Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, January 18, 1929
( ) … Ed “Strangler” Lewis b. Jim Clinkstock (1:30:30) … Joe “Toots” Mondt b. Hans Bauer

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, February 1, 1929
(Arena A.C.) … World Heavyweight Champion Gus Sonnenberg b. Capt. John Smith (36:42)
… Rudy Dusek b. Joe “Toots” Mondt (dec., 45:00) … (10,000 fans)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, April 12, 1929
(The Arena) … Ed “Strangler” Lewis b. Pat McGill (1:20:43)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, May 10, 1929
( ) … Paul Berlenbach and Pat McKay wrestled to a no contest when the referee stopped
the bout (referee said that they weren’t trying to win the match) … (referee:  Billy Hermann)

*As a result of their match on May 10, 1929 in Philadelphia, both Paul Berlanbach and Pat
McKay were both indefinitely suspended by the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission on
Monday, May 13, 1929.  The two were also suspended in New York, keeping a previous
agreement between the two sporting groups.

*Two days after suspending two wrestlers, the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission
suspended a third.  On Wednesday, May 15, 1929, the commission suspended World
Heavyweight Champion Gus Sonnenberg for failing to wrestle top contenders.  The New
York State Athletic Commission followed suit.  The Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission
stripped Sonnenberg of all recognition and would schedule a match to fill the vacancy during
the summer.

*Philadelphia Promoter Ray Fabiani helped bring boxer George Godfrey into the sport of
professional wrestling in late May 1929.  Fabiani was working to get Godfrey his wrestler’s
license and then book him into a match with either Pat McGill or Dick Shikat, on George’s
request, for Friday, May 31, 1929.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, June 14, 1929
(The Arena) … Jim Londos b. Rudy Dusek (1:40:43) … Kola Kwariani b. Paul Jones (20:54)
… Hans Steinke b. Jack Washburn (12:24) … Jim McMillen and Joe “Toots” Mondt drew (30:
00) … (promoter:  Ray Fabiani) … (referee:  Herman Wolff) … (in attendance:  
Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission Chairman Frank Wiener) … (9,000 fans)
Note:  The Philadelphia Inquirer stated that Hans Steinke was “recognized as champion in
New York State.”

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, June 28, 1929
(Shibe Park) … Kola Kwariani vs. Dick Shikat … Chick Marvin vs. Jim McMillen … Jim
Clinstock vs. Wladek Zbyszko … Frank Judson vs. Mike Nazarian … (promoter:  Ray Fabiani)
Note:  Wrestling show was called off due to weather.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, July 12, 1929
(The Arena) … Dick Shikat b. Hans Steinke (1:04:29) (Shikat was accompanied by his
manager, Joe “Toots” Mondt) … Mike Nazarian b. Oscar Nygren (14:16) … Wladek Zbyszko
b. Tony Rocco (2:08) … Kola Kwariani b. Jack Ledoux (4:12) … (promoter:  Aurelio Fabiani)
… (referees:  Professor William Herrmann, Ben Paul) … (announcer:  Charley Walsh) …
(6,000 fans)
Notes:  Joe “Toots” Mondt, after the match, presented a telegram from St. Louis promoter
Tom Packs, offering $12,000 for a bout between Shikat and Jim Londos.  The Shikat-
Steinke match was said to be part of an elimination series to determine a new heavyweight
champion.  Both Shikat and Steinke served in World War I and came to the U.S. together.

*Promoter Aurelio Fabiani worked with Jim Londos and his manager Ed White to sign a bout
between Londos and Richard “Dick” Shikat for Philadelphia’s Municipal Stadium in August.  
Fabiani guaranteed a purse of $35,000, outbidding Tom Packs, Jack Curley and his partner
Rudy Miller of New York, and Paddy Harmon of Chicago.  In addition, Fabiani had to break
his agreement with the Arena Corporation to promote in another venue, paying $1,500.

*On Wednesday, August 7, 1929, the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission announced
that the Jim Londos-Dick Shikat affair would be for the vacant World Heavyweight Title.  
They stripped Gus Sonnenberg of all recognition.

*To prepare for his match with Jim Londos, Dick Shikat trained at Lillian-on-the-Lake in
Hammonton, New Jersey with Toots Mondt.

*On Tuesday, August 20, 1929, Jim Londos trained with Hans Steinke and Jack Washburn
before an estimated 200 fans.

*Once in Philadelphia, Dick Shikat trained with Toots Mondt at Herrmann’s gymnasium.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, August 23, 1929
(Municipal Stadium) … Richard “Dick” Shikat b. Jim Londos to capture the vacant World
Heavyweight Title (1:15:12) (Shikat was accompanied by his manager Joe “Toots” Mondt)
(After the match, Shikat was presented with a $5,000 championship belt, which was 18-karat
gold with 19-diamonds) (Londos was found to have suffered rib injuries, and possibly broken
bones) (Shikat was cheered and Londos was boo’ed) … Kola Kwariani b. Mike Romano (30:
00) … Joe Komar b. Jack Washburn (14:43) … Hans Steinke b. Joe Rogaski (7:32) …
(promoter:  Aurelio Fabiani) … (referees:  William J. Hermann (main event), Herman Wolf) …
(announcer:  Charley Walsh) … (physician:  Dr. Baron) … (judges:  Stanley Baumgartner,
Thomas Kohlas) … (in attendance:  Tom Packs, Mayor of St. Louis Victor Miller, forty
newspapermen from around the country, Pennsylvania State Athletic Commisison Chairman
Frank Wiener, PA State Athletic Commission Secretary, Bob Young) … (30,000 fans)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, November 22, 1929
(The Arena) … Jim Londos b. Kola Kwariani (1:04:48) … Karl Pojello b. Mike Romano (27:
00) … Bull Komar and Ray Steele drew (30:00) … Jim McMillen b. John Maxos (33:34) …
(promoter:  Ray Fabiani) … (referee:  Herman Wolfe) … (8,000 fans)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, December 6, 1929
(The Arena) … Jim Londos b. Rudy Dusek (1:26:05) … Jim McMillen b. Bull Komar (29:02)
… Matros Kirilenko b. Charley Blackstock (10:09) … Karl Pojello b. Tony Labrioia (22:24) …
(promoter:  Ray Fabiani) … (referee:  William J. Hermann) … (7,500-8,000 fans)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, December 20, 1929
(The Arena) … World Heavyweight Champion Richard Shikat b. Jim McMillen (1:25:24) …
Karl Pojello b. George Calza (decision) … Matros Kirilenko b. Vanka Zelezniak (14:20) …
Ray Steele b. Buck Olsen (14:35) … (promoter:  Ray Fabiani) … (referees:  Ben Paul,
Hermann Wolff) … (judges:  Stan Baumgartner, William McCann) … (9,500 fans)

Research by Tim Hornbaker
February 15, 2011
Philadelphia Wrestling Results - 1929