Washington D.C.:  Thursday, January 2, 1941
(Turner’s Arena) … Milo Steinborn b. Chris Zaharias (32:00) … Paul Boesch b. Ed
Newman (23:00) … Ivan Managoff b. Herbie Freeman (9:45) … Rudy Dusek and Lou
Plummer drew (30:00) … Carl Gray b. Andy Meixner (18:00) … (promoter:  Joe Turner)
… (referee:  Casey Berger)
Notes:  Steinborn was called the “Memphis Blacksmith or Strong Man,” and had
reportedly “won eight matches since his return from war-torn Europe.”

Washington D.C.:  Thursday, January 9, 1941
(Turner’s Arena) … Ernie Dusek b. Joe Cox (38:00) … Milo Steinborn b. The Green
Hornet (DQ) (7:00) … Paul Boesch and Jean DeVaulteau drew … Ivan Managoff b. Chris
Zaharias (16:00) … Lou Plummer b. Abe Yourist (19:00) … (promoter:  Joe Turner) …
(1,700 fans)
Notes:  Henry was said to be 6’ and 250 pounds, and “headlining shows around Texas
the last nine months.  He hails from Fort Worth.”

Washington D.C.:  Thursday, January 16, 1941
(Turner’s Arena) … Ernie Dusek b. Milo Steinborn (34:00) … The Green Hornet b.
Tommy Rae (20:00) … Warren Bockwinkel b. Ed Newman (20:00) … Joe DeValteau b.
Tiger Tasker (22:00) … Ivan Managoff and Lou Plummer drew (30:00) … (promoter:  Joe
Turner) … (referee:  Casey Berger) … (1,200 fans)
Notes:  Hornet was 6’4” and weighed 260 pounds, and was said to be the green version
of the Golden Terror, although “faster.”

Washington D.C.:  Thursday, January 23, 1941
(Turner’s Arena) … Ernie Dusek b. Milo Steinborn (36:00) … Women’s World Champion
Mildred Burke b. Gladys Gillam (12:00) … The Green Hornet b. Abe Yourist (dec., 17:00)
… Warren Bockwinkel and Ivan Managoff drew (30:00) … Fred Grobmier b. Tiger Tasker
(14:00) … (promoter:  Joe Turner) … (referee:  Casey Berger) … (2,000 fans)
Note:  Burke was said to be undefeated in more than 370 matches.

Washington D.C.:  Thursday, January 30, 1941
(Turner’s Arena) … The Green Hornet b. Lou Plummer (17:00) … Paul Boesch and Ivan
Managoff drew … Warren Bockwinkel b. Chris Zaharias … Fred Grobmier b. Ed Newman
(8:00) … Joe DeVolteau and Dick Stahl drew … (promoter:  Joe Turner) … (1,300 fans)

Washington D.C.:  Thursday, February 6, 1941
(Turner’s Arena) … The Green Hornet b. Warren Bockwinkel (33:00) … Rudy Dusek b.
Paul Boesch (17:00) … Lou Plummer b. Joe DeValteau (18:00) … Milo Steinborn b. Red
Brill (6:00) … Fred Grubmier b. Dick Stahl (15:00) … (promoter:  Joe Turner) … (1,800
Note:  Hornet won his fifth straight victory in Washington.

Washington D.C.:  Thursday, February 13, 1941
(Turner’s Arena) … Ernie Dusek b. The Green Hornet (30:00) (fans were angry with
Dusek after the bout, and Hornet staged a sit-down strike in protest of the decision) …
Patsy Miller b. Gladys Gilliam … Jack Bloomfield and Carl Gray drew … Eddie Newman b.
Tiger Tasker … Fred Grubmier and Lou Plummer drew … (promoter:  Joe Turner) …
(referee:  Casey Berger) … (2,800 fans)

