Washington, D.C.:  Monday, January 3, 1949
(Uline Arena) … George Becker and Red Schwartz b. Killer Karl Davis and George Lenihan
… Arnold Skaaland b. Tony Martinelli … (750 fans)

Washington, D.C.:  Wednesday, January 5, 1949
(Turner’s Arena) … Wilbur Nead b. Michele Leone (DQ) … George Macricostas and Marvin
Mercer b. Dapper Diz and Pat Welsh … Harry Armus b. Stan Novak … Bibber McCoy and
Dutch Schweigert drew
Note:  The Washington Post stated that Nead “won his 116th straight wrestling match.”

Washington, D.C.:  Monday, January 10, 1949
(Uline Arena) … Paddy Mack and Angelo Savoldi vs. George Becker and Red Schwartz … Al
Galento vs. Arnold Skaaland

Washington, D.C.:  Wednesday, January 12, 1949
(Turner’s Arena) … Michele Leone vs. Dutch Schweigert … George Macricostas vs. Wilbur
Nead … Fred Carone vs. Ben Moroz … Lee Crosby vs. Marvin Mercer … Harry Finkelstein
vs. Hal Keene
Note:  Moroz was said to be 7’ tall.

Washington, D.C.:  Monday, January 17, 1949
(Uline Arena) … Al Galento and Angelo Savoldi b. George Becker and Red Schwartz (2-0) …
Frank Hewitt b. Olaf Erickson … Paddy Mack b. Red Kirkpatrick … The Great Mafisto
(Mephisto) and Abe Stein drew

Washington, D.C.:  Wednesday, January 19, 1949
(Turner’s Arena) … Gorgeous George b. “Baron” Michele Leone (15:00) … Stu Hart vs.
Nanjo Singh … Sam Menacker vs. Wilbur Nead … Hal Keene vs. Bibber McCoy … Fred
Carone vs. Harry Finkelstein … (2,800 fans) … (gate:  $5,900)
Notes:  George’s valet was Jackson Hunter.  The Washington Post (Sy Fishbein) called
Michele Leone, “Baron Michele Leone.” George reportedly received 35 per cent of the gate,
according to the Post.  Nead was said to be still undefeated.

Washington, D.C.:  Monday, January 24, 1949
(Uline Arena) … Tony Galento b. Frank Hewitt (15:00) … Arnold Skaaland vs. Abe Stein …
Jim Gallis vs. Great Mafisto … Joe Ludlum vs. Joe Mantana … Paddy Mack vs. Angelo
Savoldi … (1,400 fans)

Washington, D.C.:  Wednesday, January 26, 1949
(Turner’s Arena) … World Heavyweight champion Frank Sexton b. Ivan Kameroff … The
Golden Superman vs. Wilbur Nead … Ben Moroz vs. Stanley Novak … Hans Steinke vs.
John  Vansky … Emanuel Bonica vs. Marvin Mercer

Washington, D.C.:  Monday, February 7, 1949
(Uline Arena) … 10-man battle royal involving Lew Laird, Fritz Wallick
Note:  The Washington Post stated that Laird “won more than 150 matches while masked as
the Red Terror.”

Washington, D.C.:  Wednesday, February 9, 1949
(Turner’s Arena) … June Byers vs. Theresa Theis … Bibber McCoy and Nanjo Singh vs. Ivan
Kameroff and Wilbur Nead … Chief Little Wolf vs. Tony Cosenza … Joe Kameroff vs. Hans

Washington, D.C.:  Monday, February 14, 1949
(Uline Arena) … Theresa Theis b. Dot Dotson (2/3) … Art Brady b. Red Kirkpatrick … Mike
Clancy and Arnold Skaaland b. Frank Hewitt and Paddy Mack … The Green Hornet b. Lew

Washington, D.C.:  Wednesday, February 16, 1949
(Turner’s Arena) …Juanita Coffman and Theresa Theis vs. June Byers and Dot Dotson …
Chief Little Wolf vs. Dutch Schweigert … Mike Collins vs. Kimon Kudo … Marvin Mercer vs.
John Vansky

Washington, D.C.:  Monday, February 21, 1949
(Uline Arena) … The Green Hornet b. Frank Hewitt (13:00) … Geza Tako b. Joe Ludlum …
Lew Laird b. Fritz Wallick … Art Brady and Arnold Skaaland b. Angelo Savoldi and Jim Wallis
Note:  Tako was originally slated to wrestle Abe Coleman.

Washington, D.C.:  Wednesday, February 23, 1949
(Turner’s Arena) … June Byers b. Dot Dotson (15:00) … Chief Little Wolf b. Ivan Kameroff
(25:00) … Nanjo Singh b. Wilbur Nead (DQ) … Kimon Kudo and Marvin Mercer drew (30:00)

Washington, D.C.:  Monday, February 28, 1949
(Uline Arena) … Tony Galento vs. Arnold Skaaland … Frank Hewitt and Angelo Savoldi vs.
Art Brady and Mike Clancy … Paddy Mack vs. Joe Montana … Jim Wallis vs. Joe Welcheski

Washington, D.C.:  Wednesday, March 2, 1949
(Turner’s Arena) … Wilbur Nead won the wrestle royal (also reportedly involved Nanjo Singh,
Marvin Mercer, Chief Little Wolf, Dutch Schweigert, Stanley Novak, Ace Freeman, Joe
Kameroff, Bibber McCoy) … Wilbur Nead b. Joe Kameroff (27:00)
Note:  The Washington Post stated that Nanjo Singh was “defending the championship he
won a few weeks ago” in the “second wrestle royal” this season.

