Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, March 1, 1946
(The Arena) … Ernie Dusek vs. Felix Miquet (2/3) … George Becker vs. Bibber McCoy …
Wally Dusek vs. Len Hughes … Jack Kelly vs. Michele Leone … Fred Carone and Tony
Milano vs. Les Ryan and Al Tucker (team match) … (promoter:  Eddie Gottlieb)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Wednesady, March 6, 1946
(The Met) … Dave Levin b. The Golden Angel (dec., 60:00) … Benito Gardini b. Herbie
Freeman … Alex Alexinis and George Macricostas drew … Jimmy El Pulpo b. Jim Wallace
… Ardell Kindred b. Lou Laird … (promoter:  Alfred Aceto)
Notes:  Levin was called a “former heavyweight wrestling champion.” Benito Gardini was
called a “nephew of the old mat star, Renato Gardini.” Kindred was a black wrestler.  The
facility was at Broad and Poplar streets.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, March 8, 1946
(The Arena) … Ernie Dusek b. George Becker (2/3) … Len Hughes b. Emil Dusek (dec.,
30:00) … Joe Millich b. Wally Dusek (dec., 30:00) … Bobby Managoff b. Rudy Dusek (15:
04) … Les Ryan b. Charley Strack (15:27) … (promoter:  Eddie Gottlieb)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Wednesday, March 13, 1946
(The Met) … Ali Baba b. Benito Gardini (33:42) … Ardell Kindred b. Jimmy El Pulpo (20:
43) … The Italian Angel b. Herbie Freeman (19:11) … Natie Brown b. Alex Alexinis (11:
16) … Frank Brunowicz b. Kola Kwariani (dec., 30:00) … (promoter:  Alfred Aceto)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, March 15, 1946
(The Arena) … Ernie Dusek and Felix Miquet drew … George Becker and Bobby
Managoff drew (30:00) … George Linnehan b. Les Ryan (DQ) … Bibber McCoy b. Art
LeGrand … Joe Millich b. Jim Austeri … (promoter:  Eddie Gottlieb) … (referee:  Tony

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Wednesday, March 20, 1946
(The Met) … World Heavyweight Champion Frank Sexton b. Ali Baba (34:23) … The
Italian Angel b. Ardell Kindred (26:21) … Benito Gardini b. Chuck Ross (12:21) … Ivan
Kamaroff b. Fred Kimball (14:29) … Kola Kwariani and Benny Rosen drew (30:00) …
(promoter:  Alfred Aceto)
Notes:  The Philadelphia Evening Bulletin stated that Frank Sexton was a Texas
heavyweight and he was making his debut at the Met here.  “Recognized in Maryland as
champion heavyweight grappler, by virtue of a victory over Babe Sharkey, Sexton will
meet Ali Baba, a former champion.” Another report stated that Sexton boasted
“recognition as heavyweight wrestling champion in Maryland, Connecticut and Canada.”

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, March 22, 1946
(The Arena) … Bobby Managoff b. Emil Dusek … George Linnehan and Tony Milano b.
Joe Millich and Les Ryan (tag team match) … Yvon Robert b. Rudy Dusek … Ernie
Dusek and Len Hughes drew … George Becker and Bibber McCoy drew … (promoter:  
Eddie Gottlieb)
Notes:  The Philadelphia Evening Bulletin stated that “An innovation will be put on by
promoter Eddie Gottlieb in the form of a tag team match.  Joe Millich and Les Ryan will be
parnters against George Linihan and Tony Milano, but only one man on each side will be
in action at any time.  His partner will stand outside the ropes ready to take over whenver
called upon.”

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Wednesday, March 27, 1946
(The Met) … The Golden Angel b. Dave Levin (27:20) … George Koverly b. Ed White (8:
50) (White was a substitute for Natie Brown) … The Italian Angel b. Benny Rosen (21:55)
… Don Blackman and Ivan Kamaroff drew (30:00) … Leif Erickson and Ardell Kindred
drew (30:00) … (promoter:  Alfred Aceto)
Note:  Natie Brown and Koverly, who were booked to wrestle, were called “former
heavyweight fighters.”

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, March 29, 1946
(The Arena) … Ernie Dusek and Gino Garibaldi drew (45:00) … Maurice Tillet b. Len
Hughes (10:30) … Bobby Managoff b. Michele Leone (16:46) … Chief Chewacki b. Ed
Schopin (13:15) … Maurice LaChappelle b. Fred Carone (16:39) … Bibber McCoy and
Joe Millich were both counted out (25:00) … (promoter:  Eddie Gottlieb) … (7,000+ fans)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Wednesday, April 3, 1946
(The Met) … The Golden Angel b. The Italian Angel (32:08) … Babe Sharkey b. Matros
Kirilenko (13:53) (Kirilenko was a substitute for Lou Laird) … Ed Michaels b. Jesse James
(17:35) … Chuck Ross b. Olaf Erickson … Abe Stein b. Eddie Straeb … (promoter:  
Alfred Aceto)
Note:  Michaels was called a “former Eagles’ football player.”

