Washington, D.C.:  Monday, April 25, 1932
( ) ... Gus Sonnenberg b. "Bool" Martin (flying tackle) (25:00)

Washington D.C.:  Thursday, April 28, 1932
( ) … Dick Shikat b. Leo Pinetzki … Howard Cantonwine and Jim McMillen drew (30:00)

Washington, D.C.:  Thursday, May 12, 1932
( ) ... Howard Cantonwine b. Sandor Szabo (21:00) ... George Calza b. Frank Speers

Washington D.C.:  Thursday, May 19, 1932
(Griffith Stadium) … Dick Shikat b. Howard Cantonwine (36:00) … Fritz Kley and Leo
Pinetzki drew … Matros Kirilenko b. Milo Steinborn (14:00) … Sammy Stein b. Alex Aberg
… Sandor Szabo b. Herb Freeman (20:00) (Freeman was a substitute for George Calza)

*In May-June 1932, a wrestling war was brewing in Washington D.C.  Jack Curley’s
operation had broken into two pieces, one recognizing Jim Londos as World Champion,
and one not.  The latter being Curley himself, Jack Pfefer and Joe “Toots” Mondt.  On
June 6, 1932, Washington promoter Joe Turner announced his “independence as a
promoter.” Mondt, the booking agent, had previously sent wrestlers to Washington and to
Baltimore for Ed Contos.  Turner wanted to use wrestlers from all the different booking
offices.  Bowser alligned himself with the Pfefer-Mondt group.

Washington D.C.:  Tuesday, July 12, 1932
(Bolling Field) … (promoter:  Goldie Ahearn) … (booking agency:  Joe “Toots” Mondt,
Paul Bowser) … (sponsored by:  Boilling Field Athletic Association)

Washington D.C.:  Thursday, July 14, 1932
(Griffith Stadium) … (promoter:  Joe Turner) … (booking agency:  Rudy Dusek (Londos

*Promoters Bert Bertolini and Goldie Ahearn planned to run a wrestling show at the City
Club Auditorium beginning on Tuesday, September 27, 1932 with booking from the
Bowser-Mondt-Pfefer combination.

Research by Tim Hornbaker
November 5, 2010
Washington, D.C. Wrestling Results - 1932