Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, January 31, 1941
(The Arena) … World Heavyweight Champion Jim Londos b. Elmer Slagle (1-hour, 9-
minutes) … Joe Millich and “Whipper” Billy Watson were both knocked out … Cy Williams b.
Tom Mahoney (11:41) … Don Evans and Bill Longson drew (30:00) … Tex Cox b. Juan
Humberto … (referees:  William J. Herrmann, Benner) … (8,000 fans)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, February 7, 1941
(The Arena) … Tex Cox b. George Koverly (29:40) … Nanjo Singh b. Bill Longson (DQ) (14:
27) … Don Evans b. Jerry Monahan (11:52) … Cy Williams b. Juan Humberto (15:19) …
Billy Hanson and Ivan Managoff drew (30:00) … (referee:  Pat Clark)

*On Monday, February 10, 1941, Representative Elmer J. Holland (Democrat, Allegheny)
introduced legislation to remove professional wrestling from control of the Pennsylvania
State Athletic Commission, stating that wrestling was “not a contest; it’s a circus.”

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, February 14, 1941
(The Arena) … Ted Cox b. Elmer Slagel by countout (23:10) (Slagle was taken to
Presbyterian Hospital following the match) … Bill Longson b. Frank Taylor (13:22) … John
Grandovich and Billy Watson drew … Cy Williams b. Joe Millich … Billy Hanson b. Joe Marsh
… (referee:  Pat Clark) … (4,000 fans)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, February 21, 1941
(The Arena) … World Heavyweight Champion (claimant) Sandor Szabo b. Ted Cox (24:07)
… Joe Millich b. “Tiger” Joe Marsh (dec., 30:00) … Nanjo Singh vs. Sammy Stein … Juan
Humberto vs. Max Krauser … Billy “Whipper” Watson vs. Cy Williams … (referee:  Willie
Clark) … (4,000 fans)

Notes:  The Philadelphia Inquirer (2/21/41) stated that “Szabo became recognized as the
heavyweight champion on the Pacific Coast several weeks ago when Jim Londos forfeited
his title.” Szabo was recognized in three states as titleholder:  California, Oregon and

*Sandor Szabo was billed as having World Title recognition in California, Oregon, and in
Washington.  He gained recognition several weeks earlier after “Jim Londos forfeited his

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, March 7, 1941
(The Arena) … World Heavyweight Champion Jim Londos b. Sandor Szabo (55:44) … Don
Evans b. Joe Millich (14:21) … Cy Williams b. Elmer Slagle when the latter was unable to
continue (14:12) … Sammy Stein b. Bill Longson (countout) … (large crowd in attendance
despite snowstorm) … (benefit for the Greek War Relief)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Thursday, March 13, 1941
(Broadwood Hotel) … Sammy Stein b. Bill Longson (31:36) … Ted Cox b. Roland
Kirchmeyer (29:30) … Don Evans b. Tom Mahoney (19:14) … Dr. Len Hall b. Joe Marsh
(countout) … Max Krauser b. Cy Williams (DQ) … (referee:  Bob Greis) … (3,000 fans)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, March 21, 1941
(The Arena) … Ted Cox b. Sammy Stein (DQ) (Cox had to be carried to the dressing room)
… Billy Hanson b. Benny Stein (16:39) … Don Evans and Ivan Managoff drew (30:00) …
Max Krauser b. Tom Mahoney … George Koverly b. Jimmy Coffield (14:15) … (referee:  Pat

Research by Tim Hornbaker
August 24, 2010
Philadelphia Wrestling Results - 1941