Washington, D.C.:  Monday, January 25, 1960
(Uline Arena) ... Bearcat Wright b. The Sheik ... Chief Big Heart b. Gorgeous George
(reverse decision) ... The Lewin Brothers (Donn, Mark and Ted Lewin) b. The Iron
Russians and The Zebra Kid ... The Brown Panther and Andy Moore b. Irish Jackie and
Pee Wee James ... Pearl Bates and Ethel Johnson b. Marva Scott and Babs Wingo ...
(promoter:  Vincent McMahon) ... (referee:  Jack Davis) ... (6,600 fans) (capacity)
Notes:  Following his loss, The Sheik protested the decision with the referee, then began
brawling with Donn, Mark and Ted Lewin, who were entering the ring for the next match.  
During the fracas, a fan dropped a .22 caliber weapon, and was arrested.  A whiskey
bottle was thrown from the crowd and hit one of the "20" extra security officers on hand.

Research by Tim Hornbaker
November 15, 2010
Washington, D.C. Wrestling Results - 1960