Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, January 3, 1930
(The Arena) … Jim Londos b. Karl Pojello (1:41:43) … Glen Wade b. Gino Garibaldi (dec.,
30:00) … Bull Komar b. Charles Fox (19:42) … Pat O’Shocker b. Mike Romano (19:01) …
(promoter:  Ray Fabiani) … (referees:  Ben Paul, Herman Wolff) … (judges:  Stan
Baumgartner, Al Horowitz) … (timekeeper:  Joe Cervino) … (9,500 fans)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, January 17, 1930
(The Arena) … Karl Pojello b. Glenn Wade (1:02:56) … Frank Judson b. Jim McMillen
(decision) … Pat O’Shocker b. Jack Washburn (13:20) … Hans Steinke b. Vanka Zelezniak
(22:56) … (promoter:  Ray Fabiani) … (announcer:  Charley Walsh) … (5,000 fans)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  January 31, 1930
(The Arena) ... Jim Londos b. Karl Pojello (2:00:04) (airplane spin and Japanese headlock)
... Frank Judson b. Bull Komar (31:40) ... Pat O'Shocker b. Bill Nelson ... George Vassel b.
Oscar Nelgren ... (promoter:  Ray Fabiani) ... (referees:  Herman Wolfe, Ben Paul) ...
(announcer:  Charlie Walsh) ... (10,000 fans)
Notes:  The Philadelphia Inquirer listed "probable winners" in its January 31 edition, saying
that Londos, Judson, O'Shocker and Vassel would be victorious.  The newspaper was
correct.  Pat O'Shocker was managed by Joe Smith.  Nelson was from St. Louis.  10,000
fans were turned away.  At the box office, they were getting $2.50 and $3.00 for $1 seats
and $7 for $3 seats.  Stan Baumbartner of the Philadelphia inquirer stated that "the throng
[was] undoubtedly the largest ever to fight its way into the Arena." He wrote that fans "dug
deep into their jeans and paid the extra premium without a murmur." This was the largest
crowd to see wrestling in Philadelphia.  The last 15-minutes were a "pandemonium of
excitement."  Londos was "still the masterful, clever Greek matman who for fifteen years has
thrilled the wrestling fans of this country."

*Ray Fabiani bid $15,000 for a potential match between Jim Londos and John Pesek for the
National Boxing Association heavyweight championship.  On February 6, 1930, he wired the
offer to NBA President Stanley M. Isaacs.  Both Al Haft and Tom Packs were also fighting for
the rights to the match - if it was ever to take place.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  February 14, 1930
(The Arena) … World Heavyweight Champion Dick Shikat b. Frank Judson (1:07:33) … Pat
O’Shocker b. Jim McMillen (dec., 45:00) ... Paul Jones and Jack Taylor drew (30:00) ... Ray
Steele b. Moose Norbach ... (promoter:  Ray Fabiani) ... (referee:  Billy Herrmann) ...  
(10,000 fans)
Notes:  The Philadelphia Inquirer predicted that Shikat, O'Shocker, Steele, and Jones were
the "probable winners." Shikat entered the match with a black eye, which he received in a
match with Gino Garibaldi earlier in the week.  Judson had to be assisted from the ring.  
The newspaper said that "Shikat was not at all impressive in victory." For most of an hour,
Judson did "all the work." But Shikat's "superior strength and knowledge of wrestling
enabled him to lay Judson like a carpet." Paul Jones was said to be the "inventor and
leading exponent of the figure four body scissors." Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission
Chairman Frank Wiener recommended that Jim McMillen be suspended for his actions in
his match with Pat O’Shocker for 60-days.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  February 28, 1930 (date needs to be confirmed)
(The Arena) ... Pat O'Shocker b. Rudy Dusek (1:33:00) ... Ray Steele b. Frank Judson
(decision) ... Karl Pojello b. Jack Taylor ... Gino Garibaldi and George Vassell drew ...
(promoter:  Ray Fabiani) ... (Charlie Welsh) ... (9,500 fans)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  March 14, 1930
(The Arena) ... World Heavyweight Champion Dick Shikat b. Jim Clinstock (43:21) ... Rudy
Dusek b. Billy Martin ... Ray Steele b. Jack Washburn ... George Tragos b. Charles
Blackstock ... (promoter:  Ray Fabiani) ... (referee:  Herrmann)
Notes:  The Philadelphia Inquirer picked Shikat, Dusek, Steele, and Tragos to win tonight,
and it was again correct in its prediction.  Dusek wanted another match with Pat O'Shocker.

