Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, January 4, 1935
( ) ... George Zaharias b. Vic Christy (13:54)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, January 25, 1935
( ) ... Danno O'Mahoney b. Ernie Dusek (Irish whip) ... Dick Shikat and George Zaharias drew (30:
00) ... Nick Lutze b. Mayes McLain

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, April 5, 1935
( ) … George Zaharias b. Joe Dusek (16:00)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, April 26, 1935
( ) … Chief Little Wolf b. George Zaharias

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, May 31, 1935
( ) ... Danno O'Mahoney b. Charlie Strack ... Dick Shikat b. Rube Wright

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, September 13, 1935
(The Arena) … World Heavyweight Champion Danno O’Mahoney b. Gus Sonnenberg (countout)
(22:08) … Chief Little Wolf b. Dick Raines (14:31) … Hank Barber b. Gino Garibaldi (dec., 30:00)
… Dean Detton b. Cliff Olson (9:26) … Abe Kashey b. Ed Meske (15:05) … (promoter:  Paul
Bowser) … (referees:  Stan Baumgartner, Dave Benner) … (judges:  Tommy Howes, Jimmy
Note:  Detton was making his local debut.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, September 27, 1935
(The Arena) … World Heavyweight Champion Danno O’Mahoney b. Sergei Kalmikoff (3:06) (DQ)
(O’Mahoney was punched out by Kalmikoff’s manager Vanka Zelesniak) (Kalmikoff was escorted
from the ring as fans began to riot) … Jim Browning b. Dick Daviscourt (15:44) … Abe Kashey b.
Henry Graber (10:34) … Ted Christy b. Hank Barber … Kiman Kudo b. Johnny Swenski (4:23)
(exhibition of jiu-jitsu) … Dean Detton b. Harry Fields (21:36) … (promoter:  Ray Fabiani) …
(referees:  Dave Benner, Jimmy Wilson) … (6,000 fans)
Notes:  According to the Philadelphia Inquirer (9/28/1935):  “From the moment that they entered
the ring, Kalmikoff did nothing but pound away at the champion’s head with his forearm, wrist and
sometimes his fist.” Also, “Of the wrestling bout, it was a total failure, Kalmikoff apparently being in
there for no other purpose than to start some sort of a row.  Neither of the men held a hold at any
time, although O’Mahoney attempted a number of times to start his Irish whip only to have the
huge Russian, who weighed 250 pounds, tear his hand loose with little trouble.” After the match,
Athletic Commissioner Joe Rainey held up both purses pending a hearing.  He said O’Mahoney
was not to blame for what happened.  The paper stated that the Pennsylvania Athletic
Commission had previously had a ban on bearded wrestlers, which was “placed to keep Man
Mountain Dean out” of the state. It was lifted to allow Kalmikoff to wrestle.  After a hearing,
Kalmikoff was fined $100 and his manager was suspended for a year.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, October 11, 1935
(The Arena) … Sergei Kalmikoff b. Gus Sonnenberg (7:41) … Jim McMillen b. Joe Savoldi (dec.,
30:00) … Hank Barber b. Dick Raines (17:07) … Kimon Kudo b. Dr. Fred Meyer (jiu-jitsu match)
… Dean Detton b. Abe Kashey (24:30) … (promoter:  Ray Fabiani) … (referees:  Dave Benner,
Stan Baumgartner) … (judges:  Tommy Howes, Thomas Kohlhaus) … (timekeeper:  Edward
Venier) … (5,000 fans)
Note:  Hank Barber was a football player for Dartmouth and “had a tryout last season with the
Boston Braves,” according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, October 25, 1935
(The Arena) … Dean Detton b. Joe Savoldi (31:29) … Sergei Kalmikoff b. Hans Steinke (17:36)
(Steinke was a replacement for World Champion Danno O’Mahoney) … Man Mountain Dean b.
Stan Sokolis (2:56) … Rusty Westcott b. Floyd Marshall (25:03) … Kiman Kudo b. Dr. Fred Meyer
(catch-as-catch-can style match) (22:30) (Kudo weighed 166 pounds) … Hank Barber b. Ernie
Zeller (35 seconds) … (promoter:  Ray Fabiani) … (referee:  Herman Wolf) … (judges:  Tommy
Howe, Thomas Kohlhaus) … (timekeeper:  Arthur Greenier) … (8,500 fans)
Notes:  Ray Fabiani, it was reported in the Philadelphia Inquirer, received a wire from Kansas
promoter Gabe Kauffman on October 24 saying that he spoke with O’Mahoney’s manager Jess
McGrath.  McGrath told Kauffman that the “champion hurt his back in Omaha,” and would not be
in Philadelphia to wrestle Sergei Kalmikoff.  It was said that O’Mahoney had an “attack of boils,”
and was suspended by the Athletic Commission for running out on the match.  Hans Steinke was
billed as O’Mahoney’s “policeman.” Steinke and Kalmikoff reportedly “fought it out according to
the rules of old Europe,” and “seldom have Philadelphia wrestling fans witnessed a more scientific
exhibition of wrestling.”

