*Prior to December 5, 1938, Willie Gilzenberg of Newark dropped his talent-sharing
agreement with Jack Pfefer and took a new deal with Joe “Toots” Mondt, a manager of
much of the big named talent in the region, of New York City.  Pfefer immediately sought
revenge, moving his promotions in Newark to fight Gilzenberg.  The Mondt booking office
and organization was separate from the Dusek booking office and organization.

Newark, New Jersey:  Tuesday, December 6, 1938
(Laurel Garden) … Hardy Kruskamp b. Sammy Cohen (29:00) (Kruskamp was a substitute
for Joe Savoldi, who was at Mount Sinai Hospital in Philadelphia with an illness) … Chief
Little Wolf b. Pat Corrigan … Nanjo Singh b. Sammy Meneker … (promoter:  Willie
Gilzenberg) … (referee:  John Seaman)

Newark, New Jersey:  Wednesday, December 7, 1938
(Newark Opera House) … Maurice LaChappelle b. Karol Krauser (1:09:03) (a ringside
woman interfered in the match) … King Kong Frankenstein b. John Gudiski (12:58) … The
Golden Horror b. Tony Martinelli (10:08) … Tony Siano b. Carlos Martinez (24:00) … Andy
Meixner b. Al Norton (15:59) … (promoters:  Jack Pfefer, Carmine Bilotti) … (Opera House
Owner:  Carmine Bilotti) … (New Jersey State Athletic Commission Inspector:  Harry
Greenberg) … (referees:  Nick Fierro, Art Generous)

North Bergen, New Jersey:  Thursday, December 8, 1938
(Columbia Park Arena) … World Heavyweight Champion Jim Londos b. Chief Little Wolf
(CO) (41:05)

Camden, New Jersey:  Thursday, December 8, 1938
(Camden Armory) … Gino Garibaldi b. The Red Devil (2-0) (The Red Devil unmasked
revealing Bob Langevin of Quebec) (Garibaldi won the first fall in 32:03 and the second in
19-seconds) (the referee stopped the match due to an injury to Langevin) … Lou Thesz b.
Chris Zaharias … Gino Vagnone b. Jake Patterson … Al Bisagnano b. Ed White … Joe
Cox and Ed Meske drew (30:00) … (referee:  Billy Martino) … (Booking Office:  Rudy

Newark, New Jersey:  Tuesday, December 13, 1938
(Laurel Garden) … Frank Brown b. Chief Chewacki (countout) … Chief Little Wolf b. Pat
Corrigan (26:00) … Nanjo Singh b. Casey Berger (9:05) … Angelo Leone b. Walter Percy
(19:20) … Hardy Kruskamp and Seelie Samara drew (30:00) … (promoter:  Willie
Gilzenberg) … (referee:  Nick Fierro) … (benefit for the Newark News Christmas Fund)
Note:  Frank Brown was called “Harry Brown of Texas.”

Newark, New Jersey:  Wednesday, December 14, 1938
(Newark Opera House) … Fritz Zigfried b. Al Norcus (9:28) (Zigfried was a substitute for
Luigi Bacigalupi) … Steve Zagurski and Fritz Zigfried drew (30:00) … Maurice LaChappelle
b. King Kong Frankenstein (DQ) (Frankenstein hit the referee) … Tony Siano b. George
Kondylis (dec., 30:00) (Siano was billed as “Jack Pfeffer’s secretary”) … The Golden
Horror b. Tony Milano (9:00) … (promoters:  Jack Pfefer, Carmine Bilotti) … (referee:  Doc
Gehman) … (timekeeper:  John P. Donnelly)

Newark, New Jersey:  Tuesday, December 20, 1938
(Laurel Garden) … World Heavyweight Champion Jim Londos b. Chief Little Wolf (31:10)
(Londos donated $50 to the fund himself) … Chief Chewacki b. Pete Peterson (29:00) …
Dutch Schultz b. The Golden Terror (DQ) (12:10) … Pat Corrigan and Abe Kashey drew
(30:00) … Seelie Samara b. Herb Freeman (9:58) … Sid Westrich b. Jack McArthur (9:07)
… (promoter:  Willie Gilzenberg) … (referees:  Nick Fierro, Doc Gehman, Tom
Geidhauser) … (benefit for the Morning Club of Essex County Christmas Fund) … (large

Newark, New Jersey:  Wednesday, December 21, 1938
(Newark Opera House) … Jack Adams b. Tony Siano (17:23) … Maurice LaChappelle b.
Dr. John “Dropkick” Murphy (46:55) … Karol Krauser b. Andy Meixner (23:05) … King
Kong Frankenstein b. Steve Zagurski (19:45) … Juan Olaquivel b. Fritz Zigfried (12:45) …
(promoters:  Jack Pfefer, Carmine Bilotti)

Newark, New Jersey:  Tuesday, December 27, 1938
(Laurel Garden) … Tournament … Frank Brown b. Abe Kashey in a tournament final to
capture the local club championship (Brown was billed as Orville’s brother) … Frank Brown
b. Pete Peterson … Dr. Len Hall b. Lou Farino (Hall suffered an injury (sprained thumb)
and could not continue in the tournament) … Frank Brown b. The Golden Terror (DQ) …
Abe Kashey b. Lord Albert Mils … Dr. Len Hall b. Bert Farino (8:00) (Bert was the brother
of Lou Farino) … Abe Kashey b. Seelie Samara (17:00) … Pete Peterson b. Bennie
Marfugi (11:00) … Lou Farino b. Karl Davis (DQ) … Lord Albert Mills b. Chief Chewacki …
Frank Brown b. Whiskers Wells … The Golden Terror b. Sid Westrich … (promoter:  Willie
Gilzenberg) … (announcer:  George Kobb)

Newark, New Jersey:  Wednesday, December 28, 1938
(Newark Opera House) … Karol Krauser and Maurice LaChappelle were both counted out
in the third fall (1-1) (LaChappelle won the first fall in 41:40, Krauser won the second in 10:
31, double-countout in 3:20) … King Kong Frankenstein b. Tony Martinelli .. Tony Siano b.
Jackie James (25:07) … Carlos Martinez b. John Gudiski (16:36) … Fritz Zigfried b. Andy
Meixner (dec., 30:00) … (promoters:  Jack Pfefer, Carmine Bilotti)

Research by Tim Hornbaker
September 19, 2007
Newark Wrestling Results - 1938