*On Thursday, March 20, 1930, the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission indefinitely
suspended Pat O’Shocker of Salt Lake City.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, April 11, 1930
( ) … World Heavyweight Champion Richard Shikat b. Pat O’Shocker (43:26) … (10,000
fans) (up to 5,000 turned away)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, April 25, 1930
(The Arena) ... Jim Londos b. Matros Kirilenko (50:36) ... Ray Steele b. Jim Clinstock (31:
30) ... Hans Steinke b. Jack Taylor (5:24) ... Pat O'Shocker b. Hans Bauer (12:48) ...
(promoter:  Ray Fabiani) ... (4,000 fans)
Notes:  According to the Philadelphia Bulletin, Londos was mking his "first defense of his
National Boxing Association wrestling championship" on this show.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, May 9, 1930
(The Arena) ... World Heavyweight Champion Dick Shikat b. Ray Steele (2:09:52) ...
George Hagen b. John Maxos ... George Calza b. Rudy Dusek ... Dick Daviscourt b. Moose
Norbeck (9:12) ... (promoter:  Ray Fabiani) ... (physician:  Dr. Abe Baron)
Notes:  Shikat was said to have defended his title "about 100 times in eight months." He
planned to visit Europe soon.  He was managed by "Toots" Mondt.  The Philadelphia
Bulletin reported that Shikat was "numberless times on the verge of losing his title," only to
"triumph in the end over his stronger and more durable opponent." O'Shocker was the
original opponent of John Maxos and had to pull out because of an infected arm.

*Preparing for his match with World Champion Richard Shikat, Jim Londos trained at a
camp, known as the Café La Riviere, by the Falls of the Schyulkill on East River Drive, near
Ridge avenue, in Philadelphia.  Richard Shikat trained at Fairmount Park.  On Friday, May
23, 1930, Londos trained with John Maxos and Nick Gotch before a few hundred
spectators.  On Monday, May 26, 1930, Shikat trained with Jack Washburn and George
Tragos at Belmont Mansion at Fairmount Park.  On Saturday, May 31, 1930, Shikat trained
with his manager Joe “Toots” Mondt at the Belmont Mansion.  He also worked out with Man
Mountain Dean and Jack Washburn.  That same day, Londos worked out at the Penn
Athletic Club, training with John Maxos and Frank Drunovioi.

*On Wednesday, June 4, 1930, Richard Shikat trained at Belmont Mansion before a 1,000
fans and trained with Joe “Toots” Mondt and Man Mountain Dean.  At Café La Riviere,
Londos trained with Bronowicz and Jim McMillen.