Washington, D.C.:  Monday, March 7, 1949
(Uline Arena) … The Green Hornet and Jim Wallis b. Art Brady and Mike Clancy … Fred
Carone b. Joe Ludlum … George Welcheski b. Paul Sparks … Red Kirkpatrick b. Ferenc
Notes:  The Washington Post gave conflicting results on the main event, saying that Hornet
and Wallis had won in the article headline, then reporting that they were defeated in the
article itself.  Kirkpatrick was originally scheduled to wrestle “Lucky” Lee Crosby, who was a
former auto stunt driver and daredevil.

Washington, D.C.:  Wednesday, March 9, 1949
(Turner’s Arena) … Joe Kameroff vs. Gene Stanlee … Wilbur Nead vs. Nanjo Singh …
Golden Superman vs. Dutch Schweigert … Tony Cosenza vs. Marvin Mercer … Bibber
McCoy vs. Henry Piers

Washington, D.C.:  Monday, March 14, 1949
(Uline Arena) … Art Brady and Mike Clancy vs. Jim Wallis and Pat Welsh … Joe Montana vs.
George Welcheski … Jack Bloomfield vs. Joe Ludlum … Red Kirkpatrick vs. Stanley Sitkowski

Washington, D.C.:  Wednesday, March 16, 1949
(Turner’s Arena) … Gorgeous George b. Rudy Dusek (19:00) … Eric Holmback vs. Kimon
Kudo … Bibber McCoy vs. Hans Steinke … Ivan Kameroff vs. Wilbur Nead … Howard
Cantonwine vs. Nanjo Singh … (referee:  Bennie Bortnick) … (2,732 fans) … (gate:  $5,300)
Notes:  The Washington Post made mention of George’s “flop” at Madison Square Garden,
and noted that he still “maintains some allure at Turner’s Arena.”

Washington, D.C.:  Monday, March 21, 1949
(Uline’s Arena) … Art Brady and Mike Clancy vs. Wally Dusek and Paddy Mack … Stan
Sitkowski vs. Fritz Wallick … Joe Ludlum vs. Joe Montana … Red Kirkpatrick vs. Bill Sasenza

Washington, D.C.:  Wednesday, March 23, 1949
(Turner’s Arena) … Gorgeous George vs. Kola Kwariani … Wilbur Nead vs. Nanjo Singh …
Eric Holmback vs. Antonino Rocca … Charro Aztec vs. Bibber McCoy … Abe Coleman vs.
Ivan Kameroff
Note:  Rocca’s local debut.

Washington D.C.:  Wednesday, March 30, 1949
(Turner’s Arena) … Antonino Rocca vs. Ivan Kameroff … Gene Stanlee b. Bibber McCoy
(McCoy suffered an injured rib after 20-minutes)

Washington, D.C.: Wednesday, June 1, 1949
(Griffith Stadium) … Antonino Rocca vs. Sandor Szabo … Golden Superman vs. Gene
Stanlee … June Byers vs. Lillian Ellison
Note:  First outdoor wrestling show of the season.

Washington, D.C.:  Wednesday, June 8, 1949
(Turner’s Arena) … Golden Superman, Gene Stanlee and Dutch Schweigert vs. Harry
Finkelstein, Michele Leone and Babe Sharkey
Note:  The Washington Post reported that “Washington wrestling fans will witness something
new tonight when a trio of heroes meets a combination of meanies in a special six-man team

Washington, D.C.:  Wednesday, June 15, 1949
(Turner’s Arena) … Babe Sharkey b. Dutch Schweigert in finals of the wrestle royal involving
Babe Sharkey, Michele Leone, Dutch Schweigert, Hans Kampfer, Jesse James, Steve Karas,
George Macricostas, Monsieur Paris, Harry Finkelstein, Fred Zolrich … (referees:  Benny
Bortnick, Claudio Villar)

Washington, D.C.:  Wednesday, June 22, 1949
(Turner’s Arena) … Golden Superman vs. Babe Sharkey … Ace Freeman vs. Dutch
Schweigert … Hans Kampfer vs. George Macricostas

Washington, D.C.:  Wednesday, June 29, 1949
(Turner’s Arena) … Antonino Rocca b. Hans Kampfer (15:00) … Abe Coleman and Steve
Karas drew … Ace Freeman b. Joe Kameroff … Babe Sharkey b. John Barone … George
Macricostas b. Kola Kwariani (14:00)
Note:  The Washington Post stated that Rocca’s “methods recently sent Primo Carnera to a
St. Louis hospital.”

Washington D.C., Wednesday, August 17, 1949
(Turner’s Arena) … Cecelia Blevins vs. Violet Viann … Helen Hild vs. Nell Stewart …
(broadcast on WMAL-TV) (9:00 p.m.)

Washington D.C.:  Wednesday, August 24, 1949
(Turner’s Arena) … Nell Stewart vs. Violet Viann … Cecilia Blevins vs. Helen Hilde … The
Golden Superman vs. Michele Leone

Research by Tim Hornbaker
Washington, D.C. Wrestling Results - 1949
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