Washington D.C.:  Thursday, January 24, 1957
(Capitol Arena) … Verne Gagne b. Dick the Bruiser … Ricki Starr b. Don Stevens …
“Wild Man” Fargo and Jackie Nichols drew … Karl Von Hess b. Len Rossi … “Cowboy”
Rocky Lee and Skull Murphy drew … (promoter:  Vincent McMahon) … (3,000 fans)
(capacity crowd)

Washington D.C.:  Thursday, June 6, 1957
(Capitol Arena) … Killer Kowalski b. The Great Scott … Karl Von Hess b. Czaya Nandor
… Danny McShain b. Ted Lewin … Wilbur Snyder b. Eric Von Hess … (promoter:  
Vincent McMahon)

*On Thursday, June 6, 1957, Antonino Rocca and Ricki Starr trained pubically at the
Capitol Arena to build up for their Griffith Stadium match.  Rocca trained with Al and John
Smith, while Starr trained with The Black Diamond.

Washington D.C.:  Monday, June 10, 1957
(Griffith Stadium) … Antonino Rocca b. Ricki Starr (2/3) (Starr was disqualifed in the third
fall) … Marva Scott and Kathleen Wimbley b. Lulu Provo and Babs Wingo … Danny
McShain b. Jackie Nichols … Killer Kowalski b. Czaya Nandor … Edouard Carpentier b.
Karl Von Hess … Dr. Jerry Graham and Roy Shire b. Chief Big Heart and Wilbur Snyder
… (promoter:  Vincent McMahon) … (referee:  Rocky Lee) … (10,406 fans) … (gate:  
Note:  The Washington Post and Times Herald reported that the show broke the previous
wrestling gate record for the Stadium that stood for 27 years when Jim Londos battled
Rudy Dusek in 1935.

*On July 2, 1957, Antonino Rocca was admitted to Garfield Hospital in Washington D.C.
with inflammation of his right lung and pleurisy.  He had a fever as high as 103, but was

Washington D.C.:  Thursday, July 11, 1957
(Capitol Arena) … Danny McShain vs. Antonino Rocca … Ricki Starr vs. Miguel Torres …
Hans Schmidt vs. Enrico Venturi … Ted Lewin vs. Roy Shire … Oyama Kato vs. Harry
Lewis … (promoter:  Vincent McMahon)

Washington D.C.:  Thursday, July 18, 1957
(Capitol Arena) … World Heavyweight Champion Edouard Carpentier vs. Roy Shire …
Bob “Legs” Langevin vs. Hans Schmidt … Black Diamond Simon vs. Czaya Nando …
Oyama Kato vs. Arnold Skaaland … Chief Big Heart vs. Bobby Wallace … Ace Freeman
vs. Angelo Savoldi … (promoter:  Vincent McMahon)

Washington D.C.:  Thursday, July 25, 1957
(Capitol Arena) … Danny McShain vs. Ricki Starr … Adrian Baillargeon displayed his
strength … Oyama Kato vs. Enrico Venturi … The Mighty Gulas vs. Arnold Skaaland …
Jerry Gordet vs. Karl Von Hess … Al Smith vs. George Tragos … (promoter:  Vincent

Washington D.C.:  Thursday, August 1, 1957
(Capitol Arena) … Oyama Kato vs. Ricki Starr (Japanese Judo Exhibition Match) …
(promoter:  Vincent McMahon)

Washington D.C.:  Thursday, August 22, 1957
(Capitol Arena) … The Great Scott vs. Antonino Rocca … (promoter:  Vincent McMahon)

Washington D.C.:  Thursday, August 29, 1957
(Capitol Arena) … Edouard Carpentier b. Danny McShain (28:00) … Roy Shire b. Czaya
Nandor (2/3) … Chief Big Heart b. Dr. Jerry Graham … Oyama Kato b. Bob “Legs”
Langevin … Bobby Keith b. Al Smith (15:00) … (promoter:  Vincent McMahon)

Research by Tim Hornbaker
November 6, 2010
Washington, D.C. Wrestling Results - 1957