Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Wednesday, April 2, 1947
(Metropolitan Opera House) … “Big” Ben Morgan b. Dave Levin … Golden Eagle vs. Red
Ryan … (promoter:  Alfred Aceto)
Notes:  Levin was said to be 5’10” and weighing 200 pounds.  Morgan was six inches
taller and 100 pounds heavier.  The winner of the main event was going to wrestle Dutch
Rohde.  Eagle was called a “Florida Indian.”

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Saturday, April 5, 1947
(The Arena) … George Becker vs. Ernie Dusek (2/3) … Vic Holbrook vs. Masked Kilroy
… Emir Badui vs. Rudy Dusek … Jim Austeri vs. Fritz Ziegfried … Al Farino vs. Eddie
Newman … (promoters:  Jules Aronson, Eddie Gottlieb)

*A Philadelphia television schedule for the week of Sunday, April 6, 1947 indicated no
professional wrestling as of yet on WPTZ, channel 3, the only local channel.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Wednesday, April 9, 1947
(Metropolitan Opera House) … “Big” Ben Morgan and Herman Rohde were both counted
out … Sandor Kovacs and Rosy Ryan b. Harry Finkelstein and Eddie King (team match)
… Faro Rinaldo b. Dutch Schweigart … Marvin Mercer b. Don Blackman … (promoter:  
Alfred Aceto)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, April 11, 1947
(The Arena) … Emil Dusek b. Larry Moquin … George Becker b. Vic Holbrook … Max
Krauser b. Emir Badui … Rudy Dusek b. George Wilcheski … Frank Bruce b. Jim Austeri
… (promoters:  Jules Aronson, Eddie Gottlieb)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Wednesday, April 16, 1947
(Metropolitan Opera House) … Herman Rohde b. Ben Morgan … Marvin Mercer b. Harry
Finkelstein … George Macricostas and Tom Mahoney drew … Sandor Kovacs and Red
Ryan b. Eddie King and Faro Rinaldi … (promoter:  Alfred Aceto)
Notes:  This was reportedly the sixth bout between Morgan and Rohde at the Met.  Each
man had won twice, and one double countout.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, April 18, 1947
(The Arena) … The Dusek Brothers (Emil and Ernie Dusek) b. George Becker and Vic
Holbrook (team match) … Fred Von Schacht b. Rudy Dusek … Max Krauser b. Jim
Wallace … George Linehan b. Ed Newman … (promoters:  Jules Aronson, Eddie Gottlieb)
Note:  Newman made his local debut.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Wednesday, April 23, 1947
(Metropolitan Opera House) … Herman Rohde b. Sandor Kovacs (24:11) … Frank
Marconi and Red Ryan vs. George Brookman and Tom Mahoney (2/3) (team match) …
Marvin Mercer vs. Abe Stein … Stu Hart vs. George Macricostas … (promoter:  Alfred

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, April 25, 1947
(The Arena) … George Becker and Vic Holbrook b. the Dusek Brothers (Emil and Ernie
Dusek) (team match) … Felix Miquet b. Rudy Dusek … Max Krauser b. Frank Bruce …
Abe Coleman b. Natie Brown … (promoters:  Jules Aronson, Eddie Gottlieb)
Note:  Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission chairman Leon L. Rains assigned two
referees for the team match after the wild bout last week.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Wednesday, April 30, 1947
(Metropolitan Opera House) … Primo Carnera vs. Herman Rohde … Ben Morgan vs. Red
Ryan … Tom Mahoney vs. Faro Rinaldi … Stu Hart and Frank Marconi vs. Jesse James
and Sandor Kovacs (2/3) (team match) … (promoter:  Alfred Aceto)
Notes:  Carnera was said to have appeared twice at the Met previously, beating Gino
Garibaldi and Ben Morgan.  He was “unbeaten since he came back from Italy to start his
current mat tour last summer.”

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, May 2, 1947
(The Arena) … Fred Von Schacht b. Rudy Dusek (Dusek was a substitute for George
Becker) … Max Krauer and Felix Miquet drew … Abe Coleman b. Jim Wallace … George
Lenihan b. Fritz Ziegfried … (promoter:  Eddie Gottlieb)
Note:  Rudy Dusek was originally slated to wrestle Vic Holbrook in the semi-final.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Wednesday, May 7, 1947
(Metropolitan Opera House) … Herman “Dutch” Rohde b. Dave Levin (DQ) … Chick
Garibaldi vs. Red Ryan … Eddie King vs. Marvin Mercer … “Tiger” Joe Marsh vs. Abe
Stein … Frank Marconi vs. Stu Hart … (promoter:  Alfred Aceto)
Note:  Rohde reportedly beat Levin in their last engagement locally.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Friday, May 9, 1947
(The Arena) … Primo Carnera b. Fred Von Schacht (16:03) … Billy Darnell b. Jim Austeri
(DQ) … Bobby Managoff b. George Linnehan … Rudy Dusek b. Jim Wallace … Abe
Coleman b. (?) Dusek … (promoter:  Eddie Gottlieb)
Notes:  In previous appearances in Philadelphia, Carnera beat Bob Russell and twice
beat Ernie Dusek by disqualification.  Austeri was originally booked to wrestle Max

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Wednesday, May 14, 1947
(Metropolitan Opera House) … Dave Levin b. Gino Garibaldi (DQ) (23:00) … Red Ryan
vs. Abe Stein … Billy Darnell vs. Marvin Mercer … Stu Hart and Frank Marconi vs. Jesse
James and Faro Rinaldi (2/3) (team match) … (promoter:  Alfred Aceto)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Wednesday, May 21, 1947
(Metropolitan Opera House) … Gino Garibaldi b. Dave Levin … Ben Morgan vs. Red
Ryan … Frank Marconi vs. Rudy Valentino … Stu Hart and Sandor Kovacs vs. “Tiger”
Joe Marsh and Faro Rinaldi (2/3) (team match) … (promoter:  Alfred Aceto)
Note:  Last of the indoor season.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Saturday, May 24, 1947
(The Arena) … Rudy Dusek vs. Tony Galento … Wally Dusek vs. Gino Garibaldi … Chick
Garibaldi vs. Frank Hewitt … Jim Austeri vs. Frank Bruce … Natie Brown vs. Jim Wallace
… (promoter:  Eddie Gottlieb)
Note:  This marked Galento’s local debut as a wrestler.

Research by Tim Hornbaker
October 14, 2010
Philadelphia Wrestling Results - 1947