Newark, New Jersey:  Tuesday, January 3, 1939
(Laurel Garden) … The Golden Terror b. Sammy Fitzpatrick Cohen (2-0) (Terror was
accompanied by a masked manager with a golden cape) … Frank Brown b. Patrick
Corrigan … Chief Little Wolf b. Abe Kashey (2/3) (Kashey won the first fall in 18-minutes,
Wolf won the second in 9:20, Wolf won the third by DQ) … Angelo Savoldi and Dutch
Schultz drew (30:00) … Pete Peterson b. Ace Gordon (18:35) … (promoter:  Willie

Newark, New Jersey:  Wednesday, January 4, 1939
(Newark Opera House) … Jack Adams b. Andy Meixner (23:20) … Karol Krauser b. Benito
Leone (18:52) … Tony Siano b. Carlos Martinez (20:43) (after the match, both men shook
hands) … King Kong Frankenstein b. Stanley Pawloski (25:02) … George Kondylis and
Fritz Zigfried drew … (promoters:  Jack Pfefer, Carmine Bilotti)
Note:  This was reported as Benito Leone’s final appearance before a trip to California.

Newark, New Jersey:  Tuesday, January 10, 1939
(Laurel Garden) … Vic Christy b. Chief Little Wolf (2-0) (Christy won the first fall in 12:57
and second in 6:05) (it was said that this was the first time Wolf had been beaten in two-
straight falls) … Bibber McCoy b. Frank Brown (2-0) (McCoy won the first fall in 31:29 and
then won the bout when Brown was unable to continue) (McCoy, a heel, dominated the
match) … Pete Peterson b. Seelie Samara (19:49) … Sammy Menacher b. Eddie King (14:
34) … Chief Chewacki b. Hank Methany (12:00) … Bull Martin b. Lord Albert Mills (20:00)
(Mills fell from the mat when the second ring rope snapped) … (promoter:  Willie
Gilzenberg) … (referees:  Doc Gehman, Tom Geldhauser) … (in attendance:  Ownie
Carroll (baseball player))

Newark, New Jersey:  Wednesday, January 11, 1939
(Newark Opera House) … Jack Brown b. Fritz Zigfried (16:00) … Carlos Martinez b. Jack
Adams (DQ) (20:40) … Hans Westergart b. Andy Meixner (DQ) … Karol Krauser b.
George Kondylis (49:20) … Tony Martinelli and Tony Siano drew (30:00) … (promoters:  
Jack Pfefer, Carmine Bilotti) … (referee:  Mike Boutsaras)

Newark, New Jersey:  Tuesday, January 17, 1939
(Laurel Garden) … Bibber McCoy b. Chief Chewacki (2/3) (Chewacki won the first fall in 10:
36, McCoy won the second in 7:10 and third in 5:47) (Chewacki became a fan favorite in
this match) (Chewacki was a late substitute for Vic Christy, who had boils) … Chief Little
Wolf b. Frank Brown (29:25) … Bull Martin b. Lord Albert Mills (20:50) … Pat Corrigan b.
Ace Gordo (14:16) … Angelo Savoldi b. Ali Ghandi … John Gudiski b. Angelo Leone (DQ)
(26:12) … (promoter:  Willie Gilzenberg) … (referees:  Tom Quinn, John Seaman)

Newark, New Jersey:  Tuesday, January 24, 1939
(Laurel Garden) … Rube Wright b. Chief Little Wolf (21:39) … Bibber McCoy b. Nanjo
Singh (2/3) … Pete Peterson b. Vincent Zizat (12:40) … Casey Berger b. Sid Westrich (16:
27) … Ali Ghandi and John Gudiski drew (30:00) … (promoter:  Willie Gilzenberg) …
(referee:  Doc Gehman)
Notes:  The Newark Evening News indicated that Wright “double-crossed” Wolf in the ring
by escaping from the Indian deathlock, and that Wright didn’t pay attention to the “script.”
After the match, Chief Little Wolf yelled at the audience in anger.  Vic Christy was originally
scheduled to wrestle McCoy, but was still sick and unable to wrestle.

