contestant outside the ring is attempting to return and is struck or interfered with by his
opponent, the referee shall start a new count.  A new count is also started when a
contestant rolls in and out of the ropes.

8.  When a contestant is at the edge of the platform or afoul of the ropes, and in the
judgment of the referee is no longer able to protect himself, it shall be the duty of the
referee to call time and the wrestlers shall at once release any and all holds and return to
the center of the mat in standing position to resume the contest.

*These rules were reprinted in the Tuesday, October 7, 1947 issue of Sports Facts, the
wrestling program put out by Tony Stecher in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Research by Tim Hornbaker
November 12, 2010
National Wrestling Association Rules