Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  January 29, 1926
(Metropolitan Opera House) ... Jim Londos b. Renato Gardini ... Stanislaus Zbyszko b. Nick
Lutze (37:45) ... Nazzareno Poggi b. Young Gotch (3:58) ... (promoter:  Ray Fabiani)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  February 12, 1926
(Metropolitan Opera House) ... World Heavyweight Champion Joe Stecher b. George Calza
(1:46:40) ... Renato Gardini b. Tommy Drake (Draak) (DQ when Drake kicked his opponent
in the face) (4:21) ... Charles Hanson and Joe Zigmund drew (45:00) ... (promoter:  Ray
Fabiani) ... (referee:  Ben Paul) ... (6,000 fans)
Notes:  Giorgio "George" Calza was from Trieste, Italy.  He came from a rich family.  
Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission Chairman Billy Rocap stopped the Drake-Gardini
match after the foul occurred.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, March 12, 1926
( ) … World Heavyweight Champion Joe Stecher b. Stanislaus Zbyszko (55:30) … Renato
Gardini b. Tommy Draak (9:20)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Wednesday, March 31, 1926
( ) … Renato Gardini and John Pesek drew (60:00) (no falls) … Charles Hansen failed to
throw both Tommy Draak and Youssif Hussane in 60-minutes (Hansen pinned Draak)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Thursday, June 10, 1926
(Municipal Stadium) … World Heavyweight Champion Joe Stecher b. Jim Londos (1:50:50)
... John Pesek b. Renato Gardini (25:00) ... Charles Hansen and Guiseppe Masetti drew
(25:00) ... (promoter:  Ray Fabiani) ... (referees:  Herrmann, Herman Wolf)
Notes:  The Stadium was a new venue in Philadelphia and this was the first event there.  
Fabiani reportedly had promoted at the Metropolitan Opera House the winter before.  
Ricciardi Curley (Dick Curley) managed Pesek in 1925.  Pesek was said to be the light
heavyweight champion.  A match between "Joe Meyers," the world middleweight champion
and Joe Parelli was scheduled for this show.  It was noted that three world titles were on the
line.  After the match, Londos was taken to Sesqui Hospital with a "head contusion" from
Stecher's "frequent head scissors." The Philadelphia Inquirer stated that it was the
"greatest crowd that ever witnessed a grappling tilt in Philadelphia."

Research by Tim Hornbaker
Philadelphia Wrestling Results - 1926