*The Philadelphia Inquirer reported on October 29, 1935 that Ray Fabiani was reaching out to
major figures in the wrestling world in efforts to stage an international wrestling tournament.  The
event would determine an “outstanding challenger” to the heavyweight title.  He wanted to
“eliminate the clicks that have handicapped the sport for many years” by bringing a “carefully
selected governing board co-operating with commissions, promoters, and the wrestlers

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, November 8, 1935
(The Arena) … Sergei Kalmikoff b. Jim McMillen (20:18) … Chief Little Wolf and Dean Detton
wrestled to a double disqualification (Chief Little Wolf was initially given the decisiona fter 30:00,
but fans complained that the match wasn’t going to a finish, as advertised) (officials restarted the
match) … Harry Fields b. Jack McArthur (11:08) … Rusty Westcoatt b. Pat McKay (21:23) …
Kimon Kudo b. Herb Freeman (8:38) (Kudo was outweighed by 70 pounds) … Hank Barber b.
Don Nolan (11:07) … (promoter:  Ray Fabiani) … (referees:  Stan Baumgartner, Billy Clark) …
(judges:  Dave Benner, Tommy Howes) … (timekeeper:  Joe Cervino) … (6,000 fans)
Notes:  The Philadelphia Inquirer reported on November 7, 1935 listed many of the Jewish
professional wrestlers:  Sergei Kalmikoff was a Russian Jew.  Hank Barber, Herbie Freeman,
Harry Fields, Joe Rogers (“probably the first Jew to make good on the mat”), Jack Sherry, Sammy
Stein, Abe Coleman, Dr. Freddie Meyer, Harry Finkelstein, Abe Goldberg, Eli Fisher, Bennie
Ginsberg, Irving Halpern, Babe Jacobs and Sid Westrich.

*The Wednesday, November 13, 1935 edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer stated that 84 wrestlers
were entering Ray Fabiani’s international wrestling tournament.  Among those participating would
be Jim Londos, Ed Lewis, Dick Shikat, and Gus Sonnenberg.  A list of those involved was
provided.  The tournament was going to start on November 22 at the Arena.

*On Friday morning, November 15, 1935, a drawing occurred at the Penn Athletic Club for the
opening wrestling program in the international tournament.  In attendance was Ray Fabiani,
Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts Edward P. Barry, Resident Commissioner of the
Pennsylvania Athletic Club Joseph H. Rainey, Tournament Secretary Alfred Aceto, Chamber of
Commerce member George Elliott, Paul Gibbins, William F.B. Koelie, Dr. Elwood R. Kirby and
publicity director Don W. Hutchinson.  16 names were picked from the 116 entries in the

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, November 22, 1935
(The Arena) … International Wrestling Tournament (Opening Night) … Man Mountain Dean b. Al
Bisignano (3:27) … Joe Cox b. Harry Fields (15:37) … Louis Thesz b. Dr. Fred Meyers (12:31)
(billed as an upset, the first of the tournament) … Chief Chewacki b. Jack Emanuel (8:58) …
Norman Westcott b. Charley Strack (dec., 20:00) … Ed “Strangler” Lewis b. Tiny Roebuck (6:22)
… Bill Kent b. Jim Kendricks (10:15) … Chief Little Wolf b. Kiman Kudo … (promoter:  Ray
Fabiani) … (judges:  Dave Benner, Tommy Howes, Thomas Kohihaus) … (7,500 fans)
Notes:  This tournament was to determine the “outstanding challenger to the crown now worn by
Dan O’Mahoney, former Irish Free State soldier;” Louis Thesz was billed as an “unknown
grappler” from Boston.