Newark, New Jersey:  Thursday, January 26, 1939
(Newark Opera House) … Karol Krauser b. Dr. Dropkick Murphy (2/3) (third fall by
countout) … Maurice LaChappelle b. Otto Brill (18:13) … George Kondylis b. Jack Adams
(15:58) … Michele Leone b. Bad Boy Brown (dec., 30:00) … George Becker b. King Kong
Frankenstein (20:00) … (promoters:  Jack Pfefer, Carmine Bilotti)

Newark, New Jersey:  Tuesday, January 31, 1939
(Laurel Garden) … The Golden Terror b. Casey Berger and Dutch Schultz (Scultz was
taken to a local hospital for a possible leg fracture) … Bronko Nagurski b. Bibber McCoy
(2/3) .. Pete Peterson b. Walter Zimm (Zimm was a substitute for Vic Christy, who was sick
for the third week in a row) … Dick Lever b. Angelo Savoldi … Hans Steinkie and Rube
Wright drew (30:00) … Pat Corrigan and Ace Gordon drew (30:00) … (promoter:  Willie
Gilzenberg) … (referee:  Nick Fierro)
Notes:  McCoy’s second fall win over Nagurski was said to be “the first time Nagurski ever
had been beaten in a fall outside of his match with Jimmy Londos in which the Greek
grappler threw Bronco (sic) to relieve him of his championship rights.” In differing reports,
Schultz’s single leg fracture was said to have happened in his right and left leg.

Newark, New Jersey:  Tuesday, February 7, 1939
(Laurel Garden) … Hans Steinke b. Jim Wright (16:54) (after the bout, Steinke fought with
both Jim and his brother Rube, and was able to fend both foes off) … Joe Savoldi b. Rube
Wright (13:20) … The Golden Terror b. Dick Lever (2/3) … Bibber McCoy and Tommy O’
Toole drew (30:00) … Angelo Leone b. Lou Farina (26:51) … (promoter:  Willie
Gilzenberg) … (referee:  Doc Gehman)
Note:  McCoy was said to be a former catcher at Holy Cross and for the Detroit Tigers.

Newark, New Jersey:  Tuesday, February 14, 1939
(Laurel Garden) … The Wright Brothers (Jim and Rube Wright) vs. Hans Steinke (The
Wrights would attempt to be Steinkie in 60:00) … Chief Sanooke vs. Tommy O’Toole …
Jim Austeri vs. Ben Shalom … Vic Christy vs. Chris Zaharias … Pat Corrigan vs. Walter
Zimm … (promoter:  Willie Gilzenberg)
Note:  Shalom was from Palestine.

*The Dusek and Mondt booking agencies began to share talent.

Newark, New Jersey:  Tuesday, February 21, 1939
(Laurel Garden) … Vic Christy b. Rudy Dusek (2/3) (third fall by countout) … Joe Cox b.
Tommy O’Toole (17:00) .. Cliff Olson and Red Ryan drew (30:00) .. Ben Shalom b. Chief
Sanooke (DQ) (13:00) … Gino “Red” Vagnone b. Whitey Govro (10:14) … (promoter:  
Willie Gilzenberg) … (referee:  Doc Gehman)
Notes:  An article by Willie Ratner in the Newark Evening News stated that the “Dirty
Duseks” and the “Mondt Moochers” made peace in Newark “last night.”  Vic Christy was
one of Mondt’s “aces.” He wrote that “anyone who beats Dusek is popular.” Joe Cox was a
“member of the Dirty Dusek gang,” while Tommy O’Toole was “one of the Mondt

Newark, New Jersey:  Tuesday, February 28, 1939
(Laurel Garden) … Rudy Dusek b. The Golden Terror (2/3) (third fall by countout) (Terror
was taken to a local hospital with a leg injury) … Vic Christy and Joe Cox drew (30:00) …
Sandor Szabo b. Dutch Schultz (8:00) … Henry Kulkovich b. Walter “Wildman” Zimm (15:
15) … Gino Garibaldi b. Red Ryan (16:04) … (promoter:  Willie Gilzenberg) … (referee:  
Nick Fierro) … (2,300 fans) (largest of the season) … (gate:  $1,500)
Notes:  Szabo was reportedly living and wrestling in California since leaving the area more
than three years earlier.  Henry Kulkovich was said to be “once Jack Pfeffer’s local ace.”
The Golden Terror’s identity was revealed to be “Bob Wetherly,” a man who speaks with a
southern accent, and “calls Philadelphia his home.”

Newark, New Jersey, Tuesday, March 7, 1939
(Laurel Garden) … Vic Christy vs. Rudy Dusek (2/3) … Joe Cox vs. Rube Wright … Gino
Gariabldi vs. Bibber McCoy … Pat Corrigan vs. Cliff Olson … Henry Kulkovich vs. Dutch
Schultz … (promoter:  Willie Gilzenberg)
Note:  The paper indicated that it was members of the Dusek “outfit” against
“representatives of the Toots Mondt group.”

Newark, New Jersey:  Wednesday, November 1, 1939
( ) ... George Becker b. Bull Marino (21:15)

Research by Tim Hornbaker
November 13, 2010
Newark Wrestling Results - 1939