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Chicago Results - 1930
Former football player turned wrestling sensation Gus Sonnenberg begins the year as the heavyweight
champion.  A rival syndicate would also feature Jim Londos as titleholder.  For a number of months,
however, the recognition of a heavyweight champion was not really important because the Illinois State
Athletic Commission barred all heavyweight wrestling within the state.

Chicago Results - 1931
Wrestling debut at Chicago Stadium.  At one point, there were three different syndicates running shows in the
city recognizing separate heavyweight champions.  There was a group from Boston run by Paul Bowser, the
Ed White faction running Jim Londos as champion, and then the promotion of Ed "Strangler" Lewis as
titleholder beginning in November.

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Chicago Results - 1934
Jim Londos defended his claim to the World Heavyweight championship against Ed "Strangler" Lewis in what
would break the national gate record and approach $100,000.

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Chicago Results - 1937
Ruffy Silverstein made his professional wrestling debut and immediately went to the top of the Ed White
promotion.  Everette Marshall was the heavyweight champion.  By the end of the year, Jim Londos returns.

Chicago Results - 1938
Lots of Ruffy Silverstein as a headliner in Chicago.  Despite big name talent, the wrestling decline in the
"Windy City" is visible.  Not even "Crusher" Steve Casey and Jim Londos can turn this sinking ship around.

Chicago Results - 1939
Lou Thesz made his local debut.  Attendance is down across the board.

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Chicago Results - 1950
One of the more impressive years in Chicago wrestling history.  The city was besieged by the grappling trade,
and there was a war for the city between Fred Kohler and Leonard Schwartz, plus the invasion of Ray Fabiani
and grapplers from the Toots Mondt syndicate.  Major matches include Jim Londos against Primo Carnera
and Lou Thesz versus Buddy Rogers.  Additionally, Kohler arranged the double-cross of Don Eagle.

Chicago Results - 1951
A staggering amount of wrestling talent still in the Chicago area as the television boom continues.  Major
names include Lou Thesz, Buddy Rogers, Johnny Valentine, Ruffy Silverstein, Gorgeous George, Bronko
Nagurski, Michele Leone, Bill Longson, Bobby Managoff, Walter Palmer, and Verne Gagne.

Chicago Results - 1952
NWA World Heavyweight Champion Lou Thesz was back to defend his laurels against Verne Gagne, the
apparent heir to the throne, for Fred Kohler.  Leonard Schwartz continued to stage quality programs on par
with any promoters in the country, featuring Bill Miller, Ruffy Silverstein, Marvin Mercer, Joe Scarpello, Don
Eagle, Antonino Rocca, and Johnny Valentine.  Oklahoma's Roy Dunn, a former Olympian, also appeared at
the Rainbo a few times.  Dunn was the very first National Wrestling Alliance heavyweight champion in 1941.

Chicago Results - 1953
In a highly controversial move by Fred Kohler, Verne Gagne was named United States Heavyweight champion
and very quickly, wrestling fans who saw the latter on the DuMont Network's broadcast of the Marigold
Arena show, were confused when Gagne beat Lou Thesz for the title.  They assumed that Gagne was now
the top heavyweight in the country.  However, the U.S. Heavyweight Title was supposed to be known as a
secondary championship to Thesz's NWA World Heavyweight crown.  Gagne's continues his climb to the
heights of popularity.

Chicago Results - 1954
Fred Kohler proves the survivor as Leonard Schwartz's outfit is on its last legs before the end of the year.  
Young lions Verne Gagne and Pat O'Connor were thriving, while Antonino Rocca, Killer Kowalski, Lou
Thesz, and Gorgeous George make successful appearances.

Chicago Results - 1955
The long awaited Chicago Lou Thesz-Ruffy Silverstein match was finally held in August, but a few years too
late.  A smallish crowd turned out.  Attendance was down at the Amphitheater and Marigold, and Kohler's
success was beginning to wane.

Chicago Results - 1960
Wrestling in Chicago was heating back up.  Fred Kohler's deal with Capitol Wrestling saw many top stars
from the Northeast come to town.  The ongoing promotional war against Eddie Quinn was also keeping things
competitive and lively.  Tens of thousands turned out for Kohler's stadium spectaculars during the summer,
and his decisive advantage against his wrestling rival finally ended Quinn's local run.

Chicago Results - 1961
"Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers proves his mastery of professional wrestling as a performer and a draw.  With
him on the top of the bill, the numbers skyrocket and all built toward his June match against NWA World
Heavyweight Champion Pat O'Connor at Comiskey Park.  Wrestling's gate record was shattered and Rogers
walked away with the NWA championship.  Their rematch in September drew another 20,000 people to the

Chicago Results - 1962
The amazing run of Buddy Rogers continues and fans are still turning out to support wrestling promoted by
Fred Kohler.  There were many big names appearing constantly to include fan favorites Bruno Sammartino,
Bobo Brazil and Edouard Carpentier and heels The Fabulous Kangaroos and Killer Kowalski.

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