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, April 5, 1946
(The Arena) … George Becker vs. Ernie Dusek (2/3) … Michele Leone vs. Felix Miquet
… Chief Chewacki vs. Bobby Managoff … Rudy Dusek vs. Bibber McCoy … Fred Carone
and Tony Milano vs. Frank Judson and Billy Klein … (promoter:  Eddie Gottlieb) …
(referee:  Tony Galento)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Wednesday, April 10, 1946
(The Met) … The Golden Angel b. Bobby Bruns (2/3) … Benito Gardini b. Ivan Kameroff
(22:39) … Herb Freeman b. Matros Kirilenko (15:14) … Ardell Kindred b. Abe Stein (21:
19) … Harry Finkelstein and Lou Laird drew (30:00) … (promoter:  Alfred Aceto)
Notes:  It was said that Bobby Bruns was recently discharged from the Navy, and he was
making his Philadelphia return after more than three years.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, April 12, 1946
(The Arena) … Ernie Dusek b. George Becker (2-0) … Bobby Managoff and Yvon
Robert drew (30:00) … Gino Garibaldi b. Felix Miquet (15:58) … Len Hughes b. Rudy
Dusek (30:00) … Maurice LaChappelle b. Jim Austeri (19:18) … (promoter:  Eddie

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Wednesday, April 17, 1946
(The Met) … The Golden Angel b. George Koverly (DQ) (12:15) … The Italian Angel b.
Mike Haller … Ed Michaels b. Chick Garibaldi … Chuck Ross b. Ben Rosen … Herb
Freeman and Ardell Kindred drew … (promoter:  Alfred Aceto)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Saturday, April 20, 1946
(The Arena) … Ernie Dusek vs. Gino Garibaldi (2/3) (no time-limit) … Chief Chewacki vs.
Len Hughes … Jack Kelly vs. Michele Leone … Billy Klein vs. Maurice LaChappelle … Jim
Austeri vs. Arthur Kapetonopoulis … (promoter:  Eddie Gottlieb) … (referee:  Tony
Note:  Show was moved to Saturday because of Good Friday.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Wednesday, April 24, 1946
(The Met) … The Golden Angel vs. George Koverly (one-fall) … Italian Angel vs. Ardell
Kindred … Tom Maloney vs. Ed Michaels … Herb Freeman vs. Chuck Ross … Lou Laird
vs. Stanley Sitkowski … (promoter:  Alfred Aceto)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, April 26, 1946
(The Arena) … Gino Garibaldi b. Chief Chewacki (20:26) … Maurice Tillet b. Bibber
McCoy (17:26) … Felix Miquet b. George Linnehan … Mickey Gavas b. Rudy Dusek
(decision) … Jim Austeri and Michele Leone b. Jack Kelly and Maurice LaChappelle …
(promoter:  Eddie Gottlieb)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Wednesday, May 1, 1946
(The Met) … The Italian Angel b. The Golden Angel (23:27) (countout) … Benito Gardini
and Ivan Kameroff drew … Johnny Moochie b. Pat Healey … Pat Helion b. Stanley
Sitkowski … Ed Michaels b. Herb Freeman … (promoter:  Alfred Aceto)
Notes:  Bert Helion and Johnny Mucciacciaro were called newcomers.  Mucciacciaro was
a “war veteran and former prisoner of the Japs,” and billed as “Moochy the Magnificent.”

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, May 3, 1946
(The Arena) … Max Krauser b. Michele Leone (2/3) … Gino Gariabldi vs. Len Hughes
(2/3) … Bibber McCoy vs. Larry Moquin … Rudy Dusek vs. Ed “Strangler” White … Fred
Carone vs. Mickey Gavas … (promoter:  Eddie Gottlieb)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Wednesday, May 8, 1946
(The Met) … Frank Sexton b. Italian Angel (28:14) … Bert Helion b. Pat Welsh (13:35) …
Tom Mahoney and Johnny Moochie drew (30:00) … Ace Freeman and Ed Michaels drew
(30:00) … Ardell Kindred b. Olaf Erickson (16:51) … (promoter:  Alfred Aceto)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, May 10, 1946
(The Arena) … Max Krauser b. Emil Dusek (2/3) … Larry Moquin b. Gino Garibaldi …
Rudy Dusek and Bibber McCoy drew … Jim Austeri b. Mickey Gavas … Frank Judson b.
Ed “Strangler” White … (promoter:  Eddie Gottlieb)
Note:  Last of the indoor season.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Wednesday, May 15, 1946
(The Met) … Paul Boesch b. Benito Gardini (22:01) (this bout was a substitute for the
planned Italian Angel-George Koverly match) … Ed Michaels and Angelo Savoldi drew
(45:00) … Ace Freeman and George Macricostas b. Matros Kirilenko and Pat Welsh
(team match) … Bert Helion b. Mike Haller (12:22) … (promoter:  Alfred Aceto)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Wednesday, May 22, 1946
(The Met) … Ed Michaels vs. George Temple (one-fall) … Paul Boesch vs. Chick
Gariabldi … Bert Helion vs. Jules Strongbow … Joe Ludlum vs. Eddie Straeb … Leif
Erickson vs. Mike Haller … (promtoer:  Alfred Aceto)
Notes:  Temple had reportedly made his professional debut a couple of months earlier on
the Pacific Coast.  It is possible that Temple was traveling with Jules Strongbow.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Wednesday, October 2, 1946
(Metropolitan Opera House) … Joe Savoldi b. Paul Boesch (24:16) … Jan Blears b. Pat
Welsh (19:02) … Mike Haller and George Macricostas drew … Herb Freeman b. Pat
Healy … Don Blackman and Steve Hart drew … (promoter:  Alfred Aceto)
Notes:  Blears was a “youthful English heavyweight wrestler.” The Philadelphia Evening
Bulletin stated:  “When he was a Marine in the British Navy a couple of years ago, and his
ship was in drydock at the Navy Yard here for repairs, Blears volunteered as a substitute
against Gino Garibaldi at the Met and stole the show, although thrown out of the ring and
beaten by Garibaldi.  After his return home, he notified American promoters he was ready
to come here again as a wrestler.  Before receiving an invitation, he unexpectedly got
reservations on a trans-Atlantic plane and came over without baggage.  That was three
weeks ago.” Welsh was “once known as the Irish Angel.”

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Wednesday, October 9, 1946
(Metropolitan Opera House) … Ivan Kameroff vs. Joe Savoldi … Sandor Kovacs vs.
George Macricostas … Tony Cosenza vs. Pat Welsh … Stu Hart vs. Eddie King … Herb
Freeman vs. Benny Rosen … (promoter:  Alfred Aceto)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Wednesday, October 16, 1946
(Metropolitan Opera House) … Bobby Bruns b. Ivan Kameroff (Komaroff) (29:24) … Jan
Blears b. Don Blackman (16:26) … Benny Rosen b. Ed “Strangler” White … Abe Stein b.
Emir Durege … Olaf Erickson and Mike Haller drew (30:00)
Note:  Blackman was from New Hope.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Wednesday, October 23, 1946
(Metropolitan Opera House) … Babe Sharkey b. Bobby Bruns … Stu Hart vs. Sandor
Kovacs … Emir Durege vs. Frank Hebda … George Macricostas b. Abe Stein (Stein was
a substitute for Zimba Parker) … Lief Erickson vs. Benny Rosen … (promoter:  Alfred
Note:  Bruns and Sharkey were called “former claimants to the heavyweight wrestling

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, October 25, 1946
(Convention Hall) … Yvon Robert b. Don Evans (2/3) … Larry Moquin b. Joe Marsh …
Max Krauser b. Leo Giroux (10:25) … Michele Leone b. Rudy Dusek (21:06) … Fred Von
Schacht b. Jack Kelly (16:50) … (promoters:  Eddie Gottlieb, Jules Aronson)
Notes:  Gottlieb was reportedly opening his sixth wrestling season.  A later report in the
Philadelphia Evening Bulletin stated that Gottlieb and Aronson were inaugerating “their
seventh season of wrestling promotion.” They were going to hold two shows at the
Convention Hall, and after that, they planned to move back into the Philadelphia Arena.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Wednesday, October 30, 1946
(Metropolitan Opera House) … George Macricostas vs. Babe Sharkey … Sandor Kovacs
vs. Benny Rosen … Emir Durege vs. Hardy Kruskamp … Don Blackman vs. John Melas
… Frank Mebda vs. Pat Healey … (promoter:  Alfred Aceto)
Note:  Macricostas was said to be a “pupil of Jim Londos.”

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  November 22, 1946
(The Arena) ... Vic Holbrook b. Michele Leone ... Don Evans and Max Krauser drew ...
Jack Kelly b. George Lenihan ... Frank Valois b. Wally Dusek ... George "Red" Ryan b.
Harry Finkelstein ... (promoters:  Eddie Gottlieb, Jules Aronson)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  November 29, 1946
(The Arena) ... Vic Holbrook and Bobby Managoff drew (60:00) ... Don Evans b. Larry
Moquin (DQ) ... Rudy and Wally Dusek b. Jim Austeri and Michele Leone (team match) ...
Fred Von Schacht b. Mickey Gavas ... Jack Kelly and Tom Mahoney drew ... (promoters:  
Eddie Gottlieb, Jules Aronson)
Note:  The Duseks were cousins.

Research by Tim Hornbaker
October 23, 2010
Philadelphia Wrestling Results - 1946