Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania:  Saturday, January 5, 1952
(Islam Grotto) … The Golden Greek vs. Francois Miquet … George Drake vs. Frankie
Talaber … Tommy O’Toole vs. Tony Sinata … (promoter:  Alex Bentley) … (broadcast on
WDTV, channel 3)

*The Islam Grotto show was shifted to Thursdays with the wrestling footage taped and
shown on Saturday afternoons from 2-3:30 p.m.  The show was listed as “Wrestling
Tourney” in the television guide for the day.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania:  Thursday, January 10, 1952
(Islam Grotto) … Marvin Mercer and Ruffy Silverstein drew (60:00) … Maurice Roberre b.
Joe Wolfe (24:40) … Eva Lee and Nell Stewart b. Betty Hawkins and Jo Ann Mollenux (2-
0) … (promoter:  Alex Bentley) … (2,000 fans) … (broadcast on WDTV)
Note:  This show was broadcast on Saturday on WDTV.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania:  Tuesday, January 15, 1952
(The Gardens) … Buddy Rogers b. Frankie Talaber (countout) … (5,860 fans)

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania:  Thursday, January 24, 1952
(Islam Grotto) … Ruffy Silverstein b. Tony Vagnone (DQ) (19:42) … Frankie Talaber b.
Al Tucker (16:00) … Jules LaRance and Pierre LaSalle b. Angelo Poffo and Don Sparrow
(2/3) … (promoter:  Alex Bentley)

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania:  Thursday, January 31, 1952
(Islam Grotto) … No Known Matches … (promoter:  Alex Bentley) … (broadcast on WDTV)
Notes:  The show was billed as a four-hour wrestling and entertainment show, starting
with the former at 11:00 p.m. and running until 3:00 in the morning.  This was a special in
part of the March of Dimes Polio Fund with Bill Hinds as the emcee.  Viewers had the
opportunity to call in pledges during the entire broadcast.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania:  Thursday, February 7, 1952
(Islam Grotto) … Marvin Mercer b. Larry Chene (countout) (26:20) … The Golden Greek
and Johnny Valentine b. Ed Francis and Francois Miquet … Bobby Ford and Angelo
Poffo drew (30:00) … (promoter:  Alex Bentley)

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania:  Tuesday, February 12, 1952
(The Gardens) … Buddy Rogers vs. Frankie Talaber
Note:  Second wrestling show of the season at the Gardens.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania:  Thursday, February 21, 1952
(Islam Grotto) … Marvin Mercer b. Edmund Francis (DQ) … (promoter:  Alex Bentley) …
(1,100 fans)

McKeesport, Pennsylvania:  Friday, February 22, 1952
(Palisades) … Joe Scarpello vs. Roy Shire

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania:  Thursday, February 28, 1952
(Islam Grotto) … Marvin Mercer b. The Great Mephisto (32:12) … The Golden Greek b.
Bill Miller (DQ) (24:50) … Jules LaRance and Tony Sinatra b. Bob Leiper and Don
Sparrow (2-0) … (promoter:  Alex Bentley)

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania:  Thursday, March 6, 1952
(Islam Grotto) … Ruffy Silverstein b. Johnny Valentine (27:09) … (promoter:  Alex
Bentley) … (500 fans)

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania:  Tuesday, March 25, 1952
(The Gardens) …
Note:  Final show of the season.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania:  Tuesday, December 9, 1952
(The Gardens) … Buddy Rogers b. Ruffy Silverstein (Silverstein was unable to continue
after being tossed onto a press table) (Silverstein was taken to Allegheny General
Hospital with left elbow and back injuries) (22:30) … Bill Miller b. George Macricostas …
(3,000 fans)
Notes:  First show of the new season.  Rogers retained his claim to the heavyweight
championship, recognized in “26 states.”

Research by Tim Hornbaker
November 18, 2010
Pittsburgh Wrestling Results - 1952