Philadelphila, Pennsylvania:  Tuesday, November 26, 1935
(The Arena) … International Wrestling Tournament … Hank Barber b. Gus Sonnenberg (21:18)
… Sergei Kalmikoff b. Vic Christy (16:36) … Steve Savage b. Pat McKay (17:40) … Bill Sledge b.
George Koverly (dec., 20:00) … The Masked Marvel b. Doug Wyckoff (9:12) … Dick Raines b.
Don Nolan (11:28) … Hans Steinke b. Jake Patterson (dec., 20:00) … (promoter:  Ray Fabiani) …
(referees:  Stan Baumgartner, Herman Wolf) … (judges:  Tommy Howes, Jimmy Wilson)
Notes:  Jake Patterson spent 10 years as an amateur grappler and was “one of the two
intercollegiate champions who came out of the University of Syracuse.” Savage has been
wrestling for 25 years.  Both Sonnenberg and Barber played football at Dartmouth.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, November 29, 1935
(The Arena) … International Wrestling Tournament … Dean Detton b. Jim Browning (42:30) …
Leo Numa b. Frank Judson (19:23) … Felix Miquet b. Ernie Stevens (11:40) … Joe Tonti b. Aaron
Zepass (13:21) … Hermie Olsen b. Boris Demetroff (dec., 20:00) … Rube Wright b. Walter
Podolak (14:27) (Podolak was a substitute for Jack Ray) … Marin Plestina b. Harry Piers (6:51) …
Harry Finkelstein vs. Ivan Managoff (did not occur because Managoff missed a train connection –
the match would be rescheduled) … (promoter:  Ray Fabiani) … (referees:  Dave Benner, Willie
Clark) … (judges:  Thomas Kohlhaus, Jimmy Wilson) … (physician:  Dr. George Glen) … (3,000

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, December 6, 1935
(The Arena) … International Wrestling Tournament … Hank Barber b. Joe Cox (25:11) … Chief
Chewacki b. Steve Savage (29:15) … Ivan Managoff b. Jack Hader (10:04) … Orville Brown b.
Carl Schultz (8:32) … Michael DeBross b. George Lenihan (8:20) … George Zaharias b. Al
Mercier (11:31) … Sandor Szabo b. Abe Kashey (10:06) … Chief Little Wolf b. Bill Kent (5:52) …
(promoter:  Ray Fabiani) … (referee:  Jimmy Wilson) … (judges:  Tommy Howe, Thomas
Notes:  The Philadelphia Inquirer called Orville Brown the “former bulldogger of the rodeo” and
commented that a “new championship prospect bloomed” in his match with Carl Schultz.  Michael
DeBross was “just out of the amateur ranks.” Chief Little Wolf was a “Navajo Indian from the New
Mexican Reservation.”

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, December 13, 1935
(The Arena) … International Wrestling Tournament … Hank Barber b. Chief Chewacki (13:17)
(police protected Chewacki on his way out) … Dean Detton b. Sandor Szabo (34:34) (toehold) …
Norman Westcoatt b. Joe Tonti (10:04) … Felix Miquet b. Jack Hader (8:50) (Hader was a
substitute for Man Mountain Dean) (Hader was billed as “Harder.”) … The Masked Marvel b. Dick
Raines (6:57) (Raines pulled off Marvel’s mask revealing Ed Don George) (the Marvel was initially
suspected to be Charley Strack) … Ed “Strangler” Lewis b. Joe Jansa (37 seconds) … (promoter:  
Ray Fabiani) … (6,000 fans)
Note:  Jansa was from Worcester.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, December 20, 1935
(The Arena) … International Wrestling Tournament … Dean Detton b. Hans Steinke (36:30)
(toehold) (Detton was a substitute for Man Mountain Dean, who was “thrashed” by Ed Lewis in St.
Louis on Thursday, and the paper said he ran out on the Steinke affair) (Dean was eliminated
from the tournament by Fabiani) … Sergei Kalmikoff b. Leo Numa (17:41) … Bill Sledge b.
Michael DeBros (dec., 20:00) … Harry Kent b. Chief Chewacki (dec., 20:00) (according to the
report, Chewacki “committed every foul known to wrestling”) … Marin Plestina b. Herman Olson (8:
58) … Ivan Managoff b. Louis Thesz (20:39) (stated to be “one of the best bouts of the
tournament”) … (promoter:  Ray Fabiani) … (referees:  Stan Baumgartner, Jimmy Wilson) …
(judges:  Thomas Kohlhaus, Herman Wolf)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, December 27, 1935
(The Arena) … International Wrestling Tournament … Dean Detton b. Sergei Kalmikoff (32:02) …
Ivan Managoff b. Norman Westcoatt (26:02) … Marin Plestina b. Bill Sledge (10:49) … Sandor
Vary b. Felix Miquet (7:41) … Harry Kent b. Jim Wallace (11:07) (non tournament match) … Frank
Judson b. George Hagen (11:03) (non tournament match) … (promoter:  Ray Fabiani) …
(referees:  Dave Benner, Billy Clark) … (judges:  Tommy Howes, Thomas Kohlhaus)

*The Tuesday, December 31, 1935 edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer stated:  “Somehow the
conviction grows that Ernie Dusek is destined to win the international tournament now in progress
at the Arena, and then take the championship from Dan O’Mahoney.  If Ernie defeats Chief Little
Wolf in one of the feature bouts when the tournament is resumed Friday night, that conviction will
be strengthened.”

Research by Tim Hornbaker
November 13, 2010
Philadelphia Wrestling Results - 1935