WWWF Promoters:

Irvin Feld                        1963-Late ’60s                        Baltimore, MD
Israel Feld                      1963-Late ’60s                        Baltimore, MD
Francisco Flores            1970s-’80s                              Mexico City, MEXICO
Abe Ford                        1960s-’70s                              Boston, MA
Ace Freeman                  1970s                                     Steubenville, OH
Willie Gilzenberg             1963-’70s                               New Jersey/ WWWF/ WWF
Mike LeBell                      1970s-’80s                             Southern California
Dick Marshall                   1980s                                    Quebec City, Quebec
Larry Matysik                   1980s                                    St. Louis, MO
Vincent K. McMahon        1970s-Present                       Northeast/ WWF/ WWE
Vincent J. McMahon         1963-Early 1980s                  Northeast/ WWWF/ WWF
Hisashi Shimma                1970s-’80s                           JAPAN (New Japan Pro Wrestling)
Frank Tunney                  1970s-’80s                           Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
Frank Valois                    1970s-’80s                           Montreal, Quebec, CANADA
Bill Witchi                        1970s-’80s                           Providence, RI, North Attleboro
Phil Zacko                        1970s-’80s                          Baltimore, Landover, Philadelphia

Personalities/ Other:

Rob Bartlett                         WWF Commentator                                        1993
Jean Brassard                     WWF French Commentator                            1990s
Gerald Brisco                      WWF Upper Management                               1990s-’00s
Carlos Cabrera                   WWF Spanish Commentator                            1990s-’00s
Jonathan Coachman           WWF Interviewer/ Host                                    2000s
Michael Cole                        WWF Commentator                                        1997-’03
Jim Cornette                        WWF Commentator                                        1993-’99
Greg DiGeorge                   WWF Interviewer/ Home Video                        1980s
Ted DiBiase                        WWF Commentator                                        1994
J.J. Dillon                            WWF Upper Management                               1990s
DJ Skribble                         WWF Commentator/ Host of S. Night Heat       2000
Barry Dninskey                  WWF Merchandiser                                         1990s
Droz                                   WWF Byte This Host                                        2000-’02
Dudley, James                    WWF Office Manager                                     1960s-’70s
Howard Finkel                    WWF Ring Announcer                                    1970s-’02
Lillian Garcia                      WWF Ring Announcer                                   1990s-’02
Dick Graham                      WWF Spectrum, PA TV Commentator            1970s-’80s
Lord Alfred Hayes               WWF Commentator/ Interviewer                    1980s-’93
Michael Hayes                    WWF Commentator                                        1999*
Bobby Heenan                    WWF Commentator                                        1985-1993
Dok Hendrix                        WWF Commentator/ Interviewer                     1995-’97
Curt Hennig (Mr. Perfect)   WWF Commentator                                        1995-’96
Paul Heyman                      WWF Commentator                                        2001
Hillbilly Jim                          WWF Behind the Scenes/ Home Video           1990s
Honky Tonk Man, The        WWF Commentator                                        1997
Kevin Kelly                         WWF Commentator                                         1996-’99
Stan Lane                         WWF Hotline/ Commentator                             1994-’95
Jerry Lawler                       WWF Commentator                                     1994-’01, 2001-’02
Mike McGurik                     WWF Commentator                                       1991
Linda E. McMahon             WWF Chief Executive Officer                        1997-Present
Shane McMahon                WWF Commentator                                       1990s
Vince McMahon                 WWF Commentator                                        1983-’90s
Vincent K. McMahon          WWF Chairman of the Board of Directors     1980-Present
Gorilla Monsoon                WWF Matchmaker                                         1970s-’80s
Gorilla Monsoon                WWF Commentator                                        Early 1980s-’96
Gorilla Monsoon                WWF President                                             1994-’96
Shawn Mooney                 WWF Reporter/ Interviewer                            1989-’93
Gene Okerlund                 WWF Reporter/ Interviewer                            1983-’93
Pat Patterson                    WWF Television Commentator                       1980s
Joe Perkins                       WWFE Director – Syndication                        1970s-Present
Todd Pettengill                 WWF Commentator                                        1994-’98
Brian Pillman                     WWF Commentator                                        1996-’97
Roddy Piper                      WWF Commentator                                        1980s-Early ’90s
Roddy Piper                      WWF President                                              1996
Johnny Polo                       WWF Commentator                                       1994
Bruce Prichard                  WWF Commentator                                        1998
Dr. Tom Prichard               WWF Commentator/ Byte This Host               1998, 2000-’01
Ken Resnick                      WWF Interviewer                                            1986
Jim Ross                            WWF Commentator                                        1994-’00s
Ray Rougeau                    WWF French Commentator                            1990s
Kal Rudman                       WWF Spectrum, PA TV Commentator            1970s-’80s
Vince Russo                      WWF Commentator                                        1999
Bruno Sammartino             WWF Commentator                                        1985-’88
Tito Santana                      WWF Spanish Commentator                           1990s
Randy Savage                   WWF Commentator                                        1991-’94
Hugo Savinovich                WWF Spanish Commentator                           2000s
Tony Schiavone                 WWF Commentator                                        1989-’90
Sunny                                WWF Commentator                                        1996-’97
Tazz                                   WWF Commentator                                        2000-’03
Jack Tunney                       WWF President                                             1987-’94
Jesse Ventura                     WWF Commentator/ Interviewer                    1984-’90
Stephanie Wiand                WWF Commentator/ Interviewer                    1995
Harvey Wippleman              WWF Commentator                                      1994
Dr. George Zaharian           WWF Physician                                            1980s

*Used Several Names on WWF Telecasts
WWWF/WWF/WWE Officials & Employees
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