*During the afternoon of Friday, June 6, 1930 in Philadelphia, members of the National
Boxing Association met and agreed that they would recognize the winner of Shikat-Londos
as the World Heavyweight Champion.  Shikat had previously only been recognized in
Pennsylvania and New York.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, June 6, 1930
(Phillies’ Ball Park) … Jim Londos b. Richard Shikat to capture the World Heavyweight Title
(1:23:44) (Londos was accompanied by Ed White) (Shikat was accompanied by Joe “Toots”
Mondt) (Shikat had a plaster over the left side of his chest, protecting a wound suffered
training) (after the match, Londos was joined in the ring by his manager and National
Boxing Association Chairman Col. Harry J. Landry and NBA President Stanley Isaacs)
(Londos would later be given a golden championship belt by the National Boxing
Association) … Ray Steele b. Pat O’Shocker (18-minutes) … Tiny Roebuck b. Jack
Washburn (5:44) … Rudy Dusek b. Jim McMillen (dec., 30:00) … (promoter:  Ray Fabiani)
… (referees:  Ben Paul, Herman Wolff) … (judges:  Stan Baumgartner, Thomas Kohler) …
(announcer:  Charley Welsh) … (timekeeper:  Joe Cervino) … (20,000 fans) … (gate:  
$75,000) … (in attendance:  Stanley Isaacs, Harry J. Landry, Pennsylvania State Athletic
Commission Chairman Frank Wiener, Bobby Gunnis, Rudy Fried, Jim Dougherty)
Notes:  The Philadelphia Inquirer billed as the largest crowd ever to witness a professional
wrestling bout.  It had also rained during through the entire show, including the main event.  
After his match with Jack Washburn, Tiny Roebuck suffered an attack of appendieitis and
was quickly taken to Methodist Episcopal Hospital and surgery was performed.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Monday, June 30, 1930
(Municipal Stadium) … Ray Steele b. Rudy Dusek (1:05:44) … Jim McMillen b. Paul
Zaharoff (4:34) … Frank Judson and Karl Pojello drew (30:00) … George Calza b. Dick
Daviscourt (31:28) … (promoter:  Ray Fabiani) … (referee:  Herman Wolff) … (judges:  
Stan Baumgartner, Thomas Kohlhas) … (announcer:  Charley Welsh) … (timekeeper:  Joe
Cerveno) … (6,000 fans)

*To secure a match with World Heavyweight Champion Jim Londos, Ray Steele posted a
certified check for $20,000 with Ray Fabiani on Saturday, July 12, 1930 in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Wednesday, July 16, 1930
(Phillies’ Ball Park) … NBA World Heavyweight Champion Jim Londos b. Ray Steele (1:35:
39) (Londos was accompanied by Ed White) … George Calza b. Tommy Marvin (19:31) …
Paul Jones and Hans Steinke drew (30:00) … Karl Pojello b. Tony Ruffo (11:30) …
(promoter:  Ray Fabiani) … (referees:  Ben Paul, Herman Wolff) … (judges:  Stan
Baumgartner, Richard Thum) … (announcer:  Charley Walsh) … (timekeeper:  Joe Cervino)
… (in attendance:  Jack Curley) … (8,000 fans)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, August 15, 1930
(The Arena) … Dick Shikat b. Kola Kwariani (26:51) … George Calza b. George Hagen (26:
04) … Ghafoor Khan b. Tommy Marvin (14:53) … George Manich b. Paul Harper (19:33) …
(promoter:  Ray Fabiani) … (referees:  Ben Paul, Herman Wolfe) … (6,500 fans)
Notes:  The show was originally scheduled to be held in a lot to the west of the Arena, but
due to rain, was moved indoors.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, September 5, 1930
(The Outdoor Arena) … NBA World Heavyweight Champion Jim Londos b. George Calza
(53:44) … George Hagen b. Joe Komar (37:41) … Ghafoor Khan b. Firpo Wilcox (1:11) …
Tiny Roebuck b. John Spellman (19:01) … (promoter:  Ray Fabiani) … (referees:  Ben
Paul, Herman Wolff) … (8,000 fans)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, September 19, 1930
(The Arena) … Richard Shikat b. George Hagen (16:26) … Ghafoor Khan and Jim McMillen
drew (30:00) … George Manich and Karl Pojello drew (30:00) … Tiny Roebuck b. Jim
Clinstock (17:42) … (promoter:  Ray Fabiani) … (referee:  Ben Paul) … (4,500 fans)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, November 14, 1930
( ) … World Heavyweight Champion Jim Londos b. George Manich (42:46)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, December 12, 1930
( ) … World Heavyweight Champion Jim Londos b. Tiny Roebuck (42:47)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, December 26, 1930
( ) ... World Heavyweight Champion Jim Londos b. Tiny Roebuck (57:44) ... (promoter:  Ray
Fabiani) ... (10,000+ fans)
Note:  25 per cent of the gate (around $5,000) was given to the unemployment relief fund.

Research by Tim Hornbaker, J Michael Kenyon, Steve Yohe
February 15, 2011
Philadelphia Wrestling Results - 1930