Washington D.C.:  Thursday, February 20, 1941
(Turner’s Arena) … The Green Hornet b. Ernie Dusek (DQ) (43:00) (Dusek attacked his
opponent and the referee after the bout) … Rudy Dusek b. Lou Plummer (16:30) …
Warren Bockwinkel and Joe DeValteau drew … Fred Grubmier b. Hy Kulkovich (11:00) …
Len Macaluso b. Eddie Newman (16:00) (flying tackle) …. (promoter:  Joe Turner) …
(referee:  Casey Berger) … (benefit for the Children’s Hospital Blood Bank, which was
sponsored by the Washington Post and WJSV) … ($206.60 was raised)

Washington D.C:  Thursday, February 27, 1941
(Turner’s Arena) … NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ray Steele b. The Green Hornet
(28:00) … Milo Steinborn b. Joe DeValteau (12:00) … Paul Boesch and Len Macaluso
drew … Fred Grubmier b. Abe Yourist … Warren Bockwinkel b. Lou Plummer (DQ) (19:
00) … (promoter:  Joe Turner) … (2,600 fans)
Notes:  Prior to the match, it was announced that “NWA wrestling rules” would be adhered
to for the championship bout between Steele and Green Hornet.  According to the
newspaper, “The Hornest will have to call on his knowledge of catch-as-catch-can
wrestling if he hopes to defeat the champion,” and not rely on his brutish tactics that he
was known for.  Steele, “who won the NWA title from Bronko Nagurski last year, features
a paralyzing leglock, which ties up his foes in octopus-like fashion.”

Washington D.C.:  Thursday, March 6, 1941
(Turner’s Arena) … Maurice Tillet b. Milo Steinborn (18:00) … Joe Cox b. Warren
Bockwinkel (20:00) … Lou Plummer b. Pierre DeGlane (26:00) … Emil Dusek b. Ed
Newman (13:00) … Paul Boesch and Fred Grubmier drew (30:00) … (promoter:  Joe
Turner) … (2,900 fans)
Notes:  The Washington Post stated that: “Brought to this country in the fall of 1939, The
Angel has been a smash box office hit from coast to coast.  His face is virtually twice the
size of the average person’s and his body and feet are so freakish as to make him a
regular throwback to the prehistoric man.  In fact, Harvard anthropologists, who examined
him shortly after he came to this country, called him the nearest to the Neanderthral man
they had ever seen.” Tillet’s manager, Karl Pojello said the “Angel was ‘plenty sore’
against the Massachusetts legislator who challenged him to a match in Boston, and thent
ook what Maurice described as a real ‘run-out.’”

Washington D.C.:  Thursday, March 13, 1941
(Turner’s Arena) … Patsy Miller b. Bessie Forbes (11:00) … Joe Cox b. Lou Plummer (19:
00) … Milo Steinborn b. Pierre DeGlane … Joe DeValteau and Len Macaluso drew (30:
00) … (promoter:  Joe Turner)

Washington D.C.:  Thursday, March 20, 1941
(Turner’s Arena) … Joe Cox b. The Green Hornet (DQ) … Warren Bockwinkel and Milo
Steinborn drew (30:00) … Fred Grubmier and Len Macaluso b. Ed Newman and Tiger
Tasker (team match) … Ed Franer b. Otto Brill (17:00) … (promoter:  Joe Turner) …
(referee:  Casey Berger) … (1,800 fans)
Notes:  Ed Franer was from the “Naval Air Station” and “former champion of the U.S.S.
Tennessee.” Otto Brill was a “newcomer from Des Moines.”

Washington D.C.:  Thursday, March 27, 1941
(Turner’s Arena) … Lou Plummer b. Joe Cox … Women’s World Champion Mildred burke
b. Patsy Miller (17:00) … Fred Grubmier b. Jean DeValteau … Milo Steinborn b. Tommy
Marvin (16:30) (bearhug) … Warren Bockwinkel b. Pierre DeGlane (18:20) … (promoter:  
Joe Turner) … (referees:  Benny Bortnick, Casey Berger) … (2,500 fans)
Notes:  Burke had “never lost a match in 380 trips to the mat.” Tommy Marvin was “better
known as Chief White Feather.”

Research by Tim Hornbaker
February 11, 2011
Washington, D.C. Wrestling Results - 1941