*Ray Fabiani had a working relationship with “Toots” Mondt, Tony Stecher, Mike Jacobs in
New York City and Jack Pfefer.  On the opposite side of the wrestling “war” were the Dusek
Brothers, Paul Bowser, Billy Sandow, and Tom Packs of St. Louis.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  January 21, 1938
(The Arena) ... Jim Londos b. Dean Detton (countout) (64:00) ... Orville Brown vs. Chief
Chewacki ... Kiman Kudo vs. Abe Kashey ... (promoter:  Ray Fabiani) ... (referee:  Bill
Notes:  Jules E. Aronson was the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commissioner, and was in
attendance.  Aronson suspended Kashey for 60 days after the latter hit referee Clark and
suspended Chewacki for 30 days for his actions in his bout with Brown.  Clark ended up
punching Kashey.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  February 2, 1938
(The Arena) ... World Light Heavyweight Champion Jesse James b. Kiman Kudo ... Dean
Detton b. Chief Thunderbird (22:44) ... Jim McMillen b. Ivan Vakturoff (9:31) (Vakturoff was
a substitute for Frank Bronowicz) ... Orville Brown b. Pat Meehan (11:03) ... Ram Singh b.
Boris Demitroff (9:27) ... Al Pereira b. Dick Daviscourt (12:06) ... Eddie King b. Tony Siano
(26:40) ... (promoter:  Ray Fabiani) ... (referee:  Jim Wilson) ... (3,000 fans)
Notes:  The Philadelphia Bulletin stated that James' real name was "Demetros Stephanos
Tsigikos." Meehan was injured and Brown carried him to the dressing room.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  February 16, 1938
(The Arena) ... World Heavyweight Champion Bronko Nagurski b. Jim McMillen (33:28)  Ali
Baba b. Chief Thunderbird ... Jesse James vs. Dr. John Murphy ... Orville Brown and
Bobby Bruns drew ... Al Pereira b. Vincent Valdez (7:00) ... Eddie King and Kiman Kudo
drew (30:00) ... Ram Singh vs. Jack Zarnas ... (promoter:  Ray Fabiani) ... (4,000 fans)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, April 8, 1938
(The Arena) … Jim Londos b. Orville Brown (DQ) (1:06:09) … Tony Martinelli b. Mike
Kilonis (dec., 30:00) … Kiman Kudo b. George Becker (14:32) … Prince Bhu Pinder b.
Juan Oliquival (10:26) … Bobby Bruns b. Jake Patterson (21:24) … Jesse James b.
Sammy Fitzpatrick (8:24) … (promoter:  Ray Fabiani) … (referee:  Jimmy Wilson) …
(5,000 fans)

*Sometime in April 1938, Lou Daro went to New York City and met with a group of
promoters.  These individuals ended any hostilities and joined the International Promoters’
Association.  Among those reported to be in attendance were Paul Bowser, Tom Packs,
Billy Sandow, Walter Miller, Ted Thye, Ed White, and Ray Fabiani.  Daro would serve as
the president of the organization, while Fabiani was vice president and Bert Bertolini was
secretary.  A unification of sorts was made between the syndicate of Fabiani and the
troupe of Bowser, Packs and Sandow.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Wednesday, April 20, 1938
(The Arena) … Jim Londos b. Jesse James (27:40) … Orville Brown b. Man Mountain
Jacobs (16:01) … Ali Baba b. Luigi Bacigalupi (10:07) … Bobby Bruns b. Chief Sanooke
(decision) … Joe Savoldi b. Herman Schultz (8:03) … Michele Leone b. Jake Patterson (9:
27) … Dr. John Murphy b. Tony Siano (22:00) … (promoter:  Ray Fabiani)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Wednesday, May 4, 1938
(The Arena) … Jim Londos b. Orville Brown (56:36) … Bobby Bruns b. Chief Thunderbird
(16:27) … Chief Sanooke b. Boris Demetroff (6:29) … Michele Leone b. Vanka Zelesniak
(12:20) … George Zaharias b. King Kong (8:45) … Harry Jacobs b. Ivan Vacturoff (15:59)
… Bhu Pinter b. Juan Oliquivel (12:14) … (promoter:  Ray Fabiani) … (6,000 fans)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, September 16, 1938
(The Arena) … Man Mountain Dean vs. Dr. Patrick O’Callaghan … (promoter:  Ray

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, September 23, 1938
(The Arena) … World Heavyweight Champion Bronko Nagurski b. Joe Savoldi (30:23) …
Dr. Pat O’Callaghan b. Hank Methany (8:57) … Joe Pazandak b. Jack McArthur (decision)
… Michele Leone b. Cardiff Giant (11:57) … Dr. Len Hall b. Eddie King (10:14) … Tom
Mahoney b. Jules Strongbow (dec., 30:00) … (promoter:  Ray Fabiani)
Note:  Savoldi’s placement on this show is interesting because five days later in St. Louis,
he wrestled on a Tom Packs show.  Packs was seemingly on the other side of the wrestlng
war than Fabiani.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, September 30, 1938
(The Arena) … Orville Brown and Sandor Szabo drew at the curfew (1:42:22) … Jules
Strongbow b. Tom Mahoney (21:03) … Joe Pazandak b. Hank Methany (decision) … Dr.
Len Hall b. Jack McArthur (9:17) … Karol Krauser b. The Cardiff Giant (14:15) …
(promoter:  Ray Fabiani)
Note:  The Philadelphia Inquirer stated that Orville Brown was the “inventor” of the
“piledriver hold.”

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, October 21, 1938
(The Arena) … Dr. Len Hall b. George Zaharias (25:41) … Chief Little Wolf b. Abe Kashey
… Bobby Bruns and Sammy Menacker drew … The Golden Terror b. Joe Pazandak …
Chief Sanooke and Joe Savoldi drew (20:00) … Karol Krauser b. Walter Percy …
(promoter:  Ray Fabiani) … (3,500 fans)
Notes:  Dr. Len Hall was reportedly back in the United States after a tour of 23 countries.  
Zaharias recently married legenday female golfer Babe Didrickson.

*Jack Pfefer’s involvement with Ray Fabiani likely ends around here.  It is possible that the
working relationship changed, and that it wasn’t hostile.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, October 28, 1938
(The Arena) … Jim Londos b. Dr. Len Hall (47:47) … The Golden Terror b. Casey Berger
(24:04) (Berger was taken to Presbyterian Hospital with internal injuries) … Chief Little
Wolf b. Hank Methany (12:12) … Walter Percy b. Sam Cohen (dec., 20:00) … Jim
Clinstock b. Jack McArthur (9:14) … (promoter:  Ray Fabiani) … (referee:  Dave Benner)
… (7,000 fans)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, November 4, 1938
(The Arena) … Jim Londos b. Joe Savoldi (52:06) (Londos was originally scheduled to
wrestle Dr. Len Hall in a rematch) … Pete Peterson b. The Golden Terror (DQ) (21:34) …
Jim Clinstock b. Sam Menacker (7:44) … Sam Cohen b. Joe Pazandak (9:01) … Jules
Strongbow b. Herb Freeman (2:24) … Walter Percy b. The Cardiff Giant (dec., 20:00) …
(promoter:  Ray Fabiani) … (referee:  Jimmy Wilson) … (5,000 fans)

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania:  Wednesday, November 9, 1938
( ) … World Heavyweight Champion Bronko Nagurski b. Sammy Cohen (16:00) … The
Golden Terror b. Tom Mahoney (23:05) … Chief Chewacki b. Casey Berger (26:00)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, November 18, 1938
(Convention Hall) … Jim Londos b. Bronko Nagurski to capture the World Heavyweight
Title (47:11) … Chief Little Wolf and Joe Savoldi drew (30:00) … Chief Chewacki b. Tom
Mahoney (12:16) … Hans Kampfer b. Jules Strongbow (dec., 20:00) … The Golden Terror
b. Frank Brown (19:21) … Pete Peterson b. The Cardiff Giant (12:57) … (promoter:  Ray
Fabiani) … (referee:  Willie Clark) … (10,000 fans)

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania:  Wednesday, November 23, 1938
( ) … World Heavyweight Champion Jim Londos b. Chief Chewacki (19:00) … The Golden
Terror and Joe Pazandak wrestled to a double-countout (8:00) … Tom Mahoney b. Jules
Strongbow (decision) … Chief Little Wolf b. Herb Freeman by default … (referee:  Billy

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, November 25, 1938
(The Arena) … Joe Savoldi b. Chief Little Wolf (29:29) … The Golden Terror b. Pete
Peterson (29:15) … Sam Menacker b. Jim Wright (dec., 20:00) … Chief Chewacki b. Jim
Christakus … Sam Cohen b. Walter Percy (11:52) … Nick Campofreda and Jim Clinstock
drew (20:00) … (promoter:  Ray Fabiani)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, December 2, 1938
(The Arena) … World Heavyweight Champion Jim Londos b. Dr. Len Hall (35:52) … The
Golden Terror b. Jules Strongbow (5:51) … Joe Savoldi b. Frank Brown (12:50) … Pete
Peterson b. Chief Chewacki (decision) … Chief Little Wolf b. Sam Cohen (dec., 20:00) …
Nanjo Singh b. Sam Menacker (8:40) … (promoter:  Ray Fabiani) … (5,000 fans)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, December 9, 1938
(The Arena) … Tournament for World Title Match with Jim Londos … Pat Corrigan b.
Frency LaRue (15:13) … Nanjo Singh b. Walter Percy (5:35) … Dick Martin b. Seelie
Samara (9:25) … Hardy Kruskamp b. The Golden Terror (decision) … Chief Chewacki b.
Herman Schultz (8:05) … Pete Peterson b. Angelo Leone (4:37) … Jack Gordon b. Jim
Wright (10:50) … Lord Albert Mills b. Chief Jules Strongbow (14:54) … Pete Peterson b.
Whiskers Wells (7:23) (Wells was a substitute for Hardy Kruskamp) … Jack Gordon b.
Chief Chewacki (DQ) (10:15) … Nanjo Singh b. Lord Albert Mills (8:35) … Pat Corrigan b.
Dick Martin (13:43) … Pete Peterson b. Jack Gordon (5:51) … Nanjo Singh b. Pat
Corrigan (2:12) … Nanjo Singh b. Pete Peterson ito win the tournament (4:00) …
(promoter:  Ray Fabiani) … (6,000 fans)

Research by Tim Hornbaker
August 24, 2010
Philadelphia Wrestling Results - 1938