Phoenix, Arizona:  October 27, 1947
(Madison Square Garden) … Jan Blears b. Danny McShain (2/3) … Ivan Kamaroff b. Abe
Kashey (DQ) … Gene Stanlee b. Ted Torles … (matchmaker:  John Contos) … (referee:  
Ray Steele)
Notes:  Jim Londos owned the building.  Blears-McShain was said to be for either the
California World “Light” or “Junior” Heavyweight championship.  Blears had won the title
in Phoenix from Red Berry, possibly earlier in the month, and Berry had taken the title
from McShain in San Diego on September 2, 1947.  Steele may have used his real name,
Pete Sauer, in Phoenix during this time.

Phoenix, Arizona:  November 3, 1947
(Madison Square Garden) … Ray Steele b. Danny McShain (2/3) … Gorilla Ramos b.
Gene Stanlee (2/3) … Maurice Shapiro b. Lucky Simonovich … (matchmaker:  John

Phoenix, Arizona:  November 10, 1947
(Madison Square Garden) … Ray Steele (Pete Sauer) b. Billy Varga (2/3) … Gorilla
Ramos b. Antone Leone (2/3) … Maurice Shapiro b. Rudy Valentino … (matchmaker:  
John Contos)
Notes:  Varga was the World Junior Heavyweight Champion and according to researcher
Steve Yohe, this was a title match, but there was no mention of the title changing hands.  
Varga reportedly won a 40 man tournament for the title in Hollywood over Danny
McShain, and going over Angelo Savoldi in the semifinals.

Phoenix, Arizona:  November 17, 1947
(Madison Square Garden) … Antone Leone and Maurice Shapiro b. Jan Blears and Ray
Steele (Pete Sauer) (2/3) … Gene Stanlee b. Ali Pasha (2/3) … (matchmaker:  John

Phoenix, Arizona:  November 24, 1947
(Madison Square Garden) … Ray Steele (Pete Sauer) b. Antone Leone (2/3) … Ali
Pasha b. Gene Stanlee (2/3) … Angelo Savoldi b. Ivan Kamaroff (2/3)

Research by Steve Yohe
Phoenix Wrestling